H. Millard

by H. Millard © 2011

"We live in really stupid times, man," said Homeless Jack. "Yeah, I know what you're thinking, the same could be said for all times, but our stupid times are much worse.

"We face extinction, man, and soft genocide is going on each and every day now as our stupid people--our kind--the non-Jewish White kind--mostly seem oblivious to what is going on.

"You see, we are products of nature just like every other organism. We ain't some special creation. We ain't slightly lower than some imaginary angels. We evolved from that first DNA molecule just like all other life on this dark planet, man.

"Because we're the products of nature, we face the same dangers as all other organisms. The danger we now face may do us in. We really do face our extinction as a distinct type and we may devolve back into the dark masses from which we evolved not too many thousands of years ago.

"Man, evolution is a little like distilling a bucket of goo. A few drops rise up and leave the mass of goo and become different but only so long as those drops are isolated from the goo. Some of those drops drip back in and they are lost to the new batch of liquid that is different from the old.

"See, man, that's where we are today. We got distilled out, but now we're dripping back in. Drip, there goes another one, drip, another.

"Why is this happening? It's because our brains have taken us to our fail point, man. We've thought our way into developing mass transportation so that we are no longer isolated from the dark masses. And, the evil doers who want all mankind to blend together are working hard to make it seem that we should all drip back into the mass and just not be our White selves anymore.

"That's the fail point, man. It's a threshold. We can now go extinct, or we can take over from the blind workings of evolution and become a new tribe, a new people. Screw the rest. Let those dummies drip back in. We have to separate out. We have to find our new isolation. We have to keep distilling ourselves.

"But, before we can do that we need to understand that abortion for us, miscegenation for us, low birth rates for us, forms of marriage that hold down our birthrate for us, celibacy for us, meaningless wars that kill our young people for us, are all helping with our extinction.

"We need a new morality, man. We have to rid ourselves of centuries of false thinking and conditioning and we need to start being ourselves, for ourselves again.

"Christianity ain't cutting it for us man. It ain't working. It's helping kill us off. It's not really our religion anyway. It came out of the desert. What the hell do we have to do with deserts? Man, we evolved in the misty regions of Europe. That's why we have white skin and many of our other characteristics.

"We don't need no childish desert religion based on myths of thousands of years ago. We need an adult religion that is one with science and us and what we know about how things really all started and where they're all going.

"Is there a room for a God in our new religion? Yup. We have to understand human psychology and take it into account.

"Also, as we ask what is behind this and this and this and then that, we reach a point where we just don't know. So, it's like we see a flower and we can think no more about it or we can go deeper into how that flower is and as we go ever deeper we come to molecules and then atoms and then sub-atomic particles and waves and energies but then we reach a wall.

"What is behind the sub-atomic particles, waves and energies? My answer, man, is that is where God--that which started it all--the First Cause, is to be found. But He ain't like He's portrayed in the false religions, man. He's some sort of primal force, some spinning unknown that creates, maintains and then destroys only to create, maintain and destroy again and again as He expands outward to devour the nothingness with His somethingness.

"Man, he's behind the big spinning Fylfot in the sky. That ain't Him, man, but He's behind it and that's the closest look we may have of His face: the spinning Fylfot. It's everywhere we look, man. It's in the water draining from our toilets. It's in the shape of DNA. It's in the hurricanes. He's been right here in front of us since the start, man. He's been hiding in plain sight and few have ever realized it. But, we realize it, man.

"And, we're part of that expansion plan, not because we're loved, but just because we've evolved to the point where we are at the fail point which is also a jumping off point to a new us. You see, the fail point had to be reached at some time. It is completely necessary for the next jump upward. Our getting close to our extinction is necessary for our evolution. It is the next choke point in history. It is the bottleneck that I spoke about before.

"Listen, man, saving our kind of human (the non-Jewish White kind) is the only thing that is important in this life. We are our genes. If they are watered down or are mixed with genes of other races, we will face extinction.

"This is more than just my opinions. They are scientific facts. Let me briefly explain: We humans have 46 chromosomes. On those chromosomes are approximately 25,000 genes total. Those genes are the recipe to make us.

"When a male and female human mate, each one contributes 23 chromosomes to the new child that will be conceived. Two Whites will produce a White. One White and one anything else cannot produce a new White person (the child may sometimes look mostly White, but the child won't be truly one of us because it will have 23 non-White chromosomes, not the full 46 White chromosomes, and will thus have roughly 12,000 gene "ingredients" in its recipe that aren't White).

"Don't give me any of that mumbling stuff about how our 46 chromosomes and 25,000 genes aren't all "White" chromosomes or genes. I know that, man, but stop picking the fly specks out of the pepper. You get the point,and if you don't go drip back into the dark goo, man.

"We gotta get past the fail point. Not all of us are going to make it and many of our families are going to go dark, man. They'll still have the old white family names, but they'll be dark families, man. The white ancestors who had those names will live no more in their genotypes. They will have been killed off by miscegenation and all the rest. They will be extinct. Their genes will be gone.

"We have to tell our people about this stuff, man, because they, each one of them, will have to choose. It is not right that they just become extinct and not even realize it. We must warn them and expose them to the truth. But, from that point on, it is up to them to choose wisely or go extinct.

"For us, man? We're going to evolve ever higher. We're going to expand and eat our way across the universe. And, we ain't gonna apologize to anyone for taking this righteous path that is our highest possible destiny. And, we're going to have the Fylfot next to and directly on our skin, man, for this is what the First Cause wants.

"He is pleased that we have matured and evolved to finally know these things and to finally see the truth of the Fylfot that He has created and which is His engine of creation, expansion, maintenance and destruction throughout all of existence and He is also pleased when we show our respect by having this symbol with us at all times and especially next to and on our skin."
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