Slave revolt

by H. Millard © 2008

Barack Obama isn't running a presidential campaign, he's leading a slave revolt.  He knows it, many other blacks know it, and now even all except the most brainwashed whites know it.  How can anyone not know it with all the news coming out about what was routinely said in the church where Obama has been a member for twenty years? 

Given enough time and the opportunity, slaves--broaden that to read the underclass--will always turn on their masters or those on top.  It's an age old tale on a planet whose standard social structure is a pyramid whereby the few on top have a corner on the money, the power, and everything good, while the rest of the population gets crumbs.
It's that type of social structure that Communism as well as various other lesser known isms sought to change and then often ended up making an even worse mess of things.
It may be that this few at the top and the many at the bottom structure is as inherent for humans as hive structures are for bees, and maybe that's why so many isms have failed to make planet earth a land of milk and honey where the lions lie down with the lambs.  It's just nature and nature's ways.  And, why wouldn't we think this? Nature builds into our instincts things that seem to work for our survival.  And, for us, maybe this type of pyramid ordering of our societies is the one that is programmed into us because it works.
Slave or underclass revolts happen even in nations that are homogeneous, but the kindling is much easier to set afire in diverse nations when certain critical masses and the zeitgeist reach certain points.  This is so because in such nations, one group of people that is genetically and identifiably similar often will rise to the top and be the slave masters.  In the U.S., that group is composed of people with white skin and most of the underclass is composed of people with darker skin.  That's the reality.  We don't need, here, to argue about why this is so, but we must acknowledge the reality of this if we are to be honest.
When you have a slave-master class or, if you prefer, a ruling class, that is different looking than the masses, it is easy to pin all the troubles of the underclass on those at the top who seem to have their own exclusive club whose membership appears to be limited to those who look like those already in the club.
Of course, many whites at the top in the U.S. understand these things. To head off a slave revolt, they've tried to create the impression that people of all colors are at the top. That's why the real leaders appoint various lackeys to high profile positions.
Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and others with dark skin give cover to those in the neocon ruling class.
FarrakhanObama got about 90% of the black vote in the Mississippi primary recently.  And, he's getting similar results from blacks all across the country. Yet, the  lefty news outlets downplay this clearly skin color vote.  Most are also trying to downplay Obama's contacts to Jeremiah Wright and Wright's contacts with Minister Farrakhan.  Look, this isn't difficult. Wright hates whites, he doesn't just express love for blacks, but outright hostility toward whites.  And, he's Obama's mentor.  What more do you have to hear about this to understand?
Obama is not an aracial candidate for all races, he's a black candidate for blacks. Blacks know it and they vote it. Many whites, however, being full of the false ideas that have been pumped into them for the last several decades, overlook all the signs that are plain to see.  Jonestown is in their goo goo eyes and kool-aid is in their hands.  They smile the smiles of those whose brains have been pithed with the words of a stage hypnotist.  They are the wide eyed Great White Mother and Great White Father missionaries in darkest Africa and the pot of boiling water awaits the meat that they are.  They are the meal.  They are the losers.
So, these true believer whites with their moist eyes and their heads thinking that they are modern incarnations of Harriet Beecher Stowe are eager to help escaped slaves on the next part of their journey on the underground railroad. So blind are they, that they ignore the  links between Obama, Jeremiah Wright and Minister Farrakhan.  And, even though some of Wright's sermons seem afro-Centric to the point that except for the Christian trappings, one might think they're listening to a  Black Muslim minister, these brainwashed whites try to minimize the anti-white hatred. 
But, as I wrote in an earlier column, the real problem for Obama--despite the anti-white stuff--is not whites who have some consciousness of race, but the neocons and their pals. 
The capture of Nat TurnerThey're already swiftboating Obama. Turn to Fox News and you'll see neocon Sean Hannity leading the TV charge. Listen to the radio and you'll hear neocon talk hosts heading up the airwave battalions. Pick up newspapers and you'll see neocons such as Bill Kristol attacking Obama.  Yup, it's the anti-John Kerry movement all over again.
I wouldn't be surprised if some of the neocons who fear an Obama presidency might be having dreams these days that include something like this imaginary conference call between Barack Obama, Jeremiah Wright and Minister Farrakhan
Obama:  Look bros, I agree completely with what both of you say, but if we're ever going to get power in this country, we have to cool it and make the honkies comfortable.  You have to admit I do the shuck and jive better than just about anyone. So, I'm going to have to denounce what you guys have been saying.  I'll try to limit the denouncing to just what you've said that is controversial and not repudiate everything about you.  But look guys, you have to do your part.  You need to get the brothers and sisters who know how to do these things to start sending out press releases about how the attacks on me for knowing you are just more examples of white racism.
Wright and Farrakhan Amen, brother.
FarrakhanIt was prophesized that white devils would rule for 6,000 years starting in 1914, but with you brother Obama we're going to speed up the destruction of the white devils.
Obama:  Now, look, if I win the presidency everything will change.  I'll start pulling more and more brothers and sisters into high ranking positions over various departments of government and they'll start bringing in even more brothers and sisters.  But, we've got to be smart and do it a little at a time.  Remember, if I'm in the White House, we'll have power that we could only dream about before.
Farrakhan:  Barack, when you're president, I'd like a favor from you--I'd like to go to area 51, where the white devils have hidden Yakub's spaceship.
As I wrote in an earlier column and as I repeat here because it is so apt: Hillary has to feel like the Lone Ranger in that old joke where the Lone Ranger and Tonto are surrounded by Indians and when the Lone Ranger says they have to do this or that to escape and survive, Tonto replies "What do you mean, we, paleface?"
This Hillary as Lone Ranger joke points out the fact that when the slaves or underclass turn on their masters, the kindly masters fall with the ones not so kind, because the slave revolt is not against particular slave masters as individuals but against the whole society that is above the slaves or underclass.
Meanwhile, back at Fox News--the TV home of dimwitted neocons--the commentators are ganging up on Obama.
On Monday (3/17), Greta Van Susteren talked to one of the regular blacks on the show, Ted Williams. With enough schmaltz for a full day on Coney Island, Greta looked at Williams and said "We're brother and sister." To which Williams dutifully replied in the affirmative.  Sure they are.  Hey Greta, read the joke about the Lone Ranger. It also applies to you, paleface.
The attacks on Obama in the press from the neocons are going to continue and they'll  get even stronger. The neocons are Israel Firsters and they want the U.S. doing the dirty work in the Middle East. They simply don't trust Obama to continue on the crazy path started by Bush.  They fear that they too will play the role of the Lone Ranger if  Obama gets into the White House.
And, what about the fact that Obama carried some majority white states in recent primaries? No surprise in that. Whites in those states are pretty much out of touch and have no experience with black crime and other problems.  Whites in more mixed states aren't buying it.  They do see black crime and social problems on a daily basis and they fear that a black in the White House will make things much worse for them and their families.  Of course, this is called racism. Even giving the statistics that show that most crime and social problems do not have a white face is called racism.  Funny how that works, isn't it?
But this whole Obama thing goes even deeper than politics.  What's going on is just another battle in the gene war.
It is one genotype trying to wipe out other genotypes by all possible means--including political means.
Unfortunately for Obama, his speech the other day about race is not going to help.  As I've written in another column, the neocons and their pals aren't going to let him become president any more than they let John Kerry become president. 
Yes, dear friends, the neocon smear machine is already in high gear and it's just now picking up speed. Look what the neocons did to Kerry.  They took a guy who was pretty close to being a war hero and made him look like a coward and maybe even a war criminal.  They'll now give Obama the same treatment. 
Here's the main problem the neocons have with Obama: They want us to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan for many more years and they want us to attack Iran.  They know that Obama won't play ball with them.  They fear that he'll start shifting America away from our blind support of Israel to a more even handed foreign policy. 
The slave revolt will fail. 
In many ways, this will be bad for ordinary citizens of all colors.  It's not just a matter of black and white. With either Hillary or McCain in the White House, we can expect more wars and an attack on Iran and probably some other Muslim countries, and we can expect either Hillary of McCain to continue with most of Bush's other failed policies.
The neocons prefer McCain over Clinton, but they can accept Clinton.  They can't accept Obama.
If you doubt my take on this, which is probably different from anything else you've read from the mainstream press pundits, remember that I was the first to call Bill Clinton our first black president (that was before he was called that by a black writer), and I'm now the first to call Obama's campaign a slave revolt. Now watch as others follow suit and wach as things unfold as I've laid out above and in my earlier columns on this.

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