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by H. Millard © 2008

Despite PC revisions of history that state otherwise, America was founded by the indigenous people of Europe in the European Diaspora--White people--and it became a great nation largely due to the genes of these people as they adapted to a new environment and miles of open space that allowed them a freedom of action and thought that was often difficult to achieve in their old European countries where social pressures often kept them within narrow intellectual confines. 

Today, these European descended peoples in America--these European Indigenes--the people who built this country--are being told they must sit in the back of the bus and that they must not join together as a distinct people. Indeed, they are told that they must not even notice differences in different peoples or even think of themselves as a distinct and different people--even though the largest organ in their bodies (their skin) screams out their differences and their mutations.
Every assembly or meeting of these European Indigenes must now look like the Star Wars Bar, lest these people be called racists and similar terms by the haters of all things White.
These European Indigenes are daily being conditioned to believe that their natural genetic identity should be discarded and be replaced with just about any other identity such as "American" or (we kid you not) even superficial things such as which sports team they root for. The goal is to destroy them as a distinct people.
They are taught that America became great because of "freedom" or because of its Constitution or the Bill of Rights or this or that.  We even hear highly paid so-called conservative radio talk show hosts say such things and we never hear them give credit to the people or to the genetic formula that made these people. And, that's where the real credit lies. That's where it always lies with all living things.  Genes matter. 
As we European Indigenes watch, we see the nation we built being swamped by peoples unlike us and we hear many of "our own people" tell us that this is a good thing. It's a good thing that we are being exterminated?
Recently, former Florida governor Jeb Bush told an interviewer that the Republican party must reach out to more minorities because demographics are against "old white men."
Well, Jeb Bush is a good example of one of the ways in which the indigenous peoples of Europe are being destroyed: first by incorrect ideas and then by the actions that follow such incorrect ideas. 
Bush is married to a Mexican woman and his children were once called "those little brown ones over there," by former President George H. W. Bush.
As I've written before, a Mexican American talk show host once even said that the new George Bush (Jeb's son) looks more like the Mexican American talk show host than he looks like the Bush family.  And, the guy is right.
It doesn't take much to erase a White family line. Just have no children or too few children. Or, just mix White genes with non-White genes to start the metaphorical march out of Europe and back to Africa. Being White requires effort.
Because Whites are a late branching of the human species (30,000-50,000 years ago, according to most experts), we have relatively fragile gene mutations such that it takes the mating of two White people to produce a new White child in our image.
By contrast, it is easier to produce a non-White child. To do so, it just takes one non-White person mated with anyone else. It's just simple genetics and dominant vs. recessive genes. In the details it does get a bit more complicated than this, but that's the basic idea.
That's why Jeb's children don't look like the rest of the Bush family, but look like their mother's family. And, that's also why Barack Obama doesn't look like his White mother's family but like his Black father's family. Again, it takes two Whites to make a White but only one non-White and anyone else to make a non-White.
These days, those who want to blend away White people are moving on all fronts to wipe us out. They are engaged in massive propaganda campaigns to convince Whites that our eyes are lying and that all people are the same, and they're moving large numbers of non-Whites from various Third World countries into the U.S. and other formerly White nations.
In the U. S., thousands of non-Whites are being moved into states that are overwhelmingly White.  Of course, this just increases the possibility of miscegenation and the birthing of non-White babies instead of White babies. That's the idea.  That's what the White haters want.
One blatant example of this, but not the only one, is all the Black Somalis who have been moved to overwhelmingly White New Hampshire and Maine. Does that make any sense at all, unless you wanted to change the White gene pool?  It sounds like a joke that our government would settle thousands of Black Somalis from a hot, dry land to blustery, cold, mostly White, northern New England. It'd be difficult to find a worse place to settle Somalis--even for the Somalis themselves--except maybe in northern Alaska.
So long as our nation continues to be swamped by non-European genes we will have demographics against us. Of course, things could be changed if we modified our immigration policies. But does anyone think that those such as Bush want that to happen?  His own family shows the demographics that he is happy with. 
Our only proven survival after death
One can believe in a heavenly afterlife, but no one has ever proven that you will survive the death of your body and go through some pearly gates.  However, it is simple science that you will survive if you produce children in your image who continue to mate within the genotype (inner blueprint) and produce children in your phenotype (outward expression of the genotype including how we look). 
Simply put, if your children look a lot like you, then you survive and you will continue to survive down through future history so long as your descendents produce children in your genotype and phenotype.  If they fail to do this, then your survival is over.
Look at it this way. We humans have about 20,000 genes (by latest count).
These genes struggle for survival within our bodies, i.e. they "want" to continue to exist.  They "want" to fill that slot on the chromosome for their particular feature. Those that win, get the slot and get to make you. If you mate wisely, i.e. with someone who is much like you, then the slots are filled with 20,000 genes that create a new life that carry you forward into the future.
However, you are more than just the simple sum of your individual genes, even though it is sometimes convenient to speak in terms of individual genes.  You are the combination of all of your genes.  All the genes create a synergy in flesh. Again, your inner blueprint or genotype is what produces your outward appearance--your phenotype.  So, it is your genotype and phenotype that must go forward, not just your genes for, say, a particular eye color.  And, to repeat in slightly different terms, the way your genotype and phenotype go forward is by you mating with those like you. When this happens, a new life is spun out in your image.
As a visual, think of a DNA "ladder" sitting at the core of your being standing upright like a tornado slowly spinning around constantly. As it spins, think of it shooting out laser lights as it projects and weaves your body into existence. That spinning DNA "ladder" with its 46 chromosomes, 20,000 genes and 3.1 billion "letters" (A,T,C,G), is you. If you look down on this DNA ladder from above, it looks like a spiral galaxy or a fylfot. The lights it shoots out to project you are coded by the particular order of the four chemicals of DNA as they are lined up on the "slots" of your chromosomes. That inner spinning tornado is your soul or your essence. That is what must survive and go forward when your body dies.
Science and religious beliefs
Some believe that our White genotypes and phenotypes are a precondition to moving higher up the evolutionary ladder and to higher consciousness.  In other words, we won't always look exactly as we are now. We will adapt, mutate and change and the internal and external environment will have a major part in causing this.  But, even as we change, we believe that our highest destiny can only be achieved by becoming more Us in all ways, not less so. These beliefs are more than just science; they are also religious in nature.
You may excuse some of us if we take a longer view of history and if we consider politics, nations and most things we know in the everyday world to just be transitory things--a blink of the eye in cosmic time.  We who think this way see what is real and authentic regarding life as being DNA--and thus gene--related.  We understand, as already mentioned, that we do not survive if our genotype and phenotype do not survive. 
Since we have brains that allow us to understand many of the workings of nature, we also have the ability to make choices for our own survival or extinction.  Our tooth and claw for survival is our brain. Because of our brain we can understand how to manage the changes caused by the constant spinning of everything in existence, including our DNA, and we can will our own evolution and stop our extinction.
Our duty as believers in these things--we acolytes of this religion of truth--is to teach others of our kind of the truth so they may use their free will to choose the narrow, difficult, spiral path that leads up, or the wide, easy, path that leads down. Each must choose, but to choose, each must know.
If some do not accept the truth, then they may perish and in so perishing they will have shown that they should perish. Our genes will dance on their graves. If the way to survive is not clear to them when told about it, then they show thereby that they may not have the genes that allow for such understanding and survival.  And, that's what nature does--it culls all living things.  The weak die off and the strong survive. Among humans, those with strong brains will survive and those with weak brains will die off.
The problem in the modern world is that young, impressionable children are being conditioned to believe falsehoods concerning genes, nature, and survival and many of these children then become almost cultic believers in things that will actually end up killing off their family lines.
To have true free choice, one must have adult understanding and have been exposed to the truth.
Teach the truth so that none will be unaware of the choice that is theirs and so that none shall perish simply because they have never heard the truth.

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