As revealed to Arman and written down by H. Millard (c) 2021


As revealed to Arman and written down by H. Millard (c) 2021

God's plan for our kind alone can be stated very directly and very simply: God has selected us to evolve into a new human species that we call Homo novus and God wants us to replace all earlier kinds of human in the fullness of time and then to continue evolving ever higher.

We are God's selected replacements for an earlier humanity just as Homo sapiens replaced an earlier humanity and that earlier humanity replaced an even earlier kind in a chain that goes all the way back to the inert minerals that were given the life force and became single cell, living, self-replicating organisms and set on the path of evolution that has led to us. Now, it's our turn to evolve higher and leave the old behind.

All the thousands of words and hundreds of essays, including some that are presented in a fiction format, that have come from Arman after his revelations just fill in various details of how we are to live our lives to fulfill God's will and His plan for our kind alone to evolve along the sacred White path ever upward and ever closer to God.

Again, in simple terms, how are we to live? We are to remain separate from other races and not mingle with them not socialize with them or interact with them in any way if we can help it and to always remain White and with White interests in mind and we are especially must never mate with them as miscegenation is a major sin and displeases God greatly.

So, who are our kind alone? White people and no others. And, White people are further defined as non-Jewish White people of European descent no matter where they were born or live. And, this is further defined as Aryans as the term was used in Germany and much of Europe in the 1930's. And, this also means that one must be born of two fully White parents who were born of fully White parents who were born of fully White parents who were born of fully White parents. And, the further back one can go like this the better, because God wants us to dilute and breed out impurities in our DNA code by starting with a White genome that is already fairly pure.

God as He truly is, is not like conceptions of Him in Judeo/Christianity. He is not really a Him but an It, but we use the convention of Him. And, He has no son. He is an ineffable mystery and beyond human comprehension, but He doesn't mind if we speculate about Him in respectful ways. Arman says he believes God is the consciousness, intelligence and personalty that exists in the subatomic realm of existence that makes up the cosmos. He has no body as we usually define body. Terms such as spirit, force, energy, disembodied intelligence come to mind as some of His attributes.

God is everywhere where there is something. He is both transcendent and immanent at the same time. Arman says before God there was nothing. Then, He created Himself and started the spinning spiraling forces that caused and maintain existence as we know it. That's why we use imagery such as fylfots and spirals to honor Him.

God is a force for good, but there are evil forces that do not want God to succeed with His plan for us. And, anything that goes against God's plan is, by definition, evil.

What is our relation to other belief systems? We believe that God has touched others as He has touched Arman and us and that the main indicator of this is if these other belief systems consciously put Whiteness before all else and thus do God's will even if they do not know they are doing God's will and even if they don't believe in God or have other ideas about God than how we conceive of Him.

To be clear, those Whites who might be disparagingly called White racists or by similar words used by haters of God as He truly is and us as we truly are, indicating, as we define such terms, that they believe in the reality of race as a proper and scientific taxonomic category and who are unshakably pro-White; may have been touched by God.

At the top of the list of some of the best known notables who we believe were touched by God in major ways, was Saint Adolf Hitler. Hitler was trying to improve White mankind and his SS was designed to do just that with its focus on racial purity and increasing the birthrate of Whites. Hitler and the Nazis and the SS are worth studying for this reason. Hitler was attacked and died while trying to help Whites improve and evolve. That was his main purpose. That's why we call him a Saint. We also believe that Charles Darwin was touched by God and his work is also worth studying and understanding. Nietzsche, we believe, was also touched by God . And, there are many, many others, but the point is made, without piling on, in our belief that God touches some of us very deeply in our White DNA code to do His work and to help us evolve as He wants. And, He touches others of us not as deeply, but even those Whites who are lightly touched by God will also feel the call of our Blood to remain White always in all ways, even though they may not be fully aware of why they feel that way.

This should be emphasized again: God wants Whites to evolve and to become the new type of human. That is why you have been selected; that is your purpose in being born White. Your White skin is an essential and necessary part of the many White mutations you have that make you selected. Never doubt this.

We have been created and selected by God using the natural processes of evolution and the tweaking of our DNA Code by God to replace earlier forms of humanity. We are already, as we are now, the new kind of human on this planet and have been since we were created by God via evolutionary processes, but our evolution is never finished even though we may stagnate for a time, and then move on in fits and starts. We are also even with pollution in our genome evolving faster than other types of humans right now.

So what are you supposed to actually do?

The highest goal is to have complete separation of Whites from all other races so that Whites can breed as God wants us to and so we can evolve along the Sacred White path as quickly as possible with no pollution of our Sacred White genome designed by God. Unfortunately, this may be difficult for many of us to achieve in our current evil world where we are having non-Whites forced on us constantly, but do the best as you can until we achieve true freedom to be as we are and to believe our faith and live it freely.

The most important thing is to live as long as possible to have as many White children as your body can produce. In order for our evolution to work we must have more White children and not waste our sperm and our eggs which are owned by God and entrusted to the collective White genome and to us as the carriers of the sacred White genome. God does not want White martyrs. He wants you to live a long, free and happy White life and it is up to you to make it so...to find a way...and to stay on the sacred White path no matter what else happens in your life.

God doesn't need us to do meaningless rituals or constantly praise Him. He is much too big for such things. What God needs us to do is to live right and do His will in our level of existence. This is genuine worship and we are prayers in flesh and blood to God when we do live right and help with His work to evolve us ever upward. This is not to say that we shouldn't pray and not do various rituals, but we should know that they are mainly to keep us on the right track and motivate us and that God doesn't need them. His ego is fine without tiny humans praising him every minute.

These are the big three things required and they are always in this order: RIGHT BLOOD; RIGHT BELIEF; RIGHT ACTION. Without Right Blood the other two are meaningless.

And, always, as you go through life be guided by asking and answering this question about everything: "Is this good for White people?" If it is good for White people, it is what God wants. If it is not good for White people, it is not what God wants. But what is good for White people? Anything that increases our pure White population and keeps us as individuals happy and alive and doing God's work.
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