Lot fleeing Sodom


by H. Millard © 2009

"Have you seen this story, about multi-racial people becoming the fastest-growing group in the US, man?" asked Homeless Jack as he came into the coffee shop with a couple of pieces of paper in his hands.

"It says the number of multiracial people rose 3.4 percent last year in the US and that there are now approximately about 5.2 million people in this country who are multiracial.
"The Blenders are at it big time, man. They're wiping out distinct peoples--and especially white people--and trying to have us all blend together into a lumpen mass with brown skin, brown eyes and brown hair. No more blue, green, hazel or grey eyes in their evil genocidal vision, man. 
"No more blond hair. No more thin noses and lips. No more white skin. No more white people. Evolution interruptus, I call it. If the Blenders win with their evil vision, there'll be no more real differences as humans are all blended together under the center of the bell curve in all characteristics. Evolution requires differences, man.  It requires that a new point begin and a new branch grow from that point.  Blending everyone back together so that all humans have the same genes, is genocide and devolution.
"And, its mostly young people who are falling for the Blender propaganda about how this is swell.  It's like we've got multiracial Hitler Youth, or Young Commies, or  like Jim Jones telling everyone to drink up, man.  They're drinking the kookaid and not understanding the basics of nature.
"If I were a Christian, man, I'd say this is Biblical in its portent and that God is going to send down some Angels like he did in Sodom and Gomorrah and wipe everyone out or maybe do something like Noah's flood.
"But, I ain't Christian, so I'll tell you I think this may all may be part of what Arman has prophesized about a great die-off and a bottleneck, man.  Don't ask me how things are going to play out; maybe this stuff will be in books thousands of years in the future where things are sort of mythologized like the stuff in the Bible, but are based on real events and real happenings.
"See, man, if Arman is right, there ain't gonna be too many people left on the planet. But, the survivors will come from believers--the humans with the genetic Code. The Code will provide for them when the die-off comes and they're the ones who will get through the bottleneck to the other side and start repopulating the Earth with a new people--different from the old people, maybe in ways unseen, maybe with just a little tweaking to the genes inside--who will continue evolving in the direction that takes them higher and closer to God and further away from humans as we know them now. Arman sees a new evolutionary branch, grown from us, man.
"God truly does work in mysterious ways, and I ain't got a clue about how the die-off--the mass extinction--is going to happen.  I'm not sure Arman does either, or if he does, he ain't telling.  He just says its coming and that we should be prepared and we should let our people know that if they screw up their genetic Code, they ain't going to make it.  They're gonna be goners. Kaput. It's the Code that will protect us and get us through man--it's the special spiral within that is somehow linked to the major characteristics of our people that will save us. It's the link with the big guy in the sky. It's destiny in flesh.
"Forget all those dumb ass white people who are so asleep they don't understand that their primary and most essential identity comes from their Code and if they lose that, they lose themselves, man. They're showing by their dumbness that their Code may be wrong anyway--couple of genes short of a full chromosome.  Don't really have the full samey-same 23 and 23 making the 46 of our Code.
"See, Arman says that those who are exposed to enough of the teachings in the right way and who still don't get it, show thereby that they're already screwed and we shouldn't work too hard to convince them of the truth.  You either get it or you don't, and  getting it has a genetic component.  It's like being color blind, no, I mean really color blind where you can't see certain colors like red or green.  People who have that genetic defect just can't see those colors that are plain to the rest of us. Well, Arman says that's a little like it is with people who can't see the truth in our teachings, man.  They just don't have the right stuff to be able to see the truth.
"Some look like us, man, but they ain't us.  They're missing some parts. See, it's like a radio. You can have two radios that look identical, but one of them may be missing something that you don't even know is missing; maybe a bit of solder isn't there and the connection isn't made and the whole thing just don't work right because of that tiny little thing that is wrong or is missing.
"Arman says we were once on a trajectory to the future, man.  We were on our way to becoming a new species but modern mass transportation, modern communications and modern medicine were also on a trajectory and they intersected our path and took away our geographic and reproductive isolation along with much of the natural culling done by nature via various medical conditions and diseases. These things, especially the first two, kept us from becoming a new species.
"We don't whine about this man.  This is apparently the way it's supposed to be and God knew that as we started on the path up, that there would be things we ourselves brought upon ourselves because of our brains that would cause us to have to struggle even harder to move forward and that the best would stay on the right path no matter what was thrown in their way while the weak--the ones missing that solder, man--would perish.
"In a way, we outsmarted ourselves, but it was necessary for this to happen in order for us--fewer though we may be--to move higher, man. If we just stayed in caves and didn't invent things, we wouldn't be us and we would not move higher.  No,our inventions--our mass transportation our modern communications our medicine--were predictable--to God--and their effects on removing our isolation and other things were also predictable. It's all part of the eternal struggle to distill out the ones who will move higher.
"Arman says that things will work out okay in the long haul, at least for the Code. Many white family lines will disappear as they blend back in with the mass of humanity from which they had previously evolved, but some of us are going on. It's a numbers and odds game, man.  It always has been so and it always will be.  Millions fall by the wayside, while those who survive continue on as more and more are culled as the years go on. And, as we are conscious beings, it will be the  power and strength of the minds of the few, who have the right parts, that will let them move forward as both the messengers and the message of the new man. 
"So, Arman says the Code will continue on in the survivors who believe and who follow the teachings.  Is he right?  Hell, you've got me, man.  I believe him, but you'll have to decide for yourself.  You got everything soldered up right, man? 
"See, I don't know all the details about God's wrath for the evildoers and just how tight the bottleneck will be when humanity gets squeezed real tight, but I figure He wants some to survive and that Arman is right that some of  those with our "parts" and our beliefs and the actions that flow from them will survive and the Code will get through to the other side of the bottleneck.  Arman puts it this way: right blood, right belief, right action are required to survive.  Maybe it's going to be a disease or a comet or a nuclear war or a flood.  I don't know, man, but Arman says it's coming and no one can stop it because it's beyond our control. He says to watch for the spinning.
"I figure we're kind of living in a modern day, world wide Sodom and Gomorrah and the Angels sent by the Almighty have arrived at the door.
"I think that our survival has something to do with the physics underlying our biology.  Maybe something to do with white light and white skin, but maybe that's not it. Arman says we live in an age of necessary riddles and protective fiction and he sometimes teaches that way. He says it all has to do with the spinning and the way matter comes into existence and with physics and biology and some other stuff, and with the fact that everything is connected. He says there will be signs for those who can see."
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Link to article referenced by Homeless Jack: Multiracial people become fastest-growing US group

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