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"I'm tellin' you man, we're in times like they had in the Bible," said Homeless Jack.
"Do you think those people in Sodom and Gomorrah thought they were bad people, man?  Of course they didn't.  They thought they were good people.  They thought they were doing the right things by humans.  Problem was, the Big Guy in the Sky thought otherwise and wiped 'em all out. You know why, man?  It's because the things they were doing violated the Big Guy's first rule: "Go forth and multiply in your image." 
"See, those sexual things they were doing didn't lead to having more children. Even when children were produced, many of them were all mixed up genetically.  That's what got the people in those two cities in trouble. God wants each to his own.  Like with like. And, He wants certain people to produce more of themselves and others not to produce as many and to naturally be replaced by newer models.
"How about the flood and Noah?  Same thing, man.  The whole Earth had become wicked so the Big Guy drowned 'em all and started over again.  Do you think all those people who were drowned thought they were evil?  Nope.  They thought they were good.  God disagreed.
"You see, God steps in and wipes out the evildoers, and then things are fine for a time, but humans soon forget and they get arrogant and they start changing things again to suit human trends and wishes. And, in doing so, they forget about God and they become evil in God's eyes and once again God steps in and wipes out everybody. We're in the pre-wipe out period right now, man.
"I figure that's why Arman has come in this day and not in an earlier or later day.  He was sent by God to tell us the truth so we can choose to follow the true path or the false paths.  There are many of the latter and only one of the former for us, man. And, it ain't an easy path.  Just imagine a few people in Sodom and Gomorrah saying that everyone else in the cities was evil.  They'd be called names and they'd be ostracized and be persecuted and they would be lawbreakers, because the evil people made the laws. 
"Or, imagine you lived in the time of Noah.  Just a very few people out of millions of people believed Noah. Who perished, man?  Right.  It wasn't Noah and his family.
"Sound too remote and you can't relate? Can you imagine going to, say, San Francisco and standing on a street corner and speaking out against gay marriage and miscegenation?  You'd probably be physically attacked and you'd probably also go to jail.  And, the local church leaders would condemn you from their pulpits. The media would also attack you as some sort of nut case.
"That's just like what happened in the Bible, man."
"I thought you didn't believe in the Bible, Jack," I said.
"I don't. Not as a sacred religious book.  But, like all books, it's worth reading and studying for insights.  And, whether the stories about Sodom and Gomorrah and Noah are real or just parables, it doesn't matter.  The point is the same.  Give up your evil ways and do what God wants--and especially go forth and multiply in your image--or you'll perish. Nature tells us the same thing.
"The problem today, as in Biblical times, is that humans get all confused about right and wrong and evil and good and today many are picking and choosing various things from the Bible to justify anything they want to do.  Most religions today are religions of man, not of God.   They won't say this directly, but they worship man and call it religion.
"Arman brings a message from God that is harsh, hard and uncompromising when compared to the way many people think today.  He brings a message that we can't just all get along and that we can't just think ourselves better.  He brings a message that only those with the Code that we carry will get through the bottleneck and even then, it won't be all of us.  Yup,we have to struggle to get through.  We have to compete even with our own people to be the ones to survive and to become a new species on the other side after the extinction that is coming. Arman brings a message that genes matter and that only our genes will get us past the great extinction to the other side of the bottleneck where we will be a new species incapable of producing children  with homo sapiens. That's not a message that humans want to hear, man.
"Look, man, I figure God ain't a bluenose. He's not against homosexuality just because he's against it, but because it doesn't lead to the production of children.
"And, what about miscegenation?  God's against it because it screws up our Code and stops our evolution.  It blends us all back together into a lumpen mass with all other humans--the ones from whom we evolved. It reverses our evolution. It's devolution for us.  And, lumpen masses ain't the way to evolve. That's why God is against this. We are the distillate of mankind for the next jump.
"Look man, Arman says we gotta separate out from the rest of mankind and not have any gene flow with them.  We gotta have geographic  and reproductive isolation in order to get through the bottleneck.  And, we also have to have vast numbers of us in our image to make sure the Code survives.
"Lots of people talk about what's wrong with the U.S. and what we need to do to fix it, man.  Some others say it might just be best to have the country break up into parts where people truly can pursue happiness and live their lives as the founding fathers had intended, and, in our case, to pursue our religious and evolutionary destiny separated from all who are unlike us.
"Arman doesn't directly address this, but says we must separate with our own people to stop the gene flow and blending.
"Does this sound radical?  Actually, it's not.  The present Constitution and the Bill of Rights if properly interpreted as originally intended are probably just fine for most of us who listen to Arman. Remember, when they were written there was no thought of a mixed society as we see today.  Those documents were written for indigenous Europeans on these shores and for no one else.
"The U.S. today is artificial and inauthentic.  It is now based on some ideas that are flawed and which ignore the laws of nature.  We are told that race is a social construct and not a reality.  This is nonsense and is anti-nature.  The reason we are told this is to break down our resistance to blending in with the rest of mankind. We are told that homosexuality is the equivalent of heterosexuality.  This is nonsense and is anti-nature.
"Will we survive?  According to Arman's teachings we will, but our numbers will be greatly reduced as we approach the bottleneck and as we emerge on the other side as a new species.  We are the replacements for the present humans. 
"We are the new model aborning.  God willing, we are the ones who will have the general adaptations and the mutations that allow us to survive and prosper in many different environments and niches.  Why us?  Because God chose us.  But, if you want a fuller answer, Arman says it has to do with the fact that most mutations build upon earlier mutations.  We, alone of all humans, have those earlier mutations upon which the new ones will build. Arman says that our white skin is no trifle.  It is a necessary part of the complex of mutations we need.
"Will we be the final model? Not in a long shot.  But we believe that, God willing,  we are the ones who will evolve as God wants and that we will continue to branch off into ever newer models as we carry the Code forward. We are the carriers of the Code, man.  We are born with it, and that's the only way to get it.
"Arman says those who have awakened to the truth need to share their new understanding with others of our people so they will understand something about what God really wants and about the Code that they carry.  Only with right belief and right action will the Code be activated in the way it should be activated.  This is as God wants it, man.  Don't get on God's wrong side."

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