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"I am the only God.  There is no other. You and your White kind have been selected for a special purpose that no other kind has.  You are different than all other kinds. You are to become even more different.  You are a branching off and you must not blend back in. You must remain separate from all other kinds and you are to multiply your kind until you completely  fill all places with your kind.  You are to become a new kind that can no longer have children with other kinds.  You are to use your senses first and your reason also to know who is your kind and who is not your kind. Your sight is your most important sense. Those who do not look like your kind are not your kind.  But there are some who may look like your kind who are not your kind. Use your reason and your intelligence and the means available to discern like from not like. Send not like away but love like.  Be good and decent people to like and not like and treat all others as you want to be treated, but do not interfere in the destinies of those who are not your kind, be indifferent to them and demand the same from them and remain separate all the days of your lives."

That's one of the messages that Arman has constantly received from God, said Homeless Jack.  Arman says it's repeated over and over, sometimes in words as above and sometimes in other words and sometimes in pictures or concepts.

See, man,  I think it's pretty clear what it means and how our kind are supposed to live.  There are many other messages but I'll just leave the one above to sit there by itself for now instead of making this over long. 

Anyway, what I really want to tell you now is what Arman says he thinks about  the nature of God.  But first, just as a reminder, remember I told you how Arman had that experience of some clouds and  rain and a light shining through the clouds and some kind of chorus that seemed to be one with the light.  Remember also, that  Arman is a rational and intelligent person. He's not mentally ill and never has been, so he has given much thought about that experience and says he believes that we now have some terms and concepts from modern science including especially physics, biology and computer science that can help us explain and get closer to God and do his will as intelligent conscious people with no false mythical ideas.  This does not lessen God, and is what He wants.  It shows we are maturing in our views about God. We do not have to swing chickens over our heads to please God or imagine false things about Him.  He is as real as we are but is very different.   He can do much that we can't, but we can do things he can't do, simply because we have hands and we live on this level of existence.

Arman says he doesn't know if his experience was mystical or if there was an unseen and soundless  UFO above the clouds on that day,  but if there was,  he says he still believes that God influenced whoever was in the UFO.  He also says that he believes that during that experience--the clouds, the rain, the clouds, the light and the chorus--that something--something like a program or software with algorithms, maybe, was either downloaded into his subconscious or something was changed in his subconscious or in his DNA code or in both, so that he was better able to receive messages and was set on this religious trajectory.  He believes that he is constantly guided in this.

Arman says he thinks God is in the Quantum level of existence and permeates all of existence as some kind of field of intelligence and consciousness or is in vibrations, frequencies, forces, subatomic particles, waves and has no body and does not look like a human.  He also thinks God is not supernatural as the term is often used, but is completely natural and might even be called "nature," in the broadest sense.   Arman says modern science is starting to let us know that there can be intelligence, consciousness, will and personality without the fleshly brain that we have and this may be what God is.  Our own human minds come from our physical brain which, if we go ever smaller, turns out to be underpinned by the subatomic level of existence just as everything else is.  And, Arman says he thinks it is in that realm of the underpinning or scaffolding of existence where God is found.

And, Arman thinks that when he gets the frequent messages that we Whites have been "selected" for a special purpose, that the term "selected" may mean that we have been Divinely selected or are the product of natural selection or maybe both and maybe they are one and the same anyway.

Arman says that he doesn't think God is all powerful as more primitive religions believe but that He must obey the natural laws of  Quantum physics, including many that haven't yet been discovered.  Arman says, for example, that God has no hands so He can't build an automobile or an airplane, but he is quick to add that God doesn't need an automobile or an airplane because He is already at the departure point and the destination at the same time and He is at every place in between. 

However, Arman says that it is clear in the messages that part of God's purpose is to evolve an organism that can be closer to Him and that God often works in subtle ways to influence things to this end.  There is nothing predetermined, there are only probabilities and trajectories and only God can see these and in seeing the probabilities and trajectories, God can cause certain things to happen or not happen.  However, Arman says that part of God's plan is to have an organism that doesn't try for a free ride and does what is necessary to evolve itself, and being able to do so is a sign that the organism is on the right track.

Arman says God may be behind some of the strange coincidences that we can't explain. Perhaps on your way to the airport you have a minor traffic accident and are late and miss your plane and the plane later crashes,  or maybe you'll feel compelled to go to a certain store at a certain time and you'll meet someone who you will eventually have children with.  Or, maybe you plan to do something on a certain day, say have a picnic, but out of nowhere there is a rain storm so you put it off.  What might have happened at the picnic?  We may never know, but it didn't happen. Arman says he has experienced many such things in his life and believes he is being directed by God and protected as much as possible in order to spread the messages from God to our kind.

Arman says he thinks God may mainly work in the air all around us and uses clouds, wind, rain, puffs of air and weather generally as well as birds and other things in the air to influence events, but Arman is quick to add that he's just guessing about this. Arman says, he also thinks that God can enter our subconscious minds as he believes has happened with himself and that he is not the only one and that all White people should be considered to have the potential to tune into the "frequencies" of God until and unless they prove that they are tone deaf as a result of having a faulty DNA code or because they have given into evil impulses that can lead to our destruction.

Arman says that non-Jewish White people who have the right parts in our White DNA code can tune into God and that our White DNA code is absolutely essential for this and is one with and inseparable from our Whiteness including our White skin. If we become non-White via miscegenation, we lose this power.  We must remain White and become more White to do the will of God.  We must avoid blending in with non-Whites and White miscegenation is a major sin against God.  So, Arman says that our highest destiny is to become a new species and that we will look much as the best among us now look and that when we fully cross the threshold into specieshood we will no longer have to worry about being impure via miscegenation as we will no longer be able to bear children with non-Whites.  And, when that threshold is crossed we will begin to replace earlier forms of humans until we become the new humans.  But, evolution won't stop and we will continue to evolve and we will continue to struggle to replace even the new ones that we are with even newer ones and this will go on virtually forever.  The struggle never ends.  Learn to love the struggle. 

Arman says he believes God really does have a special purpose for Whites and that we are on the threshold of diverging more from the rest of mankind and becoming a new species or a new genera of humans and that we are destined to replace present humans as present humans replaces Neanderthals, however this is not predetermined or guaranteed, and if we do not struggle and live righteously that we will fail and some other type will take our place.

Do you believe?  How you live is more important than your specific beliefs so long as you believe in the most important principle of Whiteness before all else.  Live White. Breed White. Teach your children White.  This is how we shall survive, thrive and evolve.   Race is to human as breed is to dog as variety is to rose--this is the way of nature and nature's God, and there is a constant branching off of all kinds.  Do not seek to end the branching off of your kind for that way lies your destruction and extinction. Your highest destiny is to be more White, not less so.

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