H Millard

- The Rise of Homo Armanius by
H. Millard © 2012

Homeless Jack looked pissed  when he came through the door.

" Hey, man, said Homeless Jack, "I saw some posts on a White Nationalist website about having White kids, and what I found disgusting was the ones from people who sounded like lifeless little twits saying it's more important to really, really know your spouse and find your common interests and blah, blah, blah. What a bunch of bullshit.  I'd like to grab those twits saying such crap and shake them and say: 'Have kids you moronic little twits.  Just have kids.  All you need to worry about  is making sure they're white.  Screw the rest of your numb nut sissy crap.' 

"We're in a new day, man, and the old White Father Knows Best ways aren't working to stop our genocide.  We need new ways.  We need to put having White children as our most important thing.  Screw everything else.  Screw getting along with one mate.  Hell, just have White children.  Don't worry if you have to go on welfare, don't worry about anything.  Don't worry whether you're married or not.  Just have White kids.  The rest will all work out.

 "Look,"  I'm gonna tell you a little about evolution again, because evolution is important to our people and to those who follow Arman's teachings.

"New species are formed from old species after the ones that are becoming the new, divergent,  species are isolated from the old species and then as they undergo  divergent selection pressures.  See, that's how we White humans came to be White.  We were isolated from the darker humans in Europe and we began to diverge.  White skin gave us the ability to produce more Vitamin D and live longer and produce more of our White kind, and that's what we did.  Soon, the White genes had spread through the population and all of Europe became White.

"But now, the Blenders are swamping Europe with non-White peoples and gene transfer is taking place that is causing some Whites to devolve back to darker states.  It's genocide, man.  Bedroom genocide.

"Arman says we have to continue on our White evolutionary path.  He means that we have to become more White and not less White.  And, he also doesn't just mean white skin. He means all the other characteristics that we've evolved that are different from other humans.  We need to increase those and increase our divergence from the darker humans.

"Up until recent years we Whites had social isolating mechanisms that kept gene transfer between White people and non-White people at a minimum. That helped keep us on our evolutionary path to become a separate species incapable of producing viable offspring with non-White peoples.

"Arman also says that we have to do more than simply isolate ourselves, man.  He says that rapid evolution can occur when there is a disturbance in the habitat in which we live. 

"Now, we can't just sit around waiting for some disturbance--like a  new ice age or wetter or drier weather of whatever.  We need to create the proper disturbance by travelling to lands where conditions are right for our further evolution.  See we don't want evolutionary stabilization of our people.  That's static.  We want changes, but we want to guide the changes and not just be like helpless leaves in a breeze.  We're going to make the breeze and we're going to steer the leaves that we are.

"We know the right direction from Arman's teachings, so now it's up to us to live consciously and follow those teachings.  It's a narrow path, man, and it's different from much of what society does now.

" For example, we reject man made rules and we accept the laws of nature that say that we must start birthing our children when nature's clocks set within us say it's time and that we shouldn't stop until nature's clocks stop us.

"Also, we don't just accept one man and one woman traditional marriages.  We say any relationships that will produce the most White children are the right ones--the holy ones.

"So, if polygamy helps us make more like us, then that's what we should do. 

"But, see, man, it's like everything else in existence--there is competition and competition is good.  Right within our own White communities there is a competition between our particualr DNA codes.  Each one of us must compete with each other to make our DNA code the primary code of our people. That's how we'll get ahead.  And, it's completely natural and automatic.  But, what we say is that we conscious ones are taking over from the blind workings of nature and we're going to drive our evolution along the right path. So, being conscious, I'll try to produce as many  children in my image as possible.   Now, I have blue eyes and had blond hair as a child and I have other physical characteristics that make me, me.  That means I'll consciously try to breed with women who have similar characteristics as me so my children will look as much like me as possible.  There's no ego involved in this man, this is just stating how we evolve along a path.  Now, some other Whites may have brown or hazel or green or grey eyes and dark hair.  They should consciously  try to outbreed me.  I welcome the competition.  May the  best and most fit genes win.  That's the way we evolve.

"Back on this isolation stuff, man. Isolation; primarily geographic isolation, and secondarily, social isolation, that prevents gene transfer is the most essential element in the development of new species from the old.  That's the way it works for all organisms and there is no real difference in this process between plants and birds and humans or any other organism.  That's the way nature works: simple principles that apply to all.

"See, man, we White humans are a subspecies of the species Homo Sapiens.  A subspecies is the same as race.  And, as a subspecies, and like I already told you, we were on the path to full specieshood.

"Arman says that our highest possible destiny is to become a separate species--Nietzsche called this new species the Overman.  And, to get there we must isolate ourselves and have no gene transfer. Yeah, so I know you're thinking that with all the non-Whites flooding formerly White lands and with all the miscegenation going on, how is that going to happen?  Right? 

"Well, Arman says that not all of our family lines are going to make it.  Many of our family lines will turn brown and black and they won't be riding along with us as we move higher.  But, Arman says that is just natural and it relates to our principle of the One.  It is always the One that starts a new branching.  It is not the masses.  And, it also has to do with natural selection and competition.  You see, man, and I'm not going to get into this too much here, but Arman says there is a gold lining in the fact that our White lands are being swamped with alien non-White genes, because, according to Arman, this may be the disturbance in the environment that is necessary for us to undergo rapid evolution.  Some of the weak seeds among us are culling them from our White population by mixing with non-Whites. These weak seeds are dead to themselves and to us. The ones who avoid miscegenation  and who breed true will be our future.

"Like I told you before, we're a White people because there was a One who evolved from darker peoples and kept evolving and this One became the many of Europe because Whites had genetic advantages in less sunny areas of the planet--that's right, man, that's how our subspecies--our race began--with the One.  The One became Two and the Two became many. It'll be the same as we move higher.  We're  the necessary step.  Only our people can move higher on our path.  You see, evolution is sometimes the cumulative effect of many small changes.  We White ones are the only ones on this dark planet that have all the cumulative effects--the prerequisites to move higher.  These changes from other humans are in our DNA code, man.  We were born with them.  Some of us have more than others and those with more will be the ONES who will become the new Adams and Eves of the new people--the new species human.  We call this new man the Homo Armanius.  Because we have the prerequisites, we can now jump in our evolution.

"And, what about the sceptics who question our assertion that we have the prerequisites?  They tell us that all humans are basically the same.  Our answer is that they are wrong.  We are not all  the same, and one of the main prerequisites that we can point to is our white skin.  Yup.  White skin ain't no trifle or afterthought.  Skin is our largest organ and our white skin is absolutely essential to who we are and to who we are to become.  There ain;t no other way.  Arman has that truth by revelation from the First Cause, man.

"We White ones were on that path to specieshood, but then our own science that developed modern medicines, modern mass transportation and modern communications caught up with us and the weak seeds among us further ruined things by rushing to non-White lands to save non-Whites who were dying due to famine and disease.  So, these goody two shoe whites beaming about how wonderful they are helped people stave off nature's ways of controlling the less competitive among human populations and these less competitive ones then lived longer to have more children who caused even more disease and famine in the following years so the whites rushed in again to help them live long lives to breed more.

"Meanwhile whites, feeling that the world is overpopulated, slowed their own birthrates and became a smaller and smaller percentage of the worlds human population.

"And, then the darker peoples came to our formerly white lands by the millions and then with the fall of social isolating mechanisms, ,many whites mated with them and produced non-white children

"Misplaced compassion has caused us to be on the brink of our own extinction. But, Arman says this is necessary.  We must be  at this point to make the jump.

"Arman calls the whole process that I just laid out, bedroom genocide.   The key element of it today is miscegenation--the intentional  breeding between Whites and non-Whites.  This can also be called race mixing or blending.

"Remember, man, we whites are a later evolutionary development.  That's the main reason we are the minority race on this dark planet.  As the newbie human type--a subspecies-- our genes are more fragile or less fixed than older peoples.  It only takes one of them and any other race to produce a non-White child, but it takes two Whites to produce a White child.

"Our White gene combinations are not so firmly established that they will remain dominant when faced with gene combinations of darker peoples who have had hundreds of thousands of years to get their genes fixed before we even  evolved as the White subspecies that we are today.

"Recent studies seem to indicate that White people in America are developing larger, longer skulls. Perhaps this is a result of adaptation to some environmental pressures that have not yet been identified, but this may be the right direction for our evolution as the larger, longer skulls apparently allow additional growth of our brains. That's right, man, our White brains are getting bigger.  The increase in size between earlier American Whites and present day American Whites is about the volume of a tennis ball. 

"In nature, we find that animals and plants change due to environmental conditions.  We humans are part of nature, and we too change due to environmental conditions.  This is part of natural selection at work as genes that give the organism an advantage in certain conditions become dominant and the population changes.  Thus, we White people evolved in less sunny climes because those of us with the White genes could make more Vitamin D and avoid Rickets and other problems that arise from less sun.

"Our future destiny requires us to live in the right environments for us that will cause our genes to evolve us in the right direction.

"Some think these things I'm telling you are just fiction, man.  They're wrong.  Some of us are living our lives in accordance with Arman's Teachings, and those are the things that I'm telling you in my own way.

"It might be that some of us are living next door to you man.  Do your neighbors dress in darker, comfortable, plain  clothes, often made of cotton?  Do they have fylfot and spiral tattoos and/or  jewelry with such designs?  Do they have lots of White kids? Are they polite to everyone, but generally avoid, in a quiet way, mixing with non-Whites? Do they have short, military style hair?  Could be you have some believers next door, man.

"If you want to ride along with us, you need Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action.  We're consciously directing our evolution, man.  How about you?  Are you living your life unconsciously and with no purpose and with no direction?  Maybe it's time to change that.  Maybe it's time you ride along with us."


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