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"Why are you the most important person in the world?  It is because if you are not here, nothing else matters to you.  Without you to sense existence and live, there is no existence for you.  There is nothing. Your importance is always and in all ways related to yourself.  The non-existent and the dead don't care about anything, because they do not exist. Because they do not exist, they are not important.  And, as far as other people go, they are not you, and as such, they are not as important as you.  Your importance is about you.  It is your life.  It is your happiness or unhappiness.  You were born as a lone individual as are all of us. No one was born more important than you.  No one is ever more important than you. But there is more. Read on.

"I keep hearing some childless White people saying we must save Western Civilization and stuff like that.  But I wonder, since they don't have any children, why do they even care?  They have no stake in the future of the planet or existence itself.  And, please, it is not Western Civilization, it is White Civilization, but timid souls are afraid to use the word White.  But, anyway, what do they even care if the whole planet blows up?  When you're dead you're dead and you have no place among the living.  If you're not here, you're not here. And, if you haven't made more like yourself by having White children you are not here even when you are here.  You are walking extinction.

"So, here's the thing, man, each of us White people must live for ourselves--not for non-White  humans and the concept of civilization.  We must seek happiness in life.   What is civilization to us, if it is a blended civilization that does not benefit us?  It is nothing. When I say that we must live for ourselves, I mean by this that we must not only live for the White person we see in the mirror each day, but also for the White DNA Code that each of us carries.  This is how we go into the future, man, via our DNA Code.  But this only works if we have White children who survive us.  And, it only works if those White children are the product of two Whites.  There must be a White mother and a White father. This is the only way.  No, I'm not going to give you a long dissertation on basic evolutionary principles as taught by Arman, but I will say that Arman is right and the fundamental  principles of evolution are correct.  I know this with all of my heart and mind.  Some might say Arman's philosophy or religion is only about evolution, but they'd be wrong.  Evolution is a big part of Arman's Teachings but there is much more.

"Look, man, this stuff is hierarchal.  We must first care about ourselves--each one of us as individuals--and we must make the right choices in life for our survival and happiness.  The first commandment of nature is SURVIVE.  Then, the second commandment is MAKE MORE LIKE YOURSELF.  See, we must try to expand ourselves, by finding Whites of the opposite sex who will agree and contract with us in some manner or other to help us have children.  Of course, they will also be helping themselves, because the new children born of such deals will have half of our personal White DNA code and half of those we contract with.

"Oh, you noticed I used words like contract and deal and didn't bring up marriage?  Well, we need a new morality that is focused on expanding our personal DNA Codes and our group DNA Code, and any form of union that will accomplish this is good. Plus, I wanted to make it clear that what we do when we try to expand our DNA Code is that we try to find partners of the opposite sex who will help us as we help them do this.  Men need women and women need men to keep from going extinct personally and as a group.  So, it doesn't matter in this new and correct morality if you get married to one woman or a hundred or if you don't get married at all.  Just have as many White children as you can.  And, don't say you can't afford it.  Man, you can't afford not to have White children.  Your life is short as all of our lives are short.  It doesn't matter at all in the long view of time whether you live in material poverty because you have many kids or if you have to take welfare.  Why do you care, if some say you shouldn't have children if you can't afford them?  Those who say this are often childless and they are walking extinction, man.  They aren't going to be found in the next generation.  Their highest purpose in life is to die and be fertilizer.  Don't buy their phony ethics and morality.  Let me be clear:  You do not owe anything to "society," or "civilization," or a "nation."  You only owe something to yourself and your DNA Code.  And, since you share your general White DNA Code with other Whites you owe it to yourself to help other Whites also awaken to the truth and have many White children and not practice evil miscegenation or in any way hold down the number of pure White children they have.

"And, just to be clear about other Whites and what you owe them.  Should you just ignore them and not help them?  No.  You see, your personal survival and evolution is helped when there are many, many more Whites in existence.  If you help your fellow Whites--the ones who have children, or who will have children--you help yourself and your descendents.  In simplest terms this is true because when other Whites have many White children, those children will enter the mating market at some point and they will provide partners for your White children to have more White children. The more White mating possibilities there are the less will be the temptation to miscegenate.  Arman often says that we are not born as couples, and he's right, but we need Whites of the opposite sex to survive and evolve.  We must make deals with Whites of the opposite sex that  both partners understand as a benefit to each because they will be handing off their DNA Code to new White children who will carry them into the future within their bodies.

"So, while your own self is your primary concern, and you should always do what is right for Number 1--you--and do what is right for you to survive, prosper and be happy, you must not forget that your own self includes your White DNA Code, which is a level or two down from you in the hierarchy and it includes all other Whites.  You didn't just appear out of nothing.  You came from the general White DNA Code and it must be kept in mind always. This is something that is missing in all other religions and philosophies that I know about, man.  Some other religions and philosophies will have some of what we have in this system, because the truth is the truth no matter who says it, but none of them have the focus we have on integrating the whole person including how we are mentally, physically, spiritually, philosophically, religiously with our DNA Code.  Some will talk about man looking out for himself, but they fail in not understanding that each of us is more than the person we see in the mirror.  We are our DNA Code and it is us.  We are one.  The essence of us is within our DNA Code. And, the part of us that has the potential to be eternal is also the DNA Code.  When our bodies wear out, our DNA Code will go forwarded in our children and their children as far into the future as they survive and produce pure White children.  We must repair the fragmentation that many Whites exhibit who are alienated from their White DNA Code. We must cement the whole White person back to his or her White DNA Code.

"Now, as you go further down in the hierarchy and also further back in existence you come to non-Whites and then all other organisms  until you come to the first DNA molecule that made the leap from so-called non-living minerals into the living minerals that we call life.  Yeah, you're related to apes and bacteria and mold and you name it man, because all life that we know about on Earth (with the exception of some viruses) came from that first molecule of DNA. 

"At the levels of the hierarchy that reads "life," we are all related.  But, don't let that get you down.  It is the differences that are important, and we Whites are a different kind.  Arman teaches that what we owe to others stops with ourselves and our kind.   Non-White humans are too remote from us for us to care about them or mix with them or do anything with them.  That's why we practice indifference and non-interference in their affairs and business.  They are not our kind.  They have their potential destinies and we have ours and they are not the same.  It is a grave error to try to mix the destinies or to try to help them.  Let them be to develop or not as fate will have it and worry only about our own White kind, man.  Arman says our attitude toward non-Whites should be something like our attitude toward various other animals and organisms, such as dogs, cats, birds, you name it.  Yes, they are alive.  Yes, they are here.  Yes, at a low level we share some DNA--because nature evolves organisms by tinkering with what went before to make the new.  But, we Whites have  diverged from non-Whites and we must diverge even more.  We are a White branching off of mankind and it is our highest destiny to keep branching off. It is  a little like a process of distillation.

"We have a potential destiny, man, but we must use our minds to make it happen.  We must think the right thoughts and then take the right actions that follow those right thoughts.  Arman puts things this way:  We must have Right Blood (the right DNA Code), Right Belief (the Whiteness beliefs that Arman and some other teach), and Right Action (everything that correctly follows from the first two)."

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