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"Look, man, a lot flows from the basic principle in Arman's Teachings about what we call Code A.   And, understanding what he teaches about Code A helps us sort out lots of things about morals and values and how we should live our lives. 

"Now, I  follow Arman's Teachings as best I can.   Others can as well, but they're not forced on anyone.  In fact, we believe that one must come easily to the Teachings as an indication that such a person may have the right parts inside.  You know that so-called White racist gene?  Well, we believe in it.  We say it is a survival gene or genes or is somehow part of our DNA code, but that it is dormant in many of us and weaker in some and stronger in some others.  Not only do we not run from this concept of a racist gene, we embrace it.  We love it as a beneficial mutation and we want to expand it.

"But I'm getting ahead of myself, man.  First things first.  We believe that our  purpose in living is to make more like ourselves and to  will our own evolution into a new species incapable of bearing children with other humans.   We believe that by following the Teachings, we can cause beneficial mutations and changes in Code A that will lead us ever upward to specieshood.  Some other religious philosophies try to obtain enlightenment, or closeness with God, or other higher states, through various methods. Many of them fail because they don't understand or their believers don't have the right internal parts--Code A. Anyway, our goal--as conscious believers--is specieshood.  Enlightenment and higher consciousness will come as we progress physically and spiritually toward this goal.

"Now, just to refresh your memory, so I don't confuse you. We call our White genotype Code A.  Yeah, it's the  DNA code, or recipe to make a White person.  All of us Whites get it in one way only. We must have a White mother and a White father.  There's no other way to get it, man.  One White breeding with any kind of non-White cannot produce a child with Code A. That's why miscegenation is evil.  Just to be clear, man.  It takes two White parents to produce a truly White child  who is our kind with both our physical and our spirit Essence.  Miscegenation is bedroom genocide.  It destroys your family's  essential Whiteness.

"The two White parents give us the 46 chromosomes and the 3.1 billion combos of the four nucleic acids abbreviated as A,T,C,G and the 20,000 or so genes that make us White people.  And, Code A exists within all the cells of our bodies where there is DNA.  Code A is us, and we are it.  It is what makes us. It spins us out as the people we are in our everyday world.  Without it, we would not be.  With it, we can become more.

"Because of our belief in the utmost importance of Code A and the further belief that we must protect it, improve it, and expand it, and because the way we do this is by living long, righteous lives so we can have the maximum number of children who carry Code A, we say that things such as miscegenation, homosexuality, celibacy, family planning, birth control, abortions, putting off having children, suicide, taking risks with our lives that might lead to our early death, going to war for false causes, irresponsible and dangerous acts of bravery for any reason other than to help Code A, mixing with those who are not our kind, and anything else that might stop us from protecting, improving and expanding the particular version of Code A that each of us as individuals carries are evil. 

"You get that, right, man?  We live to expand Code A and to also try to help it evolve, which means we evolve.  And, we believe we can help do this by the things we believe and the way we live.  You see, we believe  that we, as our normal selves in our normal world, can influence Code A inside of us to improve it.  We call our way of helping our evolution: method living--which is somewhat like method acting.  That is, we try to be what we wish to become.  We try to act the part of the next man.  And, we do this by everything we do.  It affects how we dress, our haircuts, our food, and everything else in our lives. This helps us move to evolving into a new species incapable of mating with other humans and to be the next model man who will eventually and naturally replace earlier models just as new cars replace older models.

"You see, man, the person we see in the mirror, you and I and other Whites--are the carriers of Code A.  Code A is what must survive.  Our importance as the person we see in the mirror is that we are the way Code A expands and evolves.  Nature screams out to every type of organism:  Make more like yourself!  Too many of us Whites aren't listening and we do not follow this very basic and important command and we substitute false and inauthentic things for what is most important.  We are all going to die, man.  Our bodies are going to wear out.  But, if we have had many children who survive us, they will carry on and we will be part of them.  This is our basic purpose in being alive and it is the basic purpose of every living thing:  to make more like yourself--to make more like our kind.

"And, we also say this basic principle about Code A guides us in our idea of morals and marriage.  You see, we are also individualistic in our beliefs and in this context this informs us that we are not born as couples.  We are born as individuals, and as individuals, male and female, we have different natural laws that control our breeding.  A male can impregnate many women each and every day, but a female is out of the baby making business for nine months while a new one of us is growing inside her.  Why should the man also be out of the baby making business?  It makes no natural sense for a people who want to expand their kind.

"We are also particularists.  Our religious rules and religious laws are for us alone.  We don't care what other peoples do.  They can have abortions all day long for all we care.  They can commit suicide.  They can practice birth control. They are not our kind and we believe in non-interference. We have our destiny and they have theirs.  We do not make the mistake of trying to mix these different destinies as many non-believers in the present Dark Age are doing.

"So, you read all these words and you wonder what concrete things can I do:  Here's the answer.  Separate from non-Whites as best as you can.  Mix as little as possible with them.  Have as many White children as possible.  Bear a sacred symbol next to your skin (6 armed fylfot with curved arms and a central hub--the hub turns counter clockwise and the arms follow and it looks sort of  like a spinning galaxy--is preferred by Arman), pray a short prayer like this in the morning:  'Thank you Lord for letting me have another day to do your work.' And, in the  evening  say something like:  'Thank you lord for having let me do your work today.'  Yes, you should say those prayers or something  similar twice a day even if you don't believe.  They help focus your mind and keep you on track. Remember, Arman's Teachings involve method living, and this prayer stuff is part of it.  But, you may say that you're an atheist, and you don't feel right about praying.  Well, just understand that in our system we believe that there was a First Cause that started existence.  We don't know what that First Cause really was, and while some of us believe it was something like a cloud of consciousness and intelligence with no physical brain as we know such things and may have something to do with subatomic particles, waves, forces or energies, it is perfectly okay in this system to not  believe  that and to believe it was just the natural workings of nature and had no intelligence or consciousness.  Hell, man, I even go back and forth in my own mind about the nature of the First Cause and I sometimes wonder if there was no First Cause and existence always existed.  You should also dress in functional, comfortable dark clothing. In our system, if this has not already been made clear, we must try to have as many children of our kind as possible, and all forms of relationships that accomplish this are perfectly okay in this faith.

"There's nothing to join, man, and you don't have to send money to anyone to take our path.  Just believe.  You are an individual and you have the right to believe or to not believe.  You are as empowered to take this path as I am, and we're all going through our lives as best we can while learning more about the ways of existence as we go.  Some of us think Arman has the answers to the big questions, and those answers can be found scattered in these essays.  I'll tell you some more things about how to take this path in future essays.  To some of us this is a religion. To others a philosophy.  It doesn't matter how you view it.  You are a free and sovereign individual equal to anyone else who follows this path.  

"You can choose to believe as we do, and if you decide later that you don't believe, so be it.  You're a free individual and you have the absolute right to choose your path in this life of yours  that belongs only to you. You were born alone, and you'll die alone. Make the most of what is in between.  And, don't forget this:  Your life is your own.  Be happy.  If this system makes you happy, follow it. If it doesn't, don't."


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