You know, man, most of my early years, I just drifted.  I had no idea about the big picture of existence and my place in it.  I didn't see the patterns that start with invisible vibrations, frequencies, waves and then sub-atomic particles, atoms and  molecules and right up to our everyday reality and the magnificent beauty of existence and how it all fits together.  Then, I stumbled upon Arman's Teachings and it all made sense. I was awe struck and I never again even looked at water draining from my bathroom sink without seeing spinning galaxies and hurricanes and all the rest of existence.  To say that I am in a state of constant joyous wonder at just being alive and having a direction, a purpose and a meaning is an understatement. I don't even like to go to sleep at night, because I'm so overjoyed at life as I now see it and want to experience everything and keep doing the Lord's work.

Everything in existence is spinning, turning, spiraling.  Even in rocks, the atoms and subatomic particles are doing this.  The constant spinning, turning, spiraling are essential to existence and there is no existence without it. And, because of the spinning, turning, spiraling, there is constant change; and change is the definition of evolution.

In the bigger sphere, we see cosmic evolution and here on Earth we see organic evolution. They are part of the same thing. We are part of cosmic evolution, man, and it will continue on whether we know it or not.   But, here's the thing:  Arman says that we Whites--due to the way we have evolved--and the particular DNA code that we have acquired through our evolution, are now at the point in our evolution that we must consciously work to evolve  in the best direction for ourselves.  To not do this is to throw the dice and risk going extinct.  No other people are at this point, man.  The evolutionary elevator has put us at the point where we must now consciously act--where we must burn calories and use our brains and our bodies--to go higher.  And, we must do this alone as the distinct people we are and leave the other kinds on the floors below where they must face their own destinies which are different from ours.  We cannot help them.  If we try, we will share their fate and become as them and we will die off.  We must be indifferent to them and not interfere in their fates.  We are on our own.  We Whites are alone. We are a different kind and we are on our way to becoming an even more different kind if we follow the right path.  If we follow the wrong path, we will blend back in with the darker masses of humans from whom we evolved, and then we will become extinct.  Here's something else, man, our White skin and our other racial characteristics are absolutely essential to our evolution along the right path. Yup, our evolution is not only spiritual, it's also physical.

Arman's Teachings take up hundreds, maybe thousands of pages, and not everyone wants to read that much. Besides, many of the Teachings just expand on and clarify a few basic concepts, so here, off the top of my head, and as best as I understand them,  are the very basic ideas of this religious philosophy and system in a much abbreviated fashion.  Any of our kind are welcome to follow our beliefs.  There's nothing to join. You don't send money to anyone. No one tells you what to do. You just believe and live as we live.  We put much stock in the individual --in the One--and in individual responsibility, individual freedom and individual initiative, and all who believe are equal to all others who believe.  We are peaceful, non-violent and law abiding and treat all others as we want to be treated.  We love and have great joy in life, and it is death that we hate. Life is existence. Death is non-existence.  Again, we are indifferent to other peoples and do not interfere in their business or fates and we demand the same courtesy.

Many of the things in the Teachings may already be believed by others of our kind, because most of the Teachings are just common sense to those with a higher level of White consciousness. However, even in those common sense things, the Teachings scratch the surface more and go deeper into explaining why we believe them.  For example, the Teachings go into detail about the science of how and why we have evolved and why we must remain separate and isolated. In doing so, the Teachings mostly give solid, scientifically valid, answers that do not require blind belief. Using our reason and our intelligence are important to us.

Anyway, man, I'm already talking too much.  Here are some of the things I believe and the way I live and these are based on Arman's Teachings.

GOD--We usually use the term First Cause. The First Cause was what brought existence into being and maintains it.  He/It is ineffable and beyond our comprehension. We often use the terms "nature," or "ways of existence" as synonyms. We use spinning, spiraling symbols--primarily the 6-armed fylfot in different forms, but also representations of DNA and spirals-- to represent the First Cause and His/Its attributes, and we  believe we must have at least one of these symbols on or next to our skin at all times.  We say that our God is the God your god would worship if your god were real. We say that the First Cause is ever expanding and is filling the nothingness with His/Its somethingness and we are part of that. In addition to the symbols we use, we also use a fire, a candle or even a light bulb burning all the time to represent the First Cause putting forth effort to exist and defeat the darkness of non-existence.  We see the spinning forms as the engines of creation, maintenance, and destruction.

THE GROUND OF EXISTENCE--All the usually unseen things that build the framework and which underlie our everyday world. Vibrations, frequencies, waves, subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, etc.

EVOLUTION--A reality.  It is inherent in existence. Existence requires movement. Movement means change. Change is evolution. Cosmic and organic evolution are essential to the Teachings.

HUMANS--An organism that evolved as a result of the basic forces of evolution starting with the first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to the living minerals that make up life.

WHITE PEOPLE--A race or subspecies of humans that has branched off from other humans and which has the potential to evolve into a new species no longer capable of bearing children with the rest of humanity if certain conditions are met--most importantly, avoiding all gene flow.  It is our purpose and our religious duty to so evolve. We believe we must stay as separate and isolated as possible from those who are not our kind. We often refer to White people as "our kind," and we define this to mean one who is born of two White parents. This is essential to our system, because one must be born with the same "parts" as us to be us.  One of our sayings is:  "Blood, Belief, Action."  And, without Blood the other two are as meaningless and useless as a radio that is missing the right parts. We encourage our kind to embrace their true genetic identity as they were born to be and to connect with like minded people of our kind whether they exactly follow our ways or some other ways that will help with the survival and expansion of White people worldwide.  We believe we must live long, happy lives and not put ourselves in danger for false causes. 

CHILDREN--The most important thing that any individual of our kind can do is to have as many children of our kind as possible.  This is an individual responsibility as we are not born as couples.  We are born as individuals. Another of our sayings is: "Nature screams out to every type of organism: Make More Like Yourself; Expand always, contract never." We believe nature has put a clock in our DNA that is there for our long term survival and evolution that tells us when to start having children and when to stop.  We don't even have to think about these things as nature automatically starts and stops us in this. We believe we live on in the children we produce, so long as those children are our kind, and that our survival, our expansion and our evolution requires that we have as many children of our kind as possible.  Anything that keeps us from having as many children as possible is evil.

DNA CODE--A deeper understanding of our belief in having as many children as possible in our image is found in our belief in the DNA code. We  call the code to make White people, CODE A, to distinguish it from other DNA codes. This is the "Blood," in our saying "Blood, Belief, Action." The most essential part of any living organism is the DNA code, and it is different in different organisms and even in different individuals within a group. It is even different in identical twins. We believe it is the individual responsibility of each of our kind, both male and female to expand their DNA code by having as many of our kind of children as possible.  We often say that like snowflakes, each one of us is different, but we are all snowflakes if we are our kind.

HOW WE LIVE--We live like everyone else, but we try to mind our own business and not interfere in the destinies of people unlike us, and we prefer plain, form follows function, comfortable, loose, dark  clothes usually of cotton or some cloth that can be washed with soap and water, and relatively simple living styles while not denying our senses, our personal freedoms and our happiness.  We try to do good and avoid evil.  We try to speak softly and we try to be respectful of all life. We just quietly believe and live our lives and don't bother anyone or force our beliefs on anyone else. Our main form or worship is living right, having children, and bearing the symbols. The most orthodox among us often cover their heads--sometimes with a brimless sort of black skull cap or even a cloth that often covers the whole head almost to the top of the ears (don't confuse this with skullcaps of other religions). We live with great joy at the very wonderfulness of life itself and we sometimes describe ourselves (no matter how old or how young we are) as the people of spring or as the new people.  It is said that we live our beliefs each and every day as our primary form of worship. Many of us do not wear our faith on our arms or act stridently in its expansion, but simply live the Teachings quietly.  What we believe is no one's business unless we want to share our beliefs.

RITES AND SUCH--We say a simple "Thank you for letting me live another day," or something similar, morning and night and focus on the sacred symbols including the fylfot, spirals and representations of DNA. Believers may join together for studying the Teachings and for more formal rites. Some of us believe in having a candle or a fire or even a light bulb lit all the time as a representation of the First Cause "eating" the darkness and non-existence.

SENSE OF AWE AND WONDER--The more we learn from science about the cosmos, evolution and nature, the more in awe and the greater the sense of wonder that we have for existence and the more thankful we are in being part of the process and for knowing our purpose and our direction and for being able to compete and struggle to get to the top of the pile of life. Our beliefs and true science are never in conflict.

OUR PURPOSE AND DIRECTION--To evolve ever higher along a White only path and to never stop evolving so that we may fill all of existence with ourselves and our DNA code.

NATION--We carry our nation in our DNA code.  This is where our loyalty lies. We have a dream that one day we will be able to have our exclusive landed nations--or entire worlds--where only our kind can live and that such nations will be the hubs of our future expansion, as the new kind, and places where we can live in peace and not be victimized by those who hate us and who want to harm us.

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER 'WHITE' RELIGIONS--We wish them well and we see them as our brothers and sisters.  At the very core of those we know about, we see similar beliefs as ours, i.e. they believe that White people must survive as White people.  One difference we have from some of them is our concept of God (as the First Cause), which we believe is, among other things, important psychologically and as the ender of all arguments.  We know that some other conscious Whites reject the idea of God and dismiss the concept as a fairy tale, but in our belief system we accept the idea that there was a First Cause of existence--a One. You can call it God or you can call it the natural workings of nature.  It doesn't matter to us.  And, we also accept that there was a first DNA molecule of life--a One.  This idea of a One is important to our belief system and we believe that each believing individual is a One--a person who is spreading his or her particular version of Code A by having children.  Everything begins with a One that takes some action and which is a cause that brings about some effect.  We sometimes use the example of the Hass Avocado as a way to explain the importance of One.  As you may know, all the millions of Hass Avocado trees now alive all came from One mutant tree found in California in 1926. Each One of us is a potential new Adam or a new Eve that may have the evolutionary changes that will ensure our survival, our expansion and our evolution.

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER WHITES WITH A WHITE SENSE OF CONSCIOUSNESS--We also think of them as our brothers and sisters and will never publicly criticize such Whites, who may not share all of our beliefs but who do share our most foundational beliefs that Whites need to survive, Whites need to expand our kind by having many more White children, and Whites need to evolve.  There is an obvious and desirous overlap between our religious views and the views of Whites who have reached a higher level of consciousness but who channel their activities into political and social avenues.  They are our kind, because at the heart of their and our Teachings is the unshakeable belief that it is our DNA code that is most important; and if these other high consciousness Whites don't use our terms, they are still  essentially saying the same things as we Teach.

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER PEOPLES--We are indifferent to them.  We do not interfere with them.  We treat them with respect when they treat us with respect, but we do not mix or mingle with them when we can avoid doing so.  We mind our own business and we expect them to mind theirs.  They have their ways and we have ours. They have their identities and we have ours.  We do not impose our will, our values or  our ways on them, and we do not want them to impose their will, their values or their ways on us.  We are a different kind, and we must remain so for all times. We sometimes use the terms Noster Genus (Our Kind), Novum Genus (New kind), or Alia Genus (Different kind) to describe ourselves and our belief system.  We do not want to rule over them or have them be as us.  We want to go our own way and we want they to go their own way. To repeat: Indifference and non-interference.


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