"the Big Bang which I think was really the Big Fylfot"

by H. Millard © 2010

 "You know man, I didn't always know this was what I was doing, but I've been searching for truth, meaning and purpose all my life. And, I think many others are in the same boat even if they may not consciously know it all the time.
" Anyway, I've found what I've been searching for and I now live consciously knowing that I am 100% on the right track.
"Let me give you the way it is in a nutshell, man. This all comes from Arman's teachings, but in my own words here.
"In the beginning, there was absolute nothing. All was dark and all was cold, because that's what you have when you have nothing. Dark is absence of light and cold is absence of heat. They are, when there is nothing.
"Then, something was created out of nothing and the something began as a single point as all things begin with a single point. And, the something expanded and it's been doing it ever since. Everything is from that single point.
"Maybe that was the Big Bang which I think was really the Big Fylfot. Anyway it's all turning, spinning, circling man. Orbits within orbits spiraling through time and space setting the pattern for everything else.
"In the something is the Field--the template of existence--and that's what is under and which permeates all of the something, including us and all of our reality. No, I can't prove it.  You have to have faith in some things, man.  Just faith.  You have to believe.
"What was also sent forth was stardust--the physical part of the underlying Field and it makes up everything physical that now exists.  That's it man, the hippies had it right, we're all stardust. 
From this came the "seeds" of creation sent forth into the expanding somethingness to take root where they could, and to do what they do. And in those seeds were the chemicals, processes and trajectory to create DNA.  And, the first molecule of DNA assembled itself from the so-called inert minerals.
"Anyway, let me shorten all this by focusing on humans, because that's where I'm heading with this. You see, we're just a branching from that first molecule of DNA--that single point that started all life on Earth. It was the father and mother of all life.
"You see, man, DNA is the molecule of life and it's programmed by nature to be on auto-pilot and to adapt, evolve and expand constantly and automatically and to attempt to fill all niches with itself as it eats its way across the universe.
"It's like nature or God invented this tiny little machine and threw it out into the emptiness and said, you're on your own, fill the universe with yourself. And, the DNA did just that and continues doing so.  If there was any possible way something could be eaten to provide energy to help the DNA reproduce and expand, DNA found a way to do it.
"But, DNA doesn't give a damn how it adapts and evolves.  It's as automatic as water seeking its own level.  DNA just flows into all niches and it flows and grows through the living organisms that it makes. 
"Now, I told you before, man, that our human genotype has about 3 billion combinations of the four chemicals of DNA that are abbreviated as A,T,C,G.  But, here's the thing, man, it doesn't take much to make changes to the genotype--it's sensitive so it can adapt and evolve to changing conditions. Minor changes that may even go unseen by modern science can have major effects.  Keep that in mind man, when you hear know-nothings tell you black,white, brown, yellow and red humans are all the same.  They ain't man. Not by a long shot. They're different and you should trust your eyes.  They ain't lyin'.
"Again, the DNA constantly changes in many ways, but remains the same at its core. Scientists haven't yet caught on to the fact of exactly how malleable and changeable it is.  I mean, it starts changing when the temperature changes; when the bodies it is in feel stress; when the organisms that it creates enter new conditions; even by what we think. It's like the magical morphing machine.  Set it loose and it seeks to fill all of existence with itself. But, I told you that already.
"So where does this leave us?  Well, if we understand the above about the DNA that is in us, that has made us, and which is part of us we can enter the picture and steer our own evolution. 
"Yup.  We can guide our own evolution by the choices we make in life.  Now, we have to take a long view of this, man. Evolution works in more than one way. There are the slow cumulative changes and there are jumps.  We have to steer both. For the slow cumulative changes we have to understand that many generations are needed to make the changes.  For the jumps we have to recognize those born among us who have made such jumps and if those jumps are in the right direction we have to act to get them into the gene pool faster and more surely.
"Get it man?  Nature and DNA don't give a damn.  It is up to us, at our level of existence, to work to ensure that we, as the organisms we are, move in the right direction for ourselves.  We are ourselves alone, man.  We're going to change no matter what because change is constant and must be constant in our spinning existence.  We say, however, that we can guide those changes by following the teachings of Arman.
"Arman is the one who received the revelations that give us the road map that is best for us.  Again, this is something we just have to believe in and have faith in, man.  For doubters we can only say that Arman's teachings are against death and evil and they are for life and good.  Arman teaches that we must have as many children in our image as possible--he means with the 46 chromosomes of our people and with no chromosomes of any other people--and that everything that furthers this is good and anything that slows it down or changes it is evil.
"Our highest destiny is to continue on the White path and to become more White, not less so, but there is a natural force--it's like gravity or quick sand--that wants us to blend back in with non-White humans from whom we evolved.  If we do this, we disappear.
"Blending back in is genocide, man.  It's extinction for us.  I call it bedroom genocide because it all begins with reproduction or lack thereof or incorrect reproduction. Birth control, abortions, miscegenation, holding down our birthrate, engaging in meaningless wars, starting to have children too late in life; anything that holds down our birthrate or damages our internal Code--our Essence--are evil and they go against our highest destiny which absolutely requires that we have as many children in our image as possible. 
"That's it in a nutshell, man.  That's the truth, meaning and purpose I've found for my life.  That's true religion.  That's what I believe with every fiber of my body.  And, I believe this has all been revealed from the ender of all arguments,God, through Arman.
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