Homeless Jack said:


Homeless Jack said, "The Superman is the next big evolutionary step for mankind.  I have seen him. He is White.  He is us as we move higher. He is smarter, stronger, healthier, more cunning, and has gotten past false compassion for those unlike us, and he is indifferent to other kinds.  He has new ethics and a new moral code. He is not one person, but all Whites who  survive our current Dark Age and who get through the bottleneck into the future--if we will him into being."

"I know what you want, man," said Homeless Jack.  "You want to know about the Superman and what we believe, but you don't want to wade through a bunch of words to try to coax out the basics.  Okay, here's my latest attempt to help you understand some of the basic  beliefs of what  some of us call Armanism--and which some others of us call by other terms-- and how you can take the path.  These things have been revealed to Arman.

In the beginning there was absolute nothing.  All was silent, all was cold, all was dark, all was motionless.

Then, for some reason and in some way that we don't fully understand, there was a First Cause that started somethingness. The somethingness brought sound, heat, light and movement in a constant act of creation that continues even now as forces, energies, rays, frequencies  and waves bring matter into existence from non-matter. The principles behind the First Cause not only started existence but continue today to maintain existence.  The basic principle behind the First Cause is movement, and primarily spinning, turning, spiraling movements.  Everything in existence depends on it. If the spinning were to stop, there would be no existence.

The spinning causes constant change.  Change is evolution. The whole of existence is evolving.

Eventually, the Earth evolved  and at some time the first molecule of DNA--a spinning, spiraling First Cause in a smaller form--came into existence and evolved living minerals out of so called  non-living minerals and it was the beginning of living minerals: organisms--life. It either was, or contained the life force.

The evolution continued and after many millions of years man evolved from earlier organisms.  Evolution never stops, and eventually we Whites diverged and evolved from other forms of man and we kept evolving. 

Today, we Whites must, by our own efforts, guide and direct our evolution and our transformation so that we go in the right direction which is to go ever higher.  We must now struggle and seek to be more.  If we don't, we may be pulled back down to the forms from which we evolved, or we may go extinct.  It is up to us now to live consciously and with purpose and direction so that we will continue to evolve in the direction that is best for us.

The direction that is best for us is more Whiteness, not less.  Our White skin and our other racial characteristics are not just window dressing.  They are not trivial things but are absolutely essential to who and what we are and to what we are to become.  If we lose our Whiteness ("Whiteness" meaning all of our unique racial characteristics) we will not be able to move higher.  And, speaking of our White skin, it is far more than just a covering over the meat and bones and organs underneath.  Think of it as being something like a flexible circuit board.  It is also like an antenna. It receives and sends, and absorbs cosmic rays and much more.  The Whiteness is essential. Without the Whiteness it wouldn't work right.  There it is, our White skin, right there in front of us all the time, but science hasn't yet caught on to how essential it is, and those who hate Whites try to dismiss our color as though it is simply paint.  It isn't.  I'll say it again: our Whiteness is essential. 

Our true transformation is physical as well as spiritual and mental.  The right physical parts are needed for our transformation, and the right physical parts start with our unique and particular DNA code that no other people have, and these right parts are one with our external appearance. If we lose our Whiteness, it means our code has been corrupted, poisoned and polluted and we are no longer us. This is devolution. A rule of thumb (with some exceptions) to use in life is that you can trust your eyes. What  is outside is a reflection of what is inside.  We Whites look different, because we are different. We need to increase the differences between us and other kinds.

Our  highest destiny--and what we are commanded to do is to have the highest ethics, do good deeds and live right so that we can lead mankind ever higher via the known and unknown processes of evolution.  Evolution generally works best on individuals and small isolated groups of interbreeding individuals. If they receive mutations that are beneficial and give them a survival advantage, those mutations, given the proper circumstances, will spread within the population and eventually will replace other forms of the genes involved. We are the ones who have the born-potential to bring in these mutations and to become a new species of human incapable of breeding with other races of humans. We are to become a  human above human. The new human.  And, we are to continue diverging, improving and evolving ever closer to the First Cause forever.  But, this destiny is not automatic.  We must make it so.  Action is more important than belief but action follows thought. Both Belief and Thought without subsequent action are meaningless. Some have called this next step in evolution the Superman or the Overman and by some other terms.  Since ancient times, a  few special thinkers among our kind of human have caught glimpses of a few individuals who had some of the qualities of the Superman, but those individuals were not fully the Superman. They lacked some of his qualities. The one quality that was often missing in some of these so-called great men of the past was the quality of great fecundity and the ability to choose right mates to breed true. So- called great men who died without having children to survive them, or who had too few children or who had children who were mixed,  were not the Superman. They were dead ends.  Their supposed greatness was for nothing. They were like a person who has great thoughts but who doesn't act on them.  If you don't understand this necessity  of having many White children, then you aren't taking the proper long view of existence, man.  We're not just looking  a few hundred or a few thousand years into the future, but further.  If our DNA code dies with us as individuals then we are not in the future.  And, this is an abomination.  We must survive, not just as individuals and not just in the here and now.  We must survive into the far distant future. Anything less is worthless.

The Superman or the Overman is not one individual, but a whole new evolutionary step for  humans who will, as it is with everything in existence, start with one and then the one spreads and expands. He will be fecund, a little more clever, a little more intelligent, have better intuition, be more cunning, will ignore the false moral codes and ethics of those unlike him, will be self-actualized  and confident, and not be bound by the herd's beliefs and he will not try to fit into the herd. He no more cares what the herd and other humans think of him than he cares about what a cow thinks of him.

He views other kinds of humans the way he  views any other kinds of organisms: with indifference. They are not like him and they are not his concern. he will have survival advantages and will eventually, through the basic processes of evolution, keep evolving until he can no longer bear children with other forms of humans and  then he will eventually replace all earlier forms of man just as so-called modern man has replaced earlier forms.  This is just evolution, but with us, it is conscious and willed evolution.  We're not leaving it up to a toss of the dice.  We're directing it by thinking correctly and more importantly by living correctly and by using what we call method living:  To become it, imitate it, and become it. And, never drop out of character, ever.

So, there it is again.  That's what I believe about this.  That's what Arman teaches.  Yeah, there's a lot more, hundreds and hundreds of pages more, but the above should give you the basic idea of Arman's Teachings about man and our evolution. 

As I told you before, there's nothing to join at this time.  You don't send money to anyone. You can believe as we do and this makes you equal to the rest of us.  No one anoints you. No one forces you. You just believe and you live a good, decent life in accordance with your beliefs.  But, this isn't a do your own thing belief system, man.  You can do whatever you want, you do have some free will, but if you want to stay on this path you must stay true to Arman's Teachings as best you understand them--even if you feel your understanding isn't complete or perfect-- and you can't change the Teachings at all. They are a system and they work as a system not as  cafeteria style beliefs where you pick and choose. The Teachings are  not up for a consensus vote and they are not voted on. They are as presented. Period. We believe that they are not the product of man, and are from the First Cause and are only given in correct and complete form through Arman. They are and must remain just as he Teaches.  And, remember, action--the way you live is more important than belief.  You may have doubts about parts of our system and this is normal.  We all have doubts, but we must struggle with our doubts and use our reason to know that this system is the way we survive, expand, evolve and come out on top.  So, how should you live?  In a few words, you should method-live by living a plain, decent and good life neither harming others nor butting into their problems or destinies. To become the Superman, you must imitate the Superman, physically, mentally and spiritually.  You must will yourself to BECOME the Superman.  You must look like him.  You must think like him.  You must act like him. You must live like him. You must dress like him.  And, you must never break character.

Other forms of humans must fall or rise on their own without our intervention. Do not mix with them.  Do not socialize with them. Leave them be to their fate. We have our destiny and they have theirs and they are not the same. Practice indifference to them. We are a different kind and we are commanded to diverge even more from the mass of humans.  We are to improve ourselves constantly.  Strong in mind, body and spirit.

I have seen the Superman.  We are on the way to being him.  Oh, and, don't confuse this term Superman with the comic book character.  They're not the same at all, and we're not going to be able to fly or have x-ray vision or super strength or those other things.  I told you up above what we will have.  We'll be smarter, more clever, more fecund and so on.  And, that won't be the final version of us.  We'll keep evolving forever. We define the Superman as the next major evolutionary leap for Whites and the newer model of us.  One of his major differences is that he won't be able to bear children with non-Whites.  He'll be a new species of human born out of the old and he'll look like us--at our best."
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