Tower of Babel

by H. Millard © 2008

Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the Lord did there confound the language [genes] of all the earth; and from thence did the lord scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.  


"Hey man," said Homeless Jack, "the language or code of who and what we are is in our genes.  You'd think by now more people would understand this simple fact of nature, but they don't.  They call saying this "racism" or "hate."  I call it science.
"But there's more to this. Our genes don't just make us as individuals. They make us as members of groups of similar individuals linked by our genes in ways that science can only guess at today. 
"To deny your genes is to deny reality and to deny yourself and your people. It is to live an inauthentic life. Genes are not to be overlooked or pushed to the back of the closet.  They are to be quietly respected, no matter who or what you are.  Understand this: Your genes are you. Do not deny yourself.
"Each distinct people must struggle in its own way, and Arman teaches how we--our people--must struggle. Arman teaches that so long as our genes have our particular code to make us who and what we are, we can move up the ladder of the tower.  And, the ladder of the tower is DNA, man.
"But, if our code is confounded through blending with genes that are alien to us, then we will not be able to move up the ladder of the tower. That'll be like Babel.  At first blush this may sound a little paradoxical, man, but it's not.
"Think of it this way. Right now, most of our people are genetically separate from most other peoples and all of our people have the same genetic code within us. That's what it means to be a people.  
"To destroy our people, one could kill us off outright (and many are trying to do this), or one could blend us into oblivion by having us insert genes from other peoples into our gene mass so that we become a confusion of genes (many are also trying to do this).
"Yes, WE can be destroyed by becoming different from who and what we really are by blending in with the rest of the Homo sapiens. And, it's easier to destroy us than many others because, as I said before, it takes two similar chromosomes to make us, but only one of the others to make them.
"The way up for us, man, is to become 'whiter' in all characteristics and less like Homo sapiens. We want to be more than human. To get there, we have to distill ourselves out from the mass of humanity.  To do this, we must be as numerous as grains of sand on the beach.
"Multi-culturalism and blending are the new Babel, man.  They are a confounding of who and what we are.  They are a vast confusion of genes and DNA that will lead to the extinction of many of our families. If none of us survive the blending, then the tower will be leveled.  That's evil, man.  Pure evil.  
"We're not trying to preserve humanity or ourselves as we are. We want to overcome what we are, and to become more. That's why believers sometimes laugh at those dimwits and haters who call us "white supremacists."  We don't think we're supreme, man.  We think we're very flawed and that we need to overcome our flaws so that we can become a separate species that we call: Homo armaniens.
"What?" I asked.
"Got your attention, didn't I man? I said  Homo armaniens. That's the name we use for the next major evolutionary step for us as we become a new species.  We don't want to make Homo sapiens better.  We want to leave them behind. We don't want to harm them and we don't want them to harm us.  We want to follow our highest possible destiny as it has been revealed to us.
"So, you're talking about...eugenics? I ask.
"Oh, good grief, man.  No. How many times have I told you that we reject that stuff--we won't even revisit that until our kind fill every niche in society and the whole galaxy is full of our people who can not breed with other peoples. 
"The old eugenics holds down our birthrate too much.  That's not what we want.  We want quantity.  With quantity, will come quality. What we want is to maximize the birthrate of our kind as much as possible. That's also why we accept polygamy and unwed mothers and all sorts of things that our present Dark Age says are bad.
"See, the old eugenics tried to stop so-called "defectives" from breeding and to encourage the "best" to breed.  It didn't work, man.  It just held down our birthrate, and many of the defectives weren't defective and many of the best weren't the best.  We have to trust nature in some of this, man.  If a potential mate is of our people, then don't try too hard to determine if they are up to some standard or other.  If they're one of us--if they have our genotype and phenotype, then they should have our children.
"Making more of ourselves can never be bad, man.  Present society is nuts. Every one of our people must become a breeder before anything else.  Every home should be chock full of kids with more on the way. Every woman should be pregnant or nursing. 
"Our idea of birth control is nature's idea of birth control. One kid per every one of our females every nine months beginning when nature gives us the ability to start bearing children is fine. Of course, multiple births are even better, but we don't have much control over that.
"You see, man, we don't believe that we're supposed to be begging at the gates of heaven, but to be storming them.  We believe that's what God wants. We believe that's part of the eternal struggle that God has started.
"The story of the tower of Babel is a metaphor, man.  It's not really about languages but about DNA.  Same thing about Adam and Eve, man.  Adam wasn't the first man.  He wasn't even just one man.  He was us as we evolved from others into what we now are. 
"DNA is the ladder on the tower to heaven, man. And, God wants us to climb it. How would you describe that to people living thousands of years ago?  You couldn't.
"DNA wasn't really discovered--at least its structure wasn't discovered until 1953.
"The ladder on the tower is twisted and few will be able to climb very high.
"That's some of what we believe, man. That's what's been revealed to us. Our faith is not a democracy.  It is not voted on by anyone. It is presented as revealed and our people either believe or they don't.
"Some might say that we should change some of our beliefs to be acceptable to more people.  We say, that's impossible.  This faith is not man made.  It is God made. We follow God's laws. 
"If you can correctly read nature, you don't even have to read the written revelations, but since most of us can't correctly read nature, we do have the written revelations to guide us.

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