White girls

by H. Millard © 2008

"You know, man," said Homeless Jack, "some of us who are called, or who call ourselves, racialists or nationalists or by a number of other different names--indicating that we have some level of White consciousness--aren't always completely comfortable with such identifiers.
"This uncomfortableness isn't usually because we're afraid of the negative connotations that anti-White bigots and haters will attach to these terms.
"Most of us are beyond caring what such people think. They are not our people--even if some among them look like us--and we don't care what those who aren't our people think. 
'We see them as haters and enemies of free thinking and free speech as well as enemies of our people. They don't want us to follow our consciences and believe as we believe.  They don't want us to self-identify and practice our own self-determination as a distinct sub-group of the larger group of those who look like us. They want us to conform to their false version of reality and blend ourselves into the masses. We reject and ignore them as the bigots that they are.
"No, our uncomfortableness is because most of these terms are too small and too limiting to identify us. 
"Do some of us who think this way, deny that race is extremely important?  Not at all, but we believe that race is down stream from the basic things that underlie all of existence.  And, we believe to understand race, we need to have at least a slight understanding of the fact that the basic principles that started everything are still at work throughout the universe and right in our own bodies. 
Our perspective
"Thus, we must start at the  beginning, which means we have to try to understand the underpinning of existence--the subatomic particles and forces--which science now believes are the reason that there is any existence at all.
"Yes, we know others among our people--good people--with a similar consciousness as us have a slightly different turn of mind and want to discuss race in terms of politics or social sciences or contemporary events.
"And, while such discussions are needed,  those are discussions that have been going on for decades, while the kind of discussions we want to start, right now, do relate to the ultimate principles behind existence and which lead to a fuller understanding of why race truly is important and how it is the result of the underlying forces of creation and why it is important for us to remain separate as a distinct people and not blend back into the mass of humanity from which we evolved.
"Or, to be a little clearer about this. We think that race is important, but we do not begin our thinking about race with race.  We don't even begin this thinking with genes or DNA.  Instead, we start our thought processes at the beginning of existence, and we defer to science for what science can reasonably tell us, but we fill in the gaps with religion whenever there are such gaps. To us, true religion and true science are never in conflict.
We are the askers and the seekers
"We are the askers and the seekers. And, we start with the big questions such as, but not limited to: What's it all about--this thing we call existence?  Do we have a purpose in living? Is there a God? What happens when we die?  Is there a meaning to life?  How do we know that what we believe about these things is true or false? Why all the diversity of life? What is the best way for us to live?
"As we ponder these big questions, we always come back to the sure reality that we die. And, that's usually before we reach a measly  hundred years--which, in cosmic terms, doesn't even perceptibly move the clock hand. That's it, man, in a blink of an eye you are born and die. So, what is the meaning of your life?  What did you accomplish in such a short time? Is that all there is? We live for a short time and then, like all other organic matter, once the chemical reactions that give us life stop,our bodies decay back to their constituent chemicals.
"For many humans over the centuries, this end of life did not sound like a good result.  'Surely,' they said, 'we are special and there must be more to life than this. Why, there must be something inside us, a soul, a spirit that continues on after our body dies.'
"Then, this line of reasoning, based more on a dread of nothingness and a despair about meaninglessness, led to various answers as to what happens to this never seen soul or spirit that many wanted to believe was the real and "pure" person once it broke free of our evil and/or weak flesh.  And, evil or weak flesh was an almost necessary corollary of a belief in an inner pure and ever lasting spirit.
"And, so it went and so it goes.
The Spirit Within
"Actually, there is some demonstrable truth in that thinking about an inner soul or spirit.  It's our DNA, man.  Our DNA is our inner spirit.  Our DNA is our real us. And, our DNA is in every cell of our bodies.  It's as though there are trillions of little versions of us in every cell.
"But here's the difference between this real inner spirit--our DNA--and the version pushed by many religions. Our DNA is dependent on our flesh. It is the spinner within, but it needs the energy that we provide it. It created our outward bodies for its survival.
And, our flesh is not evil or weak. Our flesh is the outward manifestation and joy of  our DNA and our DNA is our inner spirit (or gives rise to it). 
"Also remember, our DNA is what makes our genes, and our genes are then organized on 46 chromosomes.  Remember also, that when we mate, we pass on 23 of our 46 chromosomes to our mate who also supplies 23 chromosomes or his or her 46 chromosomes. Then, when the 23 and 23 join, the spark for a new human being is struck at that very moment and the normal life process of a new human being is started.
 "Our inner spirit--our DNA, remember--can only survive by being passed on to our children who are a result of 23 of our chromosomes combining with 23 very similar chromosomes of a mate.  If we don't have children, our DNA won't survive us.  And, if we mate outside the people--that is, outside our general genotype and phenotype--our DNA generally won't survive us.  In simplest terms, the more your children look like you, the more of your DNA has survived.
The Beginning
"Now, my personal views on all this man, as I said before,are based on science; informed by a bit of revelation, intuition and faith as taught by Arman in an all encompassing religion, philosophy and way of life.
"Here are some of the basics of this in my own words.
"There was a time when there was nothing to be seen in the universe.  Just blackness.  Then, a tiny light appeared in this nothingness and the light began spinning and expanding. This was creation. This spinning and expanding on the cosmic scale has been going on ever since, as this something expands into the nothing.
"The spinning is what makes existence possible and the spinning above is the same as the spinning below.  The spinning orders and creates just as it disorders and destroys.  It is a constant creation and destruction that is going on. The spinning of galaxies is the same as the spinning in water draining from your sink or the spinning of tornadoes and hurricanes or the spinning of subatomic particles.  The spin's the thing, man. So long as it continues, existence continues, but if the spinning were to stop, existence would stop. Now, don't ask me what's behind the spinning, man. I can't answer that.
"On earth, and maybe on millions of other planets as well, the spinning caused minerals and chemicals to organize in such a way that DNA was spun into existence out of basic chemicals.  DNA then became the spinner of life itself and caused the evolution of life from a single cell to all life that exists now or has ever existed.
"In the modern world, people are conditioned to believe that all humans are the same except for a minor difference in paint jobs. Then with this false but increasingly internalized and fixed idea, they believe that since we are all the same, we should deny what our eyes are telling our brains about differences.
"It's as though, according to them, all humans are like living  identical plaster of Paris statues popped out of a mold and then painted different ways, and the only difference is the minor little paint job.
We pale mutants
"The truth, however, man, is that this is a false and childish view of human beings. Our skin is the largest human organ.  It is not an afterthought and it is not painted on. It is built from within. 
"And, in the case of Whites it is a result of a mutation of our genes that has opened a different path from all other humans. This path that has been opened to us is one that requires that we not blend back in with other humans, but separate out and eventually become a separate species. This path requires that we become more "white" not less so.
"As I told you before, man, some scientists now think that the only reason there are White people at all is because of a very small mutation to gene SLC24A5.  Now, whether they are ultimately proven wrong about this one gene or not, doesn't matter. The fact remains that we are mutants from the mass of humanity, man.  We are the white mutants. We are a different variety of humans and we are, if we take the right path, on our way to becoming a new species.
"You see, man, and to put a point on this, if there is a basic model human, it is not white.  White people are the product of various mutations that make us a different variety of human from all others.  And, we're probably the latest major variety on the scene, which may account for our relatively small numbers on this dark planet.
"Here's something to keep in mind about mutations and various adaptations.  When nature changes one little thing over here--such as making white skin--there are usually other things that automatically change as well.
"Charles Darwin, admitted being confounded in trying to know which changes were made by nature and which continued to exist because they increased the chances of survival of the organism and which ones might  be secondary or tertiary changes that just followed because the first change had occurred.
"In other words, white skin gave those with it a survival advantage in cloudier climates, but what other changes--seen and unseen--were triggered by that change to white skin? Did we develop a resistance to HIV and other diseases that we are only now just starting to know about?  Were our brains changed in subtle ways so that we think a little differently than others?
"But, I'm getting off track, man. The point I'm trying to make is that when we mutated and got white skin, we also got other things that we may not be aware of and which we would lose if we bred back into the mass of humanity and lost our white skin.
Must find geographic and genetic isolation
"It's also important to realize that there is not one clear path for any living things, including us. Nature, in its fullness, is more like a tangled web of seen and unseen forces where everything that exists is in a struggle for survival. And, nature doesn't just stop there, but constantly tinkers with everything in existence, including our DNA.
"We believe man, that we have reached a level of genetic maturity where we must consciously select our path and will our evolution. This is part of our eternal struggle.
"Now, it's easier to not struggle and to just lie down in the metaphoric snow and go to sleep and be part of undifferentiated and conformist humanity, but to do that extinguishes our unique set of genes and subverts the distillation process that develops new species out of old species. 
"We take this principle of eternal struggle from the way existence began and how it is maintained and even in simpler terms we look to light and dark as the reality of existence.  Darkness requires no struggle at all. It is when there is no light.  Light, on the other hand, requires struggle--constant struggle--if the struggle stops, the light stops.
"Many have been brainwashed in the present Dark Age to believe that miscegenation is okay.  But it is not, man.  It's bedroom genocide. And, it's based on the false notion the we humans are the same except for different paint jobs.
"Our path, man, is to remain separate.  And, we should find a land where we can maintain both a geographic and genetic separateness. Many of those who look like us are asleep. And, being asleep they are heading to their doom and extinction as they blend their unique genes away through mixing with others unlike us.
It is time for us to consciously live and consciously evolve.

#  #  #


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