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Discriminate: differentiate, distinguish, separate, draw a distinction, to recognize of identify as separate and distinct.
Love: an intense feeling of deep affection.

Ignore the childish opinions of those among us who promote the foolish notion that God is happy with whatever humans do and who use this notion to approve of homosexuality and miscegenation and low births for Whites.

Such notions are very wrong and they lead to insulting God whose will  is seen each and every day in the way existence works and in the natural laws that are all around us if we but look and learn to discern the truth.

And, while we cannot truly understand God or even prove He exists, some of us do believe in Him and some of us follow the Teachings of Arman in this regard.  And, while, at the same time, many of us remain skeptical, we realize that there is not only no harm in our beliefs but much good in that they give us a purpose and a direction in our lives that is good, compassionate, righteous and just. They also give us an unassailable authority-- God is the ender of all arguments even if you are skeptical of His existence. Do you want to end an argument?  Simply say: "God said it and that's the way it is." You don't need to argue any further beyond that.

But what about God discriminating  based on race? That's probably not what you've been taught in the desert religions which mostly teach that God loves everyone and everything and modernly accepts just about everything that anyone can do. Miscegenation by Whites, homosexuality by Whites, suicide by Whites, you name it and the present day version of God is okay with it. But that present day version  of God is not God. Not even close.

Arman points out the obvious truth that all things in existence are not the same and so it is with living things and humans.  God knows this and He favors some over others for reasons of His own but which might be because some things in existence help His plan and some don't. That is why God discriminates. 

Arman says that God loves White people.  We are His light made flesh. But, a more precise way of saying this is that God loves our White genome (aka our White DNA code or White Essence) when it is pure. And, since our White genome is one with us as we exist at  our level of existence He loves us as fully formed White human beings.   But God hates those who are White who contaminate our common White DNA by miscegenation and other sins and who do not multiply the White DNA according to God's Laws embedded in nature and which we must try to understand and live by.

Arman says God wants us to decide between good and evil and freely choose the good. Doing so shows that we are growing out of our childhood and are evolving closer to Him.

The religions invented by ancient desert wanderers got at least a few things right:  God has a plan, and all that exists including organic life which includes humans is involved in some way for good or bad in that plan. God acts to fulfill his plan, sometimes very directly but often in very subtle ways as he walks behind our level of reality.  We do not have the ability to fully understand God's plan but as Whites we know that we are an important part of it which involves us evolving higher along an exclusively White trajectory to be  closer to Him and better able to bring his emanations into our level of existence through us.

To have a plan means that one chooses to do some particular thing or things instead of some other things.  This is the heart of discrimination--one selects this and not this other. As we read in the hoary religious books of the desert religions,  God repeatedly destroyed humans who he didn't like or who did things that he opposed. Others he left alone. Some he guided. Maybe those stories are just metaphors to keep people in line, or maybe there was some truth in them as  God acted on His plan to eventually evolve White people as we are today. 

Arman constantly emphasizes that God is far different than many people believe and that He has selected White people to make the earth and all of existence holy and that His emanations flow from Him through our White DNA Code that is unique to us among all humans.

Whether this selection is the product of our natural evolution or results from God guiding things over the past millions of years to create us through influencing various things including choices Whites have made as to where to live or who to mate with and more--the still small voice, the whisper in the mind's ear at night, the decision to stay off a plane that later crashes and much, much more--may have been God acting to advance His plan to cause Whites to be as we are now: standing on the threshold of becoming a new species closer to God. But among our kind there are various opinions and some of our sages believe that natural selection in our case was always God selection.

When asked if God created humans, Arman has answered that God--that is the spiraling  forces, vibrations, waves, energies, subatomic particles that are behind and underpin everything in existence--led to the creation of matter and matter led to the creation of minerals and minerals led to the creation of RNA and DNA and these led to the creation of life and this led to the constant evolution of life and this caused man to come into being and then Whites evolved out of earlier forms of man to be their  replacements and be the new model for mankind that is holier and more conscious and which naturally brings God's goodness and life force to greater fruition through our flesh. 

Was that which we call God really behind all of this?  We can choose to believe He was or that  He wasn't. Some of us choose to believe that He was. All we know for sure is that we can see organic and inorganic evolution at work and we believe in  cause and effect. Our reality is the effect. The cause? We say ultimately it was what we can call God--the First Cause.

Because we are selected does not make us better than other humans and we should be humble and not be arrogant for we have many, many flaws and faults among us and we are certainly not perfect, and millions of us are on the wrong track,  but even those Whites who are on the wrong track may have pure White Essence and still have the potential that just needs to be awakened.  Flawed or not, we Whites have the potential as the front runners in the evolutionary struggle to cross the threshold and be a new type of human who will look pretty much as we do now but will be "Whiter" in many ways and will be better suited to  help God with His plan at our level of existence.

Again, this  potential we have is no cause for arrogance and it  often may seem to be more of a burden upon us than a blessing.  We are simply expected to act better than other kinds and to follow many of God's laws that are particular to Whites but not to any non-Whites.  For example, it is forbidden for Whites to mate with non-Whites.  By contrast, non-Whites may mate with all other non-Whites (but not with Whites). Whites are also forbidden to do anything to endanger our lives or to have fewer children than our bodies can produce. This does not apply to non-Whites.  Non-Whites are free to endanger their lives, to have abortions, to have family planning, to practice homosexuality, to use birth control.

It get's tiresome to hear some people constantly say that God is love, by which they usually mean love in a universal sense. This is nonsense.  God is not love. God is God. And, God makes choices--he discriminates and treats different things differently according to His plan. He does not love or treat all the same because all are not the same. Do you treat your ear the same as your eye?

God has revealed Himself to Arman in our day, perhaps at this time because He must once again make sure His plan stays on track at a time when many Whites have fallen off the narrow path set for us and now do evil.  And, just to be clear, "evil" means anything that is against what God wants.

We may be at one of those periods in history where things have fallen so far from what God wants that God may be ready to wipe the Earth clean of most humans and start over again. Arman says the reason He hasn't done so is that Whites still have a chance to change things and make the earth holy as God wants it.  In a  sense, God is rooting for Whites to make things right and bring their White goodness to fill all niches where we can survive and to fill them with our kind only.  We are to push back the dark. This seeming metaphor of light and dark is more than a metaphor it includes flesh. Whites are the light. If we fail, God will indeed wipe the Earth clean of most if not all humans and Whites who are doing evil or who have contaminated their Essence or who are living near non-Whites or in mixed communities will be destroyed with all the rest.  So, be wise and live only among Whites and work to improve, perfect and purify yourself in all ways possible to survive the wrath that may come if we fail in our mission to help with God's plan.

However we Whites came to be, we are. We exist and we are the good, decent and righteous people who make everything better by our very presence as God's emanations flow through us and spiral out into the world. But we are not perfect and it is our perfection and purification that we must seek by living correctly and doing the right and just things. Living correctly and doing the right and just things are far more important than any specifics of our beliefs. God would rather we live according to his laws for us than believe in Him.  God is not insecure and doesn't need constant praise and prayers, but these things are good for us to do because they help us stay focused on God and prayer helps us in our own minds.

Where there are more of us Whites gathered as awakened Whites there is a greater volume of our sacred White DNA Code that is different from all other DNA codes and it is our White DNA Code that is one with our physical beings that we see in the mirror that is the door to God and there is a threshold to this door and we are poised on that threshold and we are the only ones who can walk through it for the door is locked and is opened only with the key that is found in our White DNA code.  But, to use the key we must perfect and purify ourselves spiritually, genetically and physically.  To do this, we must live pure White lives and avoid contamination from DNA of other kinds of humans.  The very presence of other kinds of humans near us causes static and interference with the emanations from God to our receiving DNA code and causes the signals that we then release to be garbled.  We must remain pure White in all ways possible.

Ultimately, belief in God does come down to belief because we simply can't use our reason to fully understand exactly what He is.  Arman says that even though we must rely on belief, the fact that we are intelligent and reasoning organisms means that we are not barred by God from speculating and trying to understand Him.  And, Arman also says that we are lucky in our present day to finally have words and concepts, thanks to modern physics and other sciences and computers and much more so that we can now at least satisfy some of our natural curiosity about God by thinking in terms that go beyond simply saying he is a sprit with no body, and leaving it at that.

Arman says that God is from the subatomic or quantum level of existence.  Whether he is a force or a power or a wave or subatomic particle or vibration or energy is interesting to speculate about, but we don't know and He may be all of these things or none of these things, but Arman says that is where God dwells--just behind everything that at our level of existence and he is a will o wisp in that if we had the ability to look where he is, he is both not there but is still there looking back at us.  Arman says that God is not all powerful in that he can't do some of the things we can do because he lacks a body.  God can't build an airplane because he has no hands, but God doesn't need an airplane, because he doesn't need to go somewhere as he is already there and here at the same time. 

Arman says that God has no son and there is no one like him.  He is One and He is the Only One of His kind.

Those of us who seek wisdom, justice, love compassion and understanding and our evolution ever closer to God by following Arman's Teachings believe in Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action and all that we are or do can be listed and subsumed under these three headings.
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