Spinning Spiral

by H. Millard © 2008

"Hey, man," said Homeless Jack as he came into the coffee shop, "here's a message from Arman. Pass it around, will you?"

Arman's Message 1
Religion can be defined many ways. For the purpose of the present message, the following definition is used:  A religion is the body of fundamental and sincere beliefs about existence along with the actions that flow from such beliefs held by a person or persons. It attempts to answer the big questions of existence such as: Why are we here? Is there a purpose to existence? How shall we live? What is our place in the bigger picture? What happens when we die?
Let me tell you what I believe. I do this because it is the duty of all of us with some consciousness of these things to tell our fellow White mutants these things so that they may be awakened and thereafter make their own informed choices about their path through life.  
The age in which we live--this present Dark Age--is, like never before, forcing us to consciously choose our own future evolution in almost stark Black and White terms. This can be a good thing for those who are awake, but it can spell extinction for those who aren't.
We are no longer geographically and reproductively isolated, and the mating choices now open to us include people who are not of our genotype and phenotype.
In addition, the false and evil blending orthodoxy of this age tells us that all humans are the same. Many are deceived by this lie.  Those deceived then deny what their own eyes and brains tell them and they become easy victims of bedroom genocide.  They are sleepwalkers shuffling along toward their collective grave.
Those who believe as I do, on the other hand, don't accept this current orthodoxy. We believe that we must separate from other humans and eventually establish a nation someplace on earth that is exclusively ours for all time where we can breed, expand and practice our religion free of the discordant presence of others.
So, here, in relatively brief form are some of the things that I believe and which are part of my religious world view:  
I BELIEVE that existence as we know it, and as we are able to see it, started in a dark pre-existence as a single point of spinning, circling, spiraling "force" or "energy" (hereafter just "spinning") that manifested itself into existence as a single point of light, and that it has been expanding in the same spinning fashion ever since. This is usually called the Big Bang, but this term may give a false or simplistic idea of what actually happened and is happening.  This spinning starts at the sub-atomic level which is the underpinning of the atomic and which makes existence possible.
This light is the eater of darkness in a metaphorical sense. Darkness is the effortless state of all and takes no force or energy to be.  It just is when there is nothing else. Because of the spinning, existence is not static and everything is in constant movement and conflict.  We call this the struggle.
I BELIEVE that this spinning is reflected throughout existence, both in the largest things and processes and in the smallest, and that if the spinning stops, existence will cease and darkness will be over all. The spinning orders and shuffles.It is the creative and destructive force of existence. 
I BELIEVE that life itself is a natural development of  this spinning and that it, too, began with a single point in different places throughout the universe including here on earth and that it has been expanding ever since. Organisms are spun out from this spinning that becomes the life force transforming inert minerals into life. This is the DNA spiral.  Because of the spinning, life constantly changes and new forms are brought forth out of other forms. 
I BELIEVE that Africa may be where human life began on earth and that Blacks may have been the first modern humans, and that all other human varieties have mutated from them, just as all dogs have mutated from wolves, and that without a struggle to remain separate, all humans may return, metaphorically, to Africa.
I BELIEVE that Whites are a later variety of humans--a recent mutation--and that's why Whites are the minority variety of humans on this planet.
[Note 1: Scientists now believe that a change in just one letter in the human DNA code of 3.1 billion letters in gene slc24a5, that occurred between 20,000 and 50,000 years ago, in a single individual who had migrated north out of Africa may be the primary reason there are White people today. Note 2: Skin is our largest organ.]
I BELIEVE that if Whites want to continue to exist and evolve in the best way, they need to be sure that it is their genes, as contained in their genotype and phenotype, that continue to exist and expand and that they must struggle to become more White, not less so.
I BELIEVE that White skin is not a trifle, but is an important and essential part of who Whites are, and that the mutation(s) that caused Whites to have white skin also have affected other parts of  their organisms and these in turn have affected other parts.
I BELIEVE that before modern mass transportation and communication, Whites were on their way to becoming a separate species, but that because of the present lack of geographic and reproductive isolation in the modern world, Whites can be pulled back into the mass of humanity and that there is a natural "desire" of the mass to prevent a new species from developing from it that may replace it. This is not a conscious desire, but is inherent in the genes of all living things.
I BELIEVE that Whites have reached a stage of their existence where they must choose and guide their own evolution and mutations and that they must struggle to be and to be more and not allow themselves to be pulled back into the mass of humanity.
I BELIEVE that all living things are programmed by their genes to reproduce and expand their own kind. In healthy humans, the sexual urge---the desire to reproduce and expand their own kind--is primarily activated by visual cues.  We know who is "us" and who is "not us," mainly by what we see. However, this natural instinct can be overridden by propagandistic techniques that can cause people--especially those who are easily suggestible, or young children--to wrongly believe that mating with those of different genotypes and phenotypes will not have any genetic consequences.
I BELIEVE that Whites must mate only with other Whites and that they must produce as many children as possible, and that all forms of marriage or relationships that tend to produce more White children from each individual are good and those that tend to hold down the birthrates are bad and evil.
[Note 3: During mating, 23 chromosomes from the human male join with 23 chromosomes from the human female and at the moment they join, a new human life consisting of 46 chromosomes begins.  Because White genes are recent mutations and are less fixed, it requires two copies of them to produce a White person. This means pure White/pure White produces a White child, but pure White/pure non-White produces a non-White child.]

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