Summary:  There's lots of words below, man, so let me give you the nitty gritty in case you don't like to read that much: 

I now live consciously and intentionally as a White person, man.  But that wasn't always the case.

I wasted many years of my life.  Those were years when I not only didn't see any larger purpose in my being alive, but ones in which I didn't even know that I didn't see any larger purpose.  In other words, I was sort of half asleep and I slept walked through life living day to day.  I'd go to work. Then go home and go to the singles bars, meet some women, maybe have a good time, maybe not...mostly not.  Have a girlfriend for a time, get dumped. Get another.  Go out. Go home. Go to sleep.  Get up the next day and do it all over again, day after day, after day, month after month, after month, year after year, after year.

I guess I just thought, if I actually thought about it at all, that was the way everyone lives and that's how we should go through life.  I didn't see the bigger picture of existence.  I didn't have any sense of who and what I am.  I had no sense of identity.  Things happened in the world, and I had no clue as to why they happened and I had no clue that I had no clue. I didn't even think to question why things happened. They just did. I saw no cause and effect, because I was living unaware and unawakened. For example, if people were attacked on the streets by other people and I'd read about such crimes, to me they were just about  faceless, raceless people attacking some other faceless, raceless people. Nothing of interest or concern to me.  I didn't bother trying to categorize attackers and their victims to see if there were patterns.  It didn't even occur to me to think in terms of patterns.  But that's just one example.  It was like that about everything.  I just lived on a low consciousness level.  Sometimes I was happy. Sometimes I wasn't.   There was just nothing connecting up everything in my life into a cohesive purpose and a way to live with meaning. There was no direction, no purpose, no meaning beyond the day to day stuff.

Then, one day, I stumbled on to Arman's Teachings.  Now, I have to tell you, man, I was born and raised Catholic, but I stopped going to church in my early teens.  The whole religious thing seemed absurd to me.  We were somehow supposed to worship a God who let his only son be killed because the God needed a sacrifice...to himself?  Huh?  This was how the supposed creator of the universe with its trillions of stars and billions of galaxies handled things? He wanted sacrifices to himself, and supposedly his own son dying was the only thing that would make him happy with humans?  That and many other things simply made no sense.  And, other religions?  I read books on them, man.  They were just as absurd.  My reason recoiled. There was no evidence for many of the beliefs.  They were just empty beliefs of some other humans that were written down.  They were all about blind belief in things with no evidence. It was crazy. We were just supposed to believe things because of what some other humans said we were supposed to believe and much of it was anti-life and anti-science.  It was just crap.

Anyway, Arman's Teachings were different.  They made sense to me.  Arman does speak of a First Cause--a something that started existence itself.  He leaves it open as to whether this is simply the natural workings of nature; just a Big Bang whose cause we don't understand, or maybe something with more behind it, that we also don't understand. Maybe some kind of cloud intelligence, maybe not.   He spoke of using our reason and not blind belief.  He spoke of studying science and nature and especially evolution and physics and everything else that we could study that would help us understand existence.

Even in those areas where Arman says he has received revelations and inspiration most of these things don't cause my reason to reject them.   If Arman writes, as he has, that we humans are a product of evolution.  It doesn't matter where he says he got that information. We can verify it with true science. We have the evidence that it is true.  It stands up under such scrutiny and it stands on its own no matter what we believe or don't believe.  Now, if Arman were to say that there's a big guy in the sky who looks just like us and he told Arman that humans should eat dirt for their food, well, this is clearly nonsense and doesn't stand up to science or reason, or if he said we should harm ourselves or that we should not have children, or that we should mix and mate with other kinds of humans, well, I'd be the first to run out the door and never go back.    All I read from Arman are life affirming things for our people. Things that say we should make more like ourselves. That we should try to improve ourselves. That we should try to be better. That we should be good people. That we should be polite and respectful of all other humans and all life no matter their kind, if they are the same way to us.  That we should live long, happy lives and look out for ourselves and our kind. That we should not foolishly put ourselves in danger for false causes or mixed nations. That we should seek our happiness. He also says we shouldn't butt into the business of other kinds of humans and just leave them alone.  They are not our kind and we must be separate from them to take the True Path that leads us ever higher. Arman says we should be indifferent to other kids of humans and practice strict non-interference.  They must take their fate as it comes to them without us being involved in any way. We can observe, if we choose, but that's all we can do. We can offer no help or aid to them in any way. He says our survival requires that we separate from humans unlike us because their genes can corrupt our genes and take us off our evolutionary trajectory and cause our devolution back into the masses of non-White humans.

Arman  says that we White humans are selected to move higher.  And, his use of the word "selected" is important because it is a word from evolutionary science but also has other connotations.  He says that we must increase our birth rate until our kind fill every niche possible in every land where we can continue to expand and prosper. But, for me, and  what really got me interested, was Arman saying that we must live intentionally and consciously and that we must do some simple things that don't go against deep nature and nature's laws of existence.  For example, he said we must expand always and contract never and by this he means we must multiply our DNA code that we each carry inside us and we must do it in a way that it stays at least as pure as it is now and hopefully becomes even purer.  He says we must compete to be the dominant organism in as many niches as we can where we can not only survive but where we can reproduce to our maximum and prosper.  We must live to win, man.  We must struggle to be the kings of the hill as the distinct people we are.

Arman says that our highest possible destiny as White people is to evolve into a new species incapable of bearing children with other forms of humans and that this requires that we be born with the White DNA code that we get from our White mother and White father but that we must then use our minds to live in the right ways to activate the parts of the code to help us move higher.  Oh, and just to be clear, Arman says when we do make the leap into full specieshood from our present state of being a subspecies (yes, we Whites are a subspecies which is a higher taxonomic classification than race), that we will look pretty much as we do now, but more like the ideal for our kind that we see in ancient Greek and Roman statues. To us, I guess, you can say this is our salvation or nirvana--to become a new species capable of only bearing children with our own kind. For us this is not only spiritual, but is also physical, biological and genetic.  But, Arman says that even when we reach specieshood, this is not the end of evolution for evolution never stops.  However, that attainment of specieshood is the major leap that those now living must seek and look forward to.  After that, well, that's far in the future, man, but the process will continue for as long as we exist and we want to exist forever.

Of course, in our present Dark Age, where the current orthodoxy absurdly tries to deny meaningful genetic differences between different types of humans, many people don't seem to understand that one reason other religious paths don't work is because they try to deny the biological reality of life in their absurd flat-world like PC denial of races and subspecies of humans.

Arman says that we must base our beliefs on what is real and in the case of life this means the biology--the genes, the DNA Code. We need the physical DNA code of Whiteness.  Arman points out that we Whites are physical beings  like all other organisms, and we need the right physical parts to be us, just as one needs the right physical parts in a radio to have the radio work right.  There are radio waves all around us, but we aren't aware of them, and we don't hear them unless we have the right physical thing--a radio--with all the right parts inside that radio.

And, we don't hear the sounds--the voices and the music--unless we do the right thing and turn on the radio and tune it into the right frequency.   Arman says that is a little like our DNA Code that we Whites, and no others, have.  He calls the White DNA Code, Code A, just as a quick way to distinguish it from other codes.  How do we know that our DNA Code is different from other DNA codes of other types of humans?  Simple.  Trust your eyes.  We are a White people.  Our DNA code is one with our skin and our other characteristics that we can see.  And, what about, say, Jews, who are not our kind but many of whom are also White?  Arman says our White skin is the major sign we have , but there are those with the exterior signs who lack our specific  internal parts--our White Essence--our DNA Code A.  After all, one can have two radios that look identical, but inside, one can be missing parts. Arman says the flesh, meaning our bodies and all their parts, are not evil as some false religions teach.  Our flesh is not something to be overcome.  It is something to be perfected.  Now, Arman also says that in most of us some of our internal parts are corrupted and we need to fix them by using our minds to believe the right things, to do the right things and live in the right way.    We must Method Live--we must imitate what we want to become and we must never break character.

Maybe, Arman's Teachings can help you also find purpose and meaning in your life and maybe you too will start living consciously and intentionally as a White person as I have, man.  Maybe, Arman's Teachings and the True Path that he teaches will help you, or maybe some other system will do the trick.  It's up to you to take the steps necessary.  If Arman's Teachings don't quite make the cut for you, no problem. Try one of the other systems that are explicitly White.  There are some that are religious in nature, some are social and some are more political.  Any of them that are explicitly White and which teach that we must up our birthrate and not mix with non-Whites will work to get you going in the right direction and to start helping you realize that we must be as we are born to be--we are White people; it comes from our DNA code.  We get it by birth, but we must activate it by right belief and right action and by right belief is meant holding Whiteness, its survival through us, its expansion through us, and our evolution through us as our highest goal.  Any system that does these three things is fine with me and with Arman and we'll never criticize them.  Just ask of everything: Is this good for Whites?  And, this means, will it help us survive, expand and evolve as Whites or will it now, or in the future, negatively impact our survival, our expansion and our evolution?  You must look long term.  If you help a non-White today and that non-White survives and has offspring as a result of your help, then you've just helped non-Whites make more like themselves and that helps them compete with us, either in the short run or in the long run even hundreds or thousands of years in the future. This is not good for us. All life is involved in eternal gene wars, man. As humans, our skin is our uniform and our flag. Know it and don't let other genotype destroy your genes or assimilate your genes.

Remember, this too, man, when we speak of White being our most important consideration, we mean the White DNA Code within us that is one with us and which is our link to the First Cause. Remember, just as I told you before,  it is sometimes helpful to think of that internal DNA code as kind of being like paint and all humans are color coded with their own paint.  We want to paint the world white man, and they want to paint it non-white.  We win if we increase the Whiteness until it covers all of the planet and all other planets. To do this, we must breed, breed, breed and then breed some more. Our highest moral principle is to make more like ourselves and everything else is secondary. Don't tell me that we must only be married or we must only have one mate, if these things hold down our birthrate, man. To us anything that holds down our birth rate of pure Whites is immoral. See, that's why we are against birth control, celibacy, waiting too long to get married, being too picky in finding mates, family planning, homosexuality, false morality, and anything else that holds down the number of each one of us can have.    We must also avoid miscegenation at all costs.  It is extinction for us. It is bedroom genocide.

Ours is the True Path.  It is righteous, it is good, it is just.  We are a good and decent people who just want to leave other peoples alone and we want to be left alone.  Our True Path is in tune with the ways of existence and in accord with natural laws.  It is life affirming and is not a death religion.  We love life. We love happiness.  We love being able to sense things. We love existence. We hate death.  We hate unhappiness. We hate not sensing things. We hate non-existence.  Understand?  Now, go live your life intentionally and consciously.  When you go to those single bars, look for White women who also love life.  They may not understand all of our ways, but if they have open minds and are our kind, you may be able to teach them.  And, then, have many, many children with them. The opposite sex is here to help each of us expand our personal DNA code.

The only way you will have a stake in the future is to have children.  They carry your DNA code--your Essence--within them as you carry the DNA code and Essence of your parents and ancestors back from the first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so called non-living matter to being a living organism.  And, keep evolving, man, but only along the True Path--the White Path.  It is the only way up for us. Stay White always in all ways.

You know man in my daily life, I'm polite and respectful to everyone.  I don't wear my religious beliefs on my arm and I don't force them on others.  If I find some Whites who seem to be seeking and who seem to be open minded, I might tell them of this True Path for Whites, but I do it quietly and politely

Some other religions say it doesn't matter who you are or what race (which we call subspecies, remember) you are so long as you believe as the religion says you should believe. Arman says that is false thinking and in our system we say it matters much less what you believe than who you are--you must have the right parts--you must be one of our kind of human.  We say, Right Blood (that means having our DNA Code) and then Right Belief and finally Right Action.  We believe the biological/genetic parts must be right or right belief and right action are meaningless and won't work for us. Those who don't like this and feel it is wrong, are mistaken. The physical, the biological, genetic is what is most important. Belief is secondary. This is just the way of existence. This is just the way evolution works--making different things different.

Anyway, you don't even have to know everything about the Teachings to get on the True Path.  Just live consciously and intentionally White and seek to expand your DNA Code A. That's all that is really required.   Dress in plain work ready clothes that are comfortable (form follows function); bear the symbols next to your skin--these are representations of the First Cause and the underlying ways of existence and are the various forms of spirals and fylfots.  And, do what Arman calls Method Living, which is like Method Acting, in that you try to look like and act like what it is you wish to become and you never break character.  For us, this means looking like the ideal for our kind as much as possible.   Oh, and Arman says you should say a short "prayer" morning and night and the words are not important.  Something like "Thank you for letting me live." works just fine.  This works on our subconscious.

If I had to say what Arman teaches in just a few words, I'd probably say he teaches Whiteness and how it is our way up.  Naturally, to explain this fully would take a few thousand more words, so maybe some other time, man.

Go forth and make more like yourself. Expand always and contract never. Live consciously and intentionally White.
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