By H. Millard (c) 2021


By H. Millard (c) 2021

Arman has explained what he believes caused him to start receiving revelations and inspiration from a higher power and it sounds a little like he may have had a UFO experience although he says he has no memory of seeing anything in the sky except clouds and a bright light that came down from a hole in the clouds while at the same time he heard what sounded like a heavenly chorus which filled him with such joy and a feeling of oneness with the Divine and all of existence and aliveness that he was overcome with awe, and tears of happiness filled his eyes.

Arman says that he believes this experience was from God but even if it is someday learned that it came from some other beings in the clouds he believes that they were sent by and directed by God to awaken Arman. Perhaps, if such beings exist, they are the origin of stories of angels.

Interestingly, this experience has elements that others have described over the centuries as sudden enlightenment or Cosmic Consciousness and by a few other names.

Arman doesn't know why he was picked to receive the messages and inspiration but speculates it may have to do with some unseen mutation he may have been born with and he likens this to a radio (think Arman) that has all the right parts to pick up radio waves (God waves?) that are all around all of us but which only the radio (Arman?) with the right parts (particular gene mutation?) can pull in the signal as strongly and clearly as possible.

In this regard, Arman says that the emanations of God pervade everything in existence including all inanimate objects and all organisms but all things are not the same because of this and different things are different things with different destinies and purposes based on their own internal physical characteristics and attributes and God's plan.

Arman uses the air we breathe as an example to help us think about God being everywhere. Air is composed on nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, helium, neon, methane, krypton, hydrogen and xenon, and all the molecules, atoms and subatomic particles that make up all these gases. Yet, we can't see any of these things that are all around us and we would die if we didn't get the oxygen that is part of this mixture. God is like that. He is all around us and also permeates everything but we can't see him, but He's there.

Arman says that White people are different from other races in many ways both externally and internally and Whites have been selected by God as the ones who God is helping evolve into a new species of human to suit God's plans.


Arman says that God has no body as we would describe body and may be pure spirit and that He exists in the quantum level of existence and may be smaller than sub atomic particles and may not consist of particles at all but may be a force or waves or, again, something called pure spirit.

Arman also says that God has sentience, consciousness, intelligence, personality and will and that God also has emotions and gets angry when things on earth do not go as He thinks they should and that He punishes those who try to interfere with his plan for White people and He is especially angry at Whites who stray and who miscegenate as this changes the internal gene structure and spiritual essence possessed by White people due to their particular "white" DNA that is required for our evolution and existence.

Arman says that Whites have been selected by God for special purposes and that Whites are designed by God to evolve into a new type of human species that will not be able to bear children with other types of humans and will eventually replace them in the fullness of time, but that Whites must have Right Blood, Right Belief and Right Action to make it happen.

If Whites fail to do as God wants God will abandon us and start over. However, God has given Whites free will and it is up to us to choose the right way or the wrong way. God has not made us his robots or slaves and while he gives us commands, we must of our own free will choose to follow them. God is watching, always.


Arman teaches that most if not all Whites also have aspects of their DNA and genes that are unseen internal genetic mutations, in addition to the regular minor mutations that we all carry, that make us even more different, than our regular mutations, from all other races.

The external signs of some of the regular internal mutations are seen in our white skin and other racial characteristics that you can clearly observe just by looking in a mirror. And, while these internal regular mutations may not let all Whites pick up messages from God as clearly as Arman does, other Whites may get some inspiration and feel called to the core message of God for White people which is to remain separate and not mix or mate with non-Whites. The seen and unseen internal mutations are what are needed for the evolution that God has planned for our kind. These evolution enabling mutations are not found in other races of humans and they give us a direct link to God even if not all of us can pick up the messages. We must breed pure White to keep these mutations and to increase our evolution and possible saltation


Arman says we can use Willed Evolution and Method Living to help with our evolution and possibly bring on saltation. He says the three most important and easily remembered things about what he teaches are that we must have Right Blood, Right Belief and Right Action.

And, while entire books can be written about each of these three elements, a very brief description is that Right Blood means pretty much the same thing as Right genes and this means we must be born of a White mother and a White father who were also born of White parents and so forth. We must be White, and White in this sense means non-Jewish White people of European descent no matter where they were born or live.

Right Belief--the core of right belief is to believe in God as He truly is and in His holy core message and command to us that Whites must stay separate and not mix or mate with any but our fellow Whites and that miscegenation is the greatest evil that we can do.

In other words 1) We must believe in God as He truly is, and 2) We must believe in the Right Blood which we get from being born White, because God wants it that way and has entered the processes of evolution with Divine Selection to augment Natural Selection.

Without Right Blood; Right Belief and Right Action do not work. And, Right Blood is dormant or latent in us, even though it is a direct link to God, unless we awaken it by Right Belief and Right Action.

Right Blood as the link to God can also be interfered with by being in the presence of other kinds of humans or even if we are in contact with their DNA that they may have shed where you happen to be at any time. Think, here, of God as sending God waves through the atmosphere to be picked up by your internal mutated White genes, and like regular radio waves things can interfere with the transmission.

Right Action is living good and decent lives and staying separate from other kinds and having as many White children as possible and following the teachings as you live a safe, happy and long life thinking about God each and every day and praying for guidance often.

Right Action also means to live the Golden Rule and to harm no one or anything except for your safety, survival, health and peaceful happiness. Remember, no one is forced to believe as we believe and no one should be harmed for not believing as we believe. We believe in live and let live.
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