Homeless Jack Says W​e Are A Selected Peo​ple​ by H. Millard © 2014

"Well, look, man," said Homeless Jack, " here it is in a simple word, with no frills, about what some of us support: Whiteism.  Whiteism uber alles!

"And, to some of us, Whiteism is our religion or takes the place that religion takes in the lives of others, even though it may have different names and different specifics for different groups and different believers. It is also our philosophy, our world view, and our way of life.

"Now, let me be clear, we are White people and we support White people even if some Whites don't believe exactly as some of us who follow Arman's Teachings believe.  And, Arman agrees this is proper.  He says his Teachings cover hundreds and hundreds of pages, but at their heart and concerning humans they are about White survival, White expansion, White evolution, White well being and happiness. They are about Whiteness and our place as White people in the universe and in existence and why we are here and what we are to do as White people.

"Arman says that  Whites must expand and evolve spiritually, morally, ethically, biologically and most importantly genetically so that we become a new species.   Arman tells us that we are commanded to will our evolution along this White path and that we  should try to awaken other Whites--this is our missionary duty.  If other Whites reject the truth when it is properly presented to them in ways that they can understand, then we have nothing more to do with them. We shun them.

"Now, as I said, not all Whites may agree about all of Arman's teachings but that's okay.  We have no argument with any other Whites so long as they believe in "Whiteness."  This includes White survival, White expansion, White evolution and White well being and happiness and is against blending us away in any manner whatsoever, including through miscegenation--which we call bedroom genocide.  We especially agree with Whites who have been able to separate from other kinds of humans and who live completely isolated from them so there is no gene flow. 

"Arman says we should not publicly criticize any other Whites who do share our basic White consciousness and who work for White survival and that we should look at them as our brothers and sisters and not dwell on some of the differences in beliefs and methods and focus on our common and shared belief in Whiteness.  So, we try to avoid publicly criticizing those who call themselves White Supremacists, White Separatists, Race Realists, White Nationalists, National Socialists or any other name they choose for their identity and beliefs and we try not to criticize those who follow other specifically and exclusively White religious paths, so long as their most fundamental beliefs are about Whiteness and remaining White. If we don't have anything nice to say about these other Whites, then we say nothing.   Our common enemies in the eternal gene wars are all non-Whites and especially those who consciously hate Whites and who want us to blend ourselves away or otherwise die off. We refuse to help  enemies of Whiteness divide us from other aware Whites.

"Okay, man, you may have noticed that I just wrote that "all non-Whitesare our enemies in the eternal gene wars. This is an important point, so let me explain.  The genes of any and all non-Whites are dangerous to us and can wipe us out  even if those who carry those genes mean us no harm and have no intention to harm us.  Intention is not a necessary element of the definition of "danger to us."  Germs have no intention to harm us either, man, but they can kill us. Non-White genes are dangerous because they can destroy our White genes. A pure White must have a pure White father and a pure White mother.  "Pure White" means that the parents are non-Jewish Whites--what used to be called Aryans in Europe--meaning all non-Jewish Whites. Non-White genes and their human carriers are a threat to our existence as the distinct people we are, by their very existence near us and this doesn't have anything to do with the quality of their characters or their IQs or their contributions to society or their education  levels or anything else. It has to do with the fact that they, by their mixing and mating with us, can wipe us out.

"We Whites are a selected people, man," that's what Arman says.  "Now, I don't exactly know how we were selected and some of us believe we were intelligently and intentionally selected by the First Cause, while others of us believe we were selected by nature through the natural processes of evolution and natural selection.  One can chase one's tail over this all year long by then  saying that the First Cause is nature or is behind nature so the selection was ultimately His/Its doing, but I don't think we have much to gain in constantly arguing in that manner.

"It is enough for me to know that we are clearly different from other humans. In fact, we White ones are so different that we really should be considered as a separate species, and except for the fact that we can still (unfortunately) breed with other types of humans, we would be considered a separate species.  This speaks more to the fact that the definition of "species"--based largely on that ability to interbreed--may need revising than it does to us being the same as non-Whites because we are not the same as non-Whites.  We are a different kind. And, we must become even more different.

"Anyway, Arman says we've been selected (by whatever means) to be the humans to evolve higher into full specieshood where we can no longer breed with other forms of humans and that if we follow the Teachings, that we will continue to evolve--intentionally, purposefully and consciously-- on the path that will eventually have us lift up mankind ever higher as we purify and dominate the gene pool of humanity so that we replace other forms of humans as humans have replaced apes.  We must continue to diverge along the White path from other types of humans and we must avoid all gene flow from them or to them.  We must be isolated as much as possible to avoid the contamination of their genes which will cause us to blend back in with the non-White masses and cease to be.

"Arman says that some of us, and he doesn't know how many, but it may even  be hundreds of millions of us White ones, have special mutations that make us different even from Whites who don't have the mutations.  These mutations are why we are as we are and why we have the ability to will our evolution and which give us the potential to move higher and become a new species. The mutations of which I speak come with the White skin, and do not exist without it.  However, there are mimics with White skin who lack the real mutations we have.  Generally, we can trust out eyes to know us from not us, but there are exceptions.

"The three things that Arman says that are essential for our evolution: Blood, Belief, Action are the key to understanding this.  There is a presumption in the Teachings that all Whites have the general Blood that is required--we call this the potential--and this is shown in their White skin and White characteristics, but the mutation is more clearly indicated in those who come easily to our general beliefs in Whiteness and who act on these beliefs.  Remember, by "blood," Arman means the DNA code and the genes we have that make us White people.

"Whites who are blind to the basic beliefs in Whiteness as I just said or who consciously reject these Whiteness beliefs once they are correctly exposed to them, indicate to us that either they are brainwashed and thus are blocked or that they simply lack the mutations necessary.  If we feel that they are brainwashed, we gently try to deprogram them by giving them the truth. Sometimes this causes cognitive dissonance--that's the mental state that we sometimes see in cartoons where a robot is faced with something that goes against his program and whose head spins and smokes as he repeats over and over: "Does not compute, does not compute."  However, those who get through the cognitive dissonance stage can never go back to their false ideas of reality, because they are immunized by their own minds against doing so.  Once you know the truth, you can't deny it.

"So, Arman says we White ones have been selected to  be a new people and that the world will be a better place through the actions that we alone can take. We are to heal the planet and we can live in peace and harmony as we lift mankind to ever higher levels through us and as our new kind with better adaptations replaces other kinds as the fundamental forces of evolution work tirelessly to make this a reality. This is the way evolution worked to create us as  White people in the first place, and the process will continue through us and by our conscious effort to evolve higher.  Yes, things may look very dark right now, but have faith and take action.  We will prevail if we are a good and just people and if we follow the path of Whiteness.

"There's no drifting aimlessly through life for us, man.  We have a direction and goals and we know that each one of us who believes in Whiteness has a duty to fix this broken world by being good people and by teaching our kind the truth about why we are here, what we are to do, and how we are to act in all circumstances. Ours is the highest moral and ethical responsibility and it is a heavy burden on our shoulders, man, but this is what we are commanded to do. And, be sure to understand that we put action and right living before mere belief.  Belief without action is meaningless to us.

"The most important action that each awakened White person can do is to have more White children.  Nothing else even comes close to this action in its importance.  And, remember, Arman says this is an individual responsibility. We are not born as couples, so there is no excuse for any awakened healthy, fertile White to say he or she wanted to have White children but he or she couldn't find a suitable mate or mates, or his or her mate didn't want to have children or that they wanted to have too few children.  Such excuses are nonsense. Each of us carries an army of us in our bodies. Our sacred duty is to let those armies out by birthing them. Each of us must find a way to let them out.  Each of us must find willing partners to make this a reality.  It takes two pure Whites to produce a new pure White, and we must find those pure Whites of the opposite sex who will help us release the armies of us that are within us.

"Breed or die, man. It's a simple as that.  And if you don't breed, when you die, you'll have left nothing of yourself alive to carry you into the future. Nothing you do in life means anything if you are healthy and fertile and haven't made more like yourself.

"Up until recent decades, we Whites were the dominant type of human in most of Europe and North America.  By "dominant" I mean we were more numerous than our competitors (other types of humans)  in these ecological niches.  We made up most of the human biomass and our genes were also the dominant kind.  Then came mass transportation and weak seeds among us who allowed our once White lands to become polluted with competing human types and competing genes.  Now, we must replenish all lands with pure White genes.  This is how we will evolve higher.  We must increase the biomass of our pure White genes.

"We White ones  are also  the keystone type of human in our formerly all White lands and this can be seen by the fact that when we are no longer in the majority, these lands begin to collapse and devolve back to ever lower levels. We see this in increased crime and social dysfunction in every city, especially in America, when Whites are removed.  Our impact is much greater than just our numbers, but for our impact to be felt, and for our evolution to continue and for us to fix the world, we need many of our pure and unmixed  kind to counteract the negative traits of others.    We must expand always and contract never. We must fill all lands with our kind alone."

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