"5 points"

As told by H. Millard (c) 2014

Man, if you want to understand what I really have to say, you've first got to understand the following five points: 

1. All living things that we know about, (with the possible exception of some viruses) including human beings, have an internal code (or blueprint or recipe) made up of the four chemicals that make up DNA and which are usually abbreviated as A, T, C, G.  All the life that you see around you has been created from the same four identical chemicals.  Different organisms are different because the four chemicals, which are repeated inside our cells billions of times, are organized in different ways for different organisms.  Think of a deck of cards with about 3.1 billion individual cards and each card with just one of the four letters on it.  Then, think of nature constantly, tirelessly and never stopping shuffling those cards.  That shuffle gives us all the variety of life we see and why we constantly have new species coming into existence.

2. At the "center" of every DNA code that is manifested in our everyday reality as different species of organisms, there is a core and very basic DNA code that is programmed by nature to produce "life"--that is, to convert so-called non-living minerals into the living minerals that we call life.  Before DNA was understood, this basic urge to life was often called the Life Force, and that term is still acceptable. This core DNA code is the same in all living organisms. The variety you see in living organisms  is due to additions to the core DNA code and brought about by the DNA code. It is a little like, perhaps, a self building machine whose core always remains the same, but which then creates structures around the core for different purposes.  The core  DNA code must survive and it must expand--that's part of its program--and it does this by constantly tinkering with life to bring forth the best suited for every environmental niche.  if there is water, it tinkers and makes gills and flippers.  If there is air, it tinkers and makes wings. One of the ways it constantly improves life is to have genes and life constantly compete with other genes and life that can also occupy the same niches.  This is the source of conflict and struggle and these are necessary  to improve life and perfect it and to give it ever higher intelligence and consciousness. 

3.  The process of evolution is never ending and species come into existence and go out of existence all the time automatically as the competition continues on endlessly.

4.  We White humans with a higher sense of consciousness understand the above, and because of our higher  consciousness (and, yes, our intelligence), we can either do nothing and sleep walk through life and live unconsciously taking the automatic shuffle as it comes, which may mean our extinction, or we can do something, wake up, live consciously and help our own evolution along so that we are life's winners and the dominant life form. If we choose to live consciously, in our manner, we will, among other things, avoid gene transfer and birth as many children with our DNA code as possible who we will then teach the truth and who will, hopefully, also breed to their fullest and only with our kind.

5.  In addition to the simile of the DNA code being like a huge deck of playing cards, there is another simile that needs to be kept in mind and this is that human racial DNA codes can be thought of as being a little like cans of paint--White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red--that are painting  the planet with themselves.  The can of paint that wins and becomes the color of the planet wins.  How is that White can of paint doing?  Not, so good. The part of the planet that it is painting White is shrinking and the Black, Brown and Yellow are painting more with themselves.  The red is also not doing that great, but that's not our problem.  And, I'll tell you man, it is infuriating to hear some Whites who claim to be concerned about White survival actually saying that we Whites shouldn't try to breed more like ourselves.  I'm betting most of those who say this are weak seeds who also whine that they can't find a good man or a good woman to have children with, when the real problem is them. Look, man, the only way we can win is to paint more of the planet White.  We must expand.  Those who  are not expanding are contracting, and those who  are contracting are dying out and going extinct.

Okay, man, now here's what I have to say about the stupidest generation:

We Whites must understand something very basic and it is completely natural and desirable from the viewpoint of the core DNA code.  It is this: there are never ending gene wars raging on this planet.  The genes of different organisms are always fighting against the genes of competing types for dominance in every niche that exists.  The genes right in our own bodies fight for dominance to see which are expressed and which are repressed. 

Again, this is all natural, and once we understand this, we can understand a little more about human behavior which we wrongly believe is more a matter of free will than it actually is.  But, first, we need to understand that our genes don't have us think:  "We're in a gene war, so we must fight for our genes over other genes."  Instead, when certain social pressures reach a point, our minds automatically  invent reasons for wars.  "We're going to make the world safe for democracy," is just one of many variations.

It's no different in the genes wanting us to mate so the genes can expand their kind over other kinds. We don't usually form our thoughts that way.  Instead, if we are male, just as one example, we see women who we find attractive and we want to have sex with them.  We see it just as pleasure, but scratch the surface and you'll see our genes at work in the form of instincts to spur us on in this direction. Those of us who live consciously in our manner believe we should understand and use these instincts unemotionally and with no false moral views--above and beyond feelings of "love"-- to help with our evolution.

Consider all the brother and cousin wars we Whites have fought against each other.  They were completely normal and natural.  They were gene wars. Different versions of our closely related White genes sought dominance over other versions of our White genes.  Those wars made genetic sense, i.e. to the core DNA code,  when we had no real external enemies.  It was that competition and struggle to perfect the White type and find the best suited for every niche. Now, however, we do have external enemies--all the non-White world.  The world is different now. Our genetic enemies can easily invade our once formerly all White nations--and, they are doing this.  They are even being encouraged to do so by weak-seed Whites among us who are aiding in our genocide.

We can no longer afford to have White brother and White cousin wars.  We must join together as Whites--as conscious Whites--to stop our destruction and our very extinction as a distinct human type. Yes, we really do face our genocide,  due partly to outright attacks on our kind but also due to bedroom genocide.  And, much of the danger is coming from other Whites who may look like us, but who, for whatever reason, do not have the higher consciousness that most of us who believe as we do have. These low consciousness Whites are more likely to engage in miscegenation--bedroom genocide--and thus cause gene flow from non-Whites into the White gene pool where our more recently evolved and thus less fixed White genes are more likely to be swamped by the genes of the darker peoples.

You've no doubt heard, ad nauseum, some in the media calling the generation of Whites who fought the Germans in the second world war "the greatest generation."  I have a different view.  I call them the stupidest generation.  Because of them, our genocide has been hastened.  Look at big American or European cities today.  They are overrun with non-Whites and many are becoming no-go zones for Whites who are under attack from non-Whites.  look at all the miscegenation going on.  Look at the acceptance of things such as homosexuality, abortions, birth control--all causing the White population to shrink as a percentage of humans on the planet.

Greatest generation?  Bullshit. It was an easily manipulated generation of fools that was unable to think long term to consider the results of their actions.  They went to war against the Germans who were trying to save White people. That's really what the second world war was about: saving White people.  If you doubt this, just look at the policies of  Germany back then.  The Germans tried to increase the White birthrate and they bestowed honors on White mothers for having as many White children as possible.  They honored Whiteness.  They wanted Whites to be able to evolve higher by breeding more people with the Whitest characteristics.  Oh, you won't hear that period being portrayed in these terms by the anti-White press, but if you just scratch the surface of what was really going on back then, you'll  see that what I'm writing is true.  Even most Germans didn't fully understand they were working to save White people as a whole--and even in their leaders this may have been an unconscious act being spurred on by the White DNA code seeking survival and expansion. 

Why would the stupidest generation  go to war against their own best interests as the so-called, and misnamed, greatest generation did?  Well, they were manipulated such that they didn't even understand their best interests.  They went to war to protect the planet for people unlike Whites and who thus enabled non-Whites to get a leg up on Whites in the ongoing gene wars that never end.  Yes, they were stupid.  One has to think long term and not short term.  One has to look far into the future to understand that the right thing to do today may actually be different than what you think it is--long term--and we're in this for the long term.

Why die for those unlike you?  It's insane as well as stupid.  You should never sacrifice your best self interests for those unlike you, because when you do that, you give their genes a leg up on your genes.

We must rid ourselves of harmful universalist thinking and adopt rational particularistic thinking.  This means that we must put ourselves and our kind above all others and that we must understand that "evil" and "bad" are relative terms.  What is evil and bad is what is evil and bad for our kind.  What is good is what is good for our kind.  These terms must be related to us as the distinct people that we are.  We must survive.

Do you think Detroit would be a no-go zone for Whites today if Germany had won the war?  You know that wouldn't be the case.  Do you think we'd be seeing miscegenation and the murder of Whites at the rates we're now seeing them if Germany had won?  Of course we wouldn't.  The defeat of Germany was a win for evil.  It was a win for non-Whites.  It was a win for the forces that want to see the destruction and extinction of Whites.

We have to do better.  We have to think in longer terms and realize that our beliefs and actions  can harm us if we continue with universalist views but that they can help us if we become particularists.  We must look out for ourselves and for no others. We must sneer at the universalists who bound off to Africa with their neurotic pathological altruism and who adopt black babies and help black people.  Helping non-Whites is helping the enemy of our DNA code.  It is helping their genes survive so those genes can replace our genes.  It is insane.

Cognitive dissonance may hit some who first hear this kind of stuff, man, and especially those  who have deeply internalized false beliefs.  But, after the period of--'will not compute, will not compute,'-- they may actually awaken and develop our kind of deeper consciousness and have a deeper understanding of the ways of existence, including the purpose of life and why we must be indifferent to other kinds of humans and mind our own business; while always looking for ways for our kind to survive, expand, improve and evolve.  The world and world history are not as we have been taught in our schools and textbooks, man. They are far different, and we need to fine tune ourselves to reality as it really is. 

And, no,  we can't all get along.  That's not the way nature works.  The lion does not lie down with the lamb, that's just stupid talk. The lion needs meat to live and the lamb is meat.

Go forth and multiply, man.  That's an individual responsibility that is on each White male and White female, as individuals.  Remember, we are not born as couples.  Find and convince others of our kind to help you make more like yourself by joining with you to have as many White children as possible.  White children are our future.  No other kinds are our future.

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