Green Family

(Homeless Jack on hatred and bigotry)
by H. Millard © 2008

"You know man," said Homeless Jack,"at the insistence of Senator Harry Reid (D) Nevada, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be taking testimony about the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or FLDS, or Fundamentalist Mormons, this Thursday, July 24. 

"Funny thing, though, no members of the FLDS have been invited to testify. The meeting is being packed with FLDS haters.  That makes as much sense as having a meeting about Jews and only having Muslims testify against them or a meeting about Muslims and only having Jews testify against the Muslims. Such a process is inherently unfair. It sounds like the bigots are trying to railroad the FLDS.

"This just appears to be more of what many believe is a government conspiracy to destroy the FLDS. And, don't forget, man, the FLDS is a religion, and also don't forget that all those persecuting the FLDS aren't members of that religion. Remember the First Amendment?  It's being shredded, man.  And, if the haters and bigots can destroy the FLDS, then they can destroy all other religious groups that the haters and bigots don't like.
"This kind of crap goes on all over the planet whenever one group with majority religious opinions and world views gets power in a government and uses that power to oppress and persecute those they don't like. In Germany, it's being done to the Scientologists.  In China, it's being done to the Catholics and others.
"In America we have a myth that we don't engage in this sort of thing, but that's only a  myth, man.  We've been persecuting religious people who are just minding their own business and not bothering anyone else almost since this nation formed, and it's almost always been done under the color of law.
"If the Senate Judiciary Committee is searching for truth, both sides need to be heard. But, a search for truth is not what Reid wants. He wants the FLDS to be named a criminal enterprise so he can use RICO against them.  Again, keep in mind that the FLDS in not an enterprise at all.  It is a religion and it just does what all other religions do. It is not a gang.  It is not the Mafia.  It is a religion.
"The FLDS folks are fundamentalist Mormons, and they follow the original teachings of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young--teachings that the much larger What's-Happening-Now main stream Mormons in Salt Lake City no longer follow.
"It's interesting to note, man, that Joseph Smith--the founder of the Mormons--believed and taught that other Christian denominations had strayed from the true path and that the truths needed to be restored. Smith was martyred for his beliefs.
"And now the main stream What's-Happening-Now Mormons have strayed from what Smith taught and are persecuting those Mormons--such as the FLDS--who still practice what Smith taught.  If Joseph Smith were alive today, he'd be excommunicated from the What's-Happening-Now main stream Mormon church, man.
"Senator Harry Reid is a convert to the main stream What's-Happening-Now-Mormons as is Reid's Jewish born wife.
"Seems like the FLDS folks don't want to get with the What's-Happening-Now program, man. The women wear long dresses and no string thongs.  They don't think homosexual marriage is the best way to go forth and multiply and instead think that polygamy is. And, if you look at how many kids they have, you have to agree.  Look man, the purpose of marriage is to produce children in our image.  Any form of marriage or relationships that do this are good, and any form that don't are bad. Hey, man, I'm speaking Bible and nature here, not whatever humans may think is cool or trendy--which changes as fast as hair styles.
"The FLDS has been an easy target for haters and bigots because up until recently the FLDSers have been very private and quiet people just minding their own business in their own communities, working hard, having and raising children and not bothering anyone. When people insulted and smeared them, they just shrugged and turned the other cheek. Hell, they haven't even taken much part in the political life of the larger communities in which they live.  Big mistake, man.  The haters and bigots in the larger communities are now using their elected positions to try to destroy the FLDS.  Anyway, because of the unrelenting persecution, the FLDSers are finally starting to fight back.  They now have attorneys and are going public to correct the lies being spread by the bigots and haters.
"Although both groups would probably balk at such a characterization, in a way the FLDSers are a little like the Pennsylvania Dutch. They dress plainly and without ostentation.  They live fairly simple lives.  They work hard.  They don't bother anyone and mind their own business. They actually believe there is a God and that they're living the way God wants. Neither community has much crime or social dysfunction.  And, the bigots and haters think these are the people who should change?
"Like the Pennsylvania Dutch, the FLDSers often have their children work in their businesses. Even religious people have to make a living, man.  And, wouldn't you know it, this has led to one of the smears against the FLDS by the bigots and haters who say the FLDS violates child labor laws. So, why aren't the bigots and haters smearing the Pennsylvania Dutch for the same thing? Hey, bigots and haters, what about all  those Pennsylvania Dutch kids working out in the fields?
"And, what about polygamy? The haters and bigots whine about that all the time.  So, why are they silent about the same practice among Muslims?  And, why do the haters and bigots often accept homosexual marriage, but complain about polygamy?  Look, man, doesn't the Judeo/Christian Bible indicate that God said "Go forth and multiply"?
"How the hell do gays go forth and multiply?  But aren't the FLDS doing that in spades?  They appear to love life and they appear to understand that having children is what God wants and that having children is the purpose of marriage and that arrangements that increase the birthrate are therefore good and those that hold it down are bad.
"Hell, man, the reason we have male and female in our species is so the two can each contribute 23 chromosomes to create a new life just like them.  And, marriage is just a convention that society figures is a good way to do this and raise children so the children can grow up and repeat the process. 
"Then, there's the smears about widespread child abuse (now proven to be a lie) that caused the state of Texas to take all 460 or so children from FLDS parents before higher courts with sane judges in Texas stepped in and returned the kids to their parents. So, what about the abuse in the Catholic Church?  Should all Catholic kids be taken from their parents? And, what about Jews circumcising young male babies, man?  That could be painted as child abuse by those who hate Jews. Should all male Jewish babies be taken by the state before their genitalia are mutilated? See how easy it is to smear others, man?
"You know, man, I have great respect for any distinct, peaceful people who just want to practice their faith or live their lives as they themselves see fit and who will not bow down to the wishes of the masses clustered under the center of the bell curve or to politicians, haters and bigots who want them to conform to whatever is happening now. I admire distinct peoples who demand to be left alone by others and who demand the right to self-identification and self-determination.

"It is clear to me that the FLDSers are being persecuted. Think about it. They were living their lives and not bothering anyone--just minding their own business in out of the way places--and now haters and bigots are putting everything they do under the microscope in the hope of finding something, anything, to destroy these peaceful people.

"If there is a God in heaven, man, my guess is that He's not happy with what is being done to the FLDS. Hopefully, the FLDSers will remain strong and true to their beliefs and won't change a single thing to please the haters and bigots, as the What's-Happening-Now Mormons in Salt Lake City have done.
"All good decent people should speak out against injustice, even if they are not the the moment.
"If you want to know more, man, here are some links:

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Senate Judiciary Committee"

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