"You want to know the purpose of life, man?"  asked Homeless Jack.  "You'll  probably say you do, but what you really want is some mumbo jumbo for an answer and you want to hear about a god of love and how humans are just below the angels and how we're different from other organisms and that our physical bodies aren't the real us, and how we have some sort of internal spirit or soul and that it is this inner spirit or soul that just needs to be freed from our evil flesh, after we live a life free of sin as dictated by the usual religions, and that inner spirit or soul will magically go to some happy hunting ground in the sky.  Of course, these usual religions constantly change their dictates about what is sin and what isn't, as most of them aren't really  religions of God, but are religions of man that change with the changing winds.  Yesterday: Homosexuality?  Bad. Today: Good.  Yesterday: Miscegenation? Bad.  Today: good.  These religions just do what the nosiest mob demands in every age.

"Screw all of that crap, man.  It's a bunch of BS that you've been fed.  You've been lied to since your birth. 

"Here's the truth. The purpose of life, for every organism that exists now, has ever existed, or ever will exist, is to make more like itself.

"That's it, man.  That's the purpose of life; for all life. Make more like yourself.  We are born to breed, then we die and we go on into the future in the DNA code that we multiplied many times over, so long as we didn't miscegenate.  That's it man. That's the law of nature and nature's God. And, what about homosexuality?  It's bad because it holds down our birthrate.

"But that ain't the end of my telling you about this, 'cause saying that the purpose of life is to make more like yourself just begs more questions.

"Here's one of those questions. Why should making more like oneself be the purpose of life for all organisms?  I'll tell you why, but first, you have to understand that nature is a frugal engineer and doesn't do things for no reason. We may not always understand the reason, but there is a reason. So, here it is, man.  Here's the reason:  It's because the living organism you see is a means to an end for the core DNA code that has made that organism and which makes all organisms that we know about. 

"Got you confused?  Okay, here's what Arman teaches and it's what I believe.  Before any life existed on earth, there were just minerals.  Then, some of those minerals formed together to make the first molecule of DNA which is the molecule of life.  No, man, I don't know how that exactly friggin' happened. Maybe a lightning strike in a pool of acid. It doesn't matter, at least in this telling. Whatever got that molecule to jump from so called non-living minerals to living minerals happened. Somehow, it got a jump start. Some kind of zap, maybe.  Now, that first molecule of DNA was somehow programmed to survive, improve, modify and expand. No, don't go all creationist on me. By program, I mean it is in the nature of those chemicals of DNA to act and react in certain ways, like water running down hill.  It is the way they are.  Now, that first molecule of DNA, once it came into existence, went to work like those brooms in The Sorcerer's Apprentice cartoon. It never rested, it never tired.  It just kept churning out ever new copies of itself so that it could exist forever and  fill the entire universe with itself.  It tinkered to overcome every obstacle and fill all niches, that had some energy source, with life of some type that contained itself--the core DNA code.

"That molecule of DNA was the same at its core--you can think of that core as its primary program if you want--in every form of life that came from it, and all life that we know about did come from it.  And, it is still the same at its core as it was when it came into existence.  It lives inside us because it is one with us and with all life.  Without it, there would be no life.  Don't forget this. This stuff about the DNA core is an important thing to remember. 

"So, that DNA molecule tinkered and tinkered and produced all the life that we know about.  And, it didn't reinvent the wheel, so to speak, because it just built on what it had already created.

"But, there's still more to this.  There is an additional purpose that we can make for ourselves above the primary purpose of life. For those of  us who believe what Arman teaches, this additional purpose is to take control of our destiny and will our own evolution ever higher. For many of us who follow Arman's Teachings, we believe the individual is the primary unit and the individual should, while not trying to harm or cheat others, try to do the best for himself or herself so that the individual can improve the individual's family line and help us make the jump to full specieshood--to become the next model human to replace the old model.

"Yeah, we're not here to save humanity, man.  We're here to replace it.  The new ones will be born of our kind and our kind only, but only from those of our kind who are pure and who do not miscegenate and who produce the most children.  This is just the natural way of existence.  The new replace the old.  It usually happens automatically, but we're saying that with our level of consciousness, intelligence and knowledge, that we can guide our evolution so that we are not eliminated by a throw of the evolutionary dice and so that we can be certain to be the ones to replace the old.  We are to replace the weak seeds and be the strong seeds that take the next evolutionary step.

"If you do not make more like yourself, you are an evolutionary dead end and you prove thereby that you are not the fittest.  You prove that you are a weak seed.

"Now, here's the twist on all this.  The core DNA doesn't care if our whole kind goes extinct, because this will just prove that we are not the fittest to carry the DNA core into the future and throughout the universe.  It is looking for an organism that can have god like awareness and which can compete better than all other organisms such that it spreads itself with the DNA core and its higher consciousness.

"Yup, it's a big competition to get to the top, man.  It's like a sports contest.  Only one team can be the best.  We intend to make that team be the White team.

"I think the core DNA Code is a little like a man who needs a car.  Any car will do, but if he can get the best one, he is more comfortable.  And, by the way, man, I haven't just thrown that word 'comfortable' in there for no reason.  One of the things that Arman says is that all organisms seek comfort, and I guess this also applies to the core DNA code.  We are that more comfortable car--if we make ourselves so.

"Live long and breed to your maximum, man.  It is the way."


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