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by H. Millard © 2008

There are lots of lessons to learn from the FLDS experience in Texas; not just for members of that religion, but also for all of us interested in stopping the genocide of European descended peoples.

One of these lessons is to have correct strategies to survive in a "democratic" nation when haters and bigots want to destroy and absorb  distinct peoples into the bland and undifferentiated masses clustered under the middle of the bell curve.
In the particular case of the FLDS, their previous survival strategy was to live in isolated areas and stay out of sight as much as possible so the bigots and haters would leave them alone.
Sometimes, such a strategy works--as with the Pennsylvania Dutch--and sometimes it doesn't.  At the present time, this strategy is not working for the FLDS and they need to make some adjustments.
Even though the FLDSers are now getting their children back, the bigots and haters are still persecuting them. And, they'll keep persecuting them.  Bigots and haters are cowards and bullies and they'll keep it up until someone stands up to them. 
Right now, the FLDSers have won the right to have their children back, but they can't leave the state. 
In effect, the state is saying, "You stay right here under our boots where we can keep persecuting you as long as we want. We want you under our microscope so we can play gotcha the first time you so much as jaywalk. 
And, we have a right to come barging into your homes at any time during the day and drag your kids to a different location to interview them. Read, so we can plant thoughts in their brains or trick them into saying a word or two that we can then take out of context to justify permanently taking them away from you.
Watch now as the bigots and haters proceed, after getting their hands burned with their mass stealing of children, by picking off individual believers via existing laws and listen as the bigots and haters start saying the FLDSers aren't fully complying with the rules they signed (under duress) to get their kids back to the safety of their own families.
If that doesn't work, the bigots and haters will enact more laws specifically aimed at destroying the FLDS.  And, of course, the bigots and haters will continue their smears as they try to demonize these people who just want to be left alone to practice their religion and live their lives as they see fit.
How does any distinct people resist such tyranny? What do you do when the bigots and haters have the state and all its power behind them?  What do you do when you're up against unjust laws?
You can either give up your principles and beliefs as did the main stream Mormons who chickened out and suddenly had "revelations" that changed their religion from what it was, in order to be more acceptable to people who hated them, or you can stand by your principles and continue your struggle for freedom and justice.
And, if the FLDS chooses the latter course, how should the FLDSers struggle for freedom and justice?
They must start voting and taking an active part in the political process.  They must start running their own candidates for elected offices, and they must expand their numbers by birthing as many children as possible.
They must use the one person, one vote system we have in this country to become the government in their towns, counties and states.  And, beyond that, they must elect people to national offices.
And, don't think that the bigots and haters in Texas aren't worried that the FLDSers will become active in local politics. 
Reportedly, FLDS members are starting to register to vote in the community around the YFZ Ranch for the first time.
Local bigots and haters are now saying things such as "They're trying to take us over."  Well, bigots and haters, that's called democracy.  The majority rules.  By taking you over, you really mean that they're going to start voting and may run their own candidates for office who do not hate others the way you bigots and haters do.
Jump now to this matter of so-called child brides that seems to have gotten the psycho/sexual perverts in  mainstream society all huffy. 
Laws about marriage are different in different states and in different nations and most of them are arbitrary and capricious.
What is the right age for marriage? Is it 18?  Why?  Is it 17 or 16 or 15 or 14?  Who says which age is the right age?  Where is that age written in stone?
Do we leave the decision on such things to some man hating feminist who thinks that all marriage is rape?  Do we leave that decision to some pervert with secret psycho/sexual fantasies who, to find peace in his or her own mind about such fantasies, overreacts in the opposite direction?  Do we leave that decision to a male judge who may be wearing girl's panties under his robes?  Do we leave that decision to a Lesbian judge who may have a strap on dildo under her robe? Do we leave that decision to those whose world view, religion, personal philosophy or societal conditioning may be different than various distinct peoples and whose decision might be harmful to those distinct peoples?
What gives some people the right to tell others how to worship or what to believe or how to live their lives so long as these others don't  harm others?  They have no such right in a truly just society.
So, who should decide the right age for marriage and what is the basis for that decision?
I can't address the FLDS views on this, but if we are to look at this logically, we must conclude that the purpose of marriage is to produce children--as many children as possible. 
We must also conclude that all living things are commanded from within--by their genes--to go forth and multiply to their maximum and in their own image. That's how living things survive--by expanding, not by contracting.
Nature has set the time for mating and reproduction within us. And, nature does not over-engineer or under-engineer what it builds. It sets the clock within for a reason.  Humans may not understand the reason why our internal clocks are set as they are, but there is a reason. Ultimately, it boils down to survival in the struggle that is existence.
Also, what form of marriage is the "correct" form?  Is it monogamy?  Why?  If marriage is the way we mate and reproduce, and if our highest duty in life is to go forth and make more like ourselves, then aren't forms of mating that bring forth the most children the proper ones and the ones that bring forth the fewest, the improper ones?
Now, don't make the mistake of taking the philosophical musings in this essay as being what the FLDS members believe. While some conclusions may seem the same, the paths that lead to those conclusions are very different.

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