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  GOD IS THE ENDER OF ALL ARGUMENTS by H. Millard © 2017  

We Whites must survive and expand our kind. I take this as axiomatic.

However, White humans will argue constantly about everything, even about our survival.  (No, they won't/Yes, they will.) As long as the constant arguing doesn't harm our survival as a distinct people, such arguments matter little in the big scheme of things.  (Yes, they do/ No, they don't.)  When  such arguments do keep us from surviving and expanding and evolving as we should, they must be ended.  (Yes, they should/ No, they shouldn't.) As you probably know, there is no human source that can end arguments. (Yes, there is/No, there isn't.)

Enter God. (There is no God/Yes, there is.)

Arman says there is a God and that God is the ender of all arguments. And, God as the ender of all arguments is needed by us. Period. If you don't believe in God, then at least live as though there is one. It won't hurt you and it can help you subconsciously in facing enemies of Whites because, at some point, whether you believe this now or not, it will give you the highest moral ground to stand on.

Arman--who does say God is real--also says that God is far different than the false gods that have been invented by humans in many religions.  The only real God is found in the sub-atomic realm of existence--the underpinning of all of existence--and is intelligence, consciousness, personality and will without a body or physical brain as we know such things. He also has a purpose and we Whites are part of that purpose for God is also the God of all nature and evolution.  Whites are the selected ones. We are the ones who can make the next great evolutionary step.

Those in the past who envisioned God as a spirit have come closest to describing His nature, but their use of the term spirit is a pre-modern science way of expressing the difficult concept God. Today, we have better words to describe and think about God thanks to what we know from many modern science disciplines. 

Now, we are able to use our reason and knowledge to analogize and  think rationally and intelligently about some small part of what may be at least something of the nature of God without as much of the voodoo gap fillers.  For example, radios have taught us that there can be invisible waves all around us that we are oblivious to unless we have the right type of equipment to pick up and tune in to the radio waves. Same with TV signals.  Computers, the Internet and modern robotics have taught us that it is possible to do  things that our brains do, but without our flesh and blood brain.  You can list many such things yourself--light without fire, power coming through wires as electricity, and so on.  Such things would seem magical or divine to earlier generations. Also add in all of our present knowledge about biology and genetics, because in these fields we find much to help answer some of the big questions about life.

Why is this important for White people and White survival and expansion?

Arman says that God says we are a selected kind and that God wants White people to survive, prosper and expand and to perfect ourselves and evolve ever higher and closer to Him along an exclusively White path.  Arman says that we are  the hands of God and are His agents in our everyday level of existence and that the more White people in existence the more goodness, righteousness and justice there is in the world as God uses us and shines His light, His will, His justice, and His goodness through our flesh and blood.  We are also the replacements for earlier forms.

Arman further says that we can understand a little about God and our selection by using the aforementioned  radio as an example. In order for a radio to function properly it must have all the right parts. But, not all radios are identical. Some are made with better parts than others.  But, even with the best  parts, a radio must be turned on, it must be tuned in, and it must be where  radio waves aren't blocked or weakened by interference.

Whites are like that radio.  If we are born of pure White parents, we are born with the right parts--our White skin is one of the outward and essential signs of this--to fulfill God's will and to receive God's waves into our DNA.  We might say that we are born with parts that other kinds are not born with or that our special parts work better and that is why we are selected.

Even though all Whites are related, we are still all a little bit different from each other and some are born with genetic  parts that work better for God to shine through, just as some are born with this color hair or that color hair or this shape of ear or that shape of ear, etc. Those Whites with parts that can receive more of God's waves clearly are what some might call born White racists.  And, while most who would use the term White racist mean it as a pejorative, it is actually a good thing and is from God.  A born White racist, that is, one with what some call racist genes is more in tune with what God wants from us and is more likely to remain pure and to produce pure White children and thus expand the goodness and light from God.   Arman says, however, that we ourselves must activate the right parts that most Whites are born with by having right beliefs and the right actions that follow from these beliefs. Arman says that all pure Whites can receive God's waves but some are unintentionally blocking them because of wrong beliefs and wrong actions.  They are not listening to that good and just, small, holy voice within that is from God or they are ignoring it.

You say you don't believe in God?

No problem.  Arman says that God doesn't need blind, unthinking belief in Him.  He has supreme self-confidence and doesn't need to be constantly told He is great or powerful. What He needs is for you to believe in Whiteness and live right and do the right and good things all the days of your life. If you do these things, you will be in tune with God even if you do not believe in Him and even if you strongly deny His existence.  God wants you to think and question and use your brain and not just blindly believe in Him, but He does want you to seek knowledge and learn lessons about the ways of existence from even the smallest patch of grass or dirt.  For us, living right is more important than the minutiae of our beliefs and which rituals or prayers we use or don't use. We live our religion--it is our way of life, it is our philosophy, it is our politics, it is everything we do.

What does living right and doing the right things mean?

 It means that you live White in all ways possible.  It means that you try to be a good, respectful and polite person who does no evil or harm.  It means that you make as many more White people like yourself (by having as many pure White children as your body allows over a very long and happy  life) in order to completely fill all lands and all niches with the pure White genome.  Where there are more White people, there is more of God's presence emanating from our unique White DNA code.

It means that you do not interfere in the lives, ways, fortunes or  destinies of non-White peoples, whether you find them as individuals or as races, and that you remain indifferent to them and remain as separate and isolated from them as possible. They have their paths and we have ours. They are not your responsibility and you are not their Great White Mother or Great White Father or their teacher or superior and you are not here to help them or save them or teach them.  Leave them be; they have a right to develop in their own way without your interference. Even if you mean well, your interference is harmful both to them and to Whites either in the short term or the long term or both.  Leave them alone.  Do not mix or mate with them.  Arman's Teachings expound and add to these things but the idea is to be a good White person and seek the survival, expansion and evolution of White people and mind your own White business and leave other kinds alone to their own destinies and fates. It also means asking of everything: "Is this good for White people?" And, you must always know that the greatest danger to White survival comes from other kinds of humans and this is so because they can mate with us and can change our White genomes to non-White genomes which is our genocide and extinction.  When non-Whites mate with Whites they hijack our Whiteness and turn us into non-White baby factories. This is genocide for us. It takes us off the path to God and destroys us as the selected ones.  Miscegenation by Whites is evil in the eyes of God.

God has written His laws in nature and in our White genome and our White genome is the receiver of God's wishes, laws, rules and commands. Live right. Be holy. Be righteous. Stay White in all ways and increase the Whiteness.

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