by H. Millard © 2011

"See my new tattoo," said Homeless Jack, as he rolled up his right sleeve and showed  a four armed representation of a fylfot in blue ink that was about the size of a quarter.
"Looks like a Swastika, and it looks home made" I said.
"It is home made. We believe in self-reliance.  And, in this day, we prefer to call it a fylfot to avoid any confusion.  Notice that it isn't like the Swastika that's associated with the Nazis.  Ours has rounded arms and a central hub.  See, man, this is one of the basic symbols in my religion. We believe the mystery of the First Cause is in this symbol and especially at the center of the hub.
"We believe that when this symbol is on our skin, that it links us to the First Cause and has other effects."
"Yeah?" I replied.
"Do I hear doubt in your voice, man? Look, you've heard about dousing, right. You know; people who say they can find water.  Well, some of them say they don't even need to stand on the land they're dousing to find water. They just need a map of the land. 
"Suppose they're right.  Suppose that really works.  What might make it work?  Right, there's some sort of unseen link between a representation of the land on the map and the dousing rod and the douser. Some kind of subatomic connection has been made. The lines on the map are a symbol of the land, man, and there's a connection. Kinda like your garage door opener on the visor of your car. You push the button and like magic your garage door way down the street opens.
"There's more to our reality than we understand right now.
"See, man, underneath all of our reality are subatomic particles and underneath them are waves and forces and vibrations in what we call The Field. 
"The Field makes connections that can't be seen by us.  It sounds sort of like magic, but it ain't.  It's physics, but it's physics that we don't fully understand yet, man. We see this sometimes in synchronicity and what some call karma. I think The Field is like the motherboard of the universe, man, or something like that.
"My tattoo is a link to the First Cause via The Field. Look, the fylfot is as close as we're likely to get to see what the First Cause really looks like--it's like the public face of the First Cause which we believe can't be seen except in what it creates.  It's sort of like the spirit behind all.
"The fylfot is the spiral of creation and destruction. It represents the First Cause, and it puts us in touch with the First Cause and tunes us in when it is on our white skin with our blood coursing below our skin if we have the  46 "white" chromosomes along with the right belief and right actions
"I told you before that it may help to understand this stuff if you think in terms of radios. If your radio has all the right parts, you can tune in radio waves that are all around us.  In my religion we say that we have the right parts with our DNA code. Then, we can tune in with our right beliefs and our right actions. And, one of those right actions is having the right symbol on our skin to activate it all.
"And, speaking of the right DNA code, my religion demands that White people must separate from non-White people so that there is no gene transfer.
"Miscegenation is considered a major sin and those who engage in it are to be shunned by believers.  Miscegenation by our people keeps the right 46 chromosomes from being in a person. We need to get 23 "white" chromosomes from a mother and 23 "white"chromosomes from a father for it all to work and so we can move toward the First Cause. We need all the right parts, man. Mix some other kinds of chromosomes in and we won't have all the right parts.

"My religion is based on revelation and is bolstered by true science. Our beliefs are deep and they are sincere. You got it man, we really do believe.

"Those who incite religious hatred against us by calling us racists and similar terms should be charged with hate crimes.
"See, man, we're for freedom. Real freedom.  Freedom to be ourselves as we ourselves determine is best for ourselves. We don't want to impose our will on others, but we don't want them to impose theirs on us.
"In a free society we have the right to be ourselves.This means we can make the choices that are important to us so long as they don't harm others.
"Among the choices we can make are who we want to associate with and who we don't want to associate with.  And, we can make such choices based on anything that we feel is important to us.  It can be based on race, politics, personal dislikes, or anything else.  That is our right as free people.
"When we, the distinct people we are, start realizing that we truly are a distinct people and when we understand that those who are trying to wipe us out are not our people, then we'll start regaining our natural identity and we'll overcome this sickness of the spirit that has so many of our people apologizing for being who and what we are.
"Then, we'll regain our sense of self and group esteem and then we'll start laughing at the name callers who call us "racists," and similar terms because then, we'll realize that they are haters and our enemies. Then, we'll also start looking at ourselves as soldiers in this battle for our survival and not as common criminals as some of the haters want us to believe we are so that we'll put our tails between our legs and slink off like common criminals.
"Most of our people are alienated from their true selves--from who they truly are.The reason for this is that they're out of touch with their  DNA code.
"The reasons for their being out of touch with their DNA code are several.One is that societal conditioning  has them falsely believing that all peoples are the same. Another is apathy and lazy thinking. A Third is simple ignorance of the ways of existence.A fourth is a tin ear to the internal message.
"Only by finding themselves and getting in touch with the DNA code will they find true happiness. Happiness is being who you truly are and knowing it. The DNA code is us, man.
"What is the nature of the DNA code and how did it come to be is a question that is often asked.
"The answer is that all organisms on Earth are a result of the forces that caused the first molecule of DNA to form from out of so-called lifeless minerals.  The DNA was made of those minerals, but it was something more, because it could make more like itself from out of itself.
"That first molecule of DNA began expanding, modifying, transforming, evolving, mutating, adapting to fill all niches where it could survive.
"It created different living organisms that also follow simple and basic rules.  it took the path of least resistance.  It didn't overdesign but was frugal in what it created. It adapted and it created all that it could create to struggle to be the best. It never stops and it goes on every minute of every day and will to the end of time. The DNA code is constantly being shuffled.  We are one of those shuffles, man.  Now, we have to start doing the shuffling for our kind to survive and expand in the way that is best for us.
"Pray and ask for guidance from the First Cause, man. Even if you think you don't really believe in the First Cause, believe as much as you can of what I've told you. It may be enough to get you on the righteous path." 
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