Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023

God's plan for Whites is for us to evolve ever higher towards Him spiritually, genetically and biologically.

God has selected Whites for His plan, but we must follow His directions and do what we must do to or His selection of us will be removed.

God will not do for us what we must do for ourselves. Part of His plan is that we must be self-reliant and we must seek the purity that He demands. If we do not do what He wants we prove thereby that we are not worthy of Him and we will be discarded individually and in some cases collectively.

Each of us as individual Whites must do what is right as God demands of us or He will discard us in favor of other White individuals.

Enemies of God and His plan--evil doers--want Whites to not evolve but devolve and blend in with non-White humanity and cease to be White. These evil doers want the complete genocide of Whites and the extinction of the sacred White DNA Code and the White Genome and White genes it makes.

These evil ones don't care if Whites are killed off directly by violence or by failing to reproduce enough or by miscegenation.

By using miscegenation to kill Whites off (the evil doers are now heavily promoting miscegenation, the evil doers will never have to face criminal charges for crimes against humanity and genocide.

As they trick Whites into mixing and mating with non-Whites and using our White sperm and White eggs to produce non-White children instead of White children, these haters of Whites will say that it's just about love and there is no crime in Whites falling in love with non-Whites and mating with them.

In the eyes of God, mixing and mating with non-Whites is one of the most serious crimes/sins that Whites can commit. He demands that Whites separate from all non-Whites and not mix or mate with them, but to stay exclusively White in all ways, always.

This separation is needed for God's plan to work as God wants it to work. Racial mixing is dangerous for Whites for several reasons but one of the main dangers is that it can lead to mating with non-Whites.

In addition, Whites just being in environments that are full of floating non-White DNA is also dangerous.

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