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“Man is something that shall be overcome. Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman - a rope over an abyss. What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.”
-- Friedrich NietzscheThus Spoke Zarathustra

Arman says we Whites are being tested, man.  It seems the whole non-White world is moving to White nations to replace our White populations and pollute our gene pools. Many deceived and weak Whites are going to go extinct. I mean they will miscegenate and become non-White baby factories. The sacred and rare White sperm and White eggs will be used by non-Whites to eradicate Whites by being used to make non-White children. Evil is afoot in the world and it is being sold as good.

But, not all Whites will miscegenate.  Arman says the mentally strong Whites, the truly selected ones--the ones with the desirable and holy so-called "White racist genes"-- will resist and will remain White, while the weak and impure Whites will turn their family lines non-White.  Millions of Whites will disappear this way as they devolve and are absorbed into the non-White masses.  It is a White Holocaust, man.  Gas chambers, firing squads and marching armies aren't needed to destroy millions of Whites.  All that is needed is to have Whites miscegenate by having our lands overrun with non-Whites.  Give it a few years and formerly White nations will turn non-White.  Nations with lots of white skinned, blue eyed, blond haired Whites will become, in just a few years, lands with lots of brown skinned, brown eyed, dark haired non-Whites.

The Selected

But, all is not lost. There is good news. Arman says that Whites have been selected to be the next step for mankind and that the best of us are already in that zone. We are the ones from whom the full ubermenschen will come.  But, he says that it will be from the genetically purer among us that the new ones will emerge.  All Whites are presumed to have the potential until they prove that they don't.  This is so because white skin is one of the essential markers and characteristics to have the potential and is a sign of selection as are the other specifically White features.  But, there are invisible parts of the DNA code that exist within our bodies that are often only seen in the actions we take in our lives and the choices we make. Arman says there are already some of the new ones among us now but they are not yet fully pure.  I may be one. You may be one.  That's the way evolution usually works, man, small incremental changes first with this one and then with this other one and if the changes give survival advantages to those with them, the changes can spread in the population. Already, we are seeing rapid evolution among Whites and it has been reported that White heads are getting longer or taller.  Why?  Because our brains are growing and they need more space in our skulls.  And, we can't expand our skulls side to side, because our White women's pelvic bones are not evolving fast enough to safely birth children with larger skulls unless those skulls are larger north to south instead of east to west. There's other changes also, but I'll tell you about those later.

Let me back up on this stuff, man, and set the stage.  Arman says that like all peoples we have unique features in our DNA Code.  And, in Whites the unique features are part of our selection and  they allow the Divine to communicate with us on a DNA level and we with Him.  The purer we are the more open is this line of communication.  If we are not pure, and I mean genetically and also spiritually, then we are blocked from this communication.  Also, if we are around non-Whites, their DNA causes interference or static in our communications.  Now, the communications are often very, very subtle so don't be concerned if you are not hearing the voice of the Divine or seeing visions.  It comes as inspiration, thoughts, guidance, and you can't often tell if these are from your own mind or from the Divine. You might dismiss these things as your gut feelings or intuition.  Don't dismiss them. Listen to them. Do say a few words of thanks in the morning and night, even if you do not believe, man. You are connected in the quantum to the Divine, whether you believe it or not.

Our DNA also communicates with others of our kind on a sub-conscious level .  We are in tune with others of our kind.  It is part of this spooky action at a distance that they talk about in physics.

The Divine

But what of the Divine?  We believe He is completely natural, not supernatural. We don't know much about Him and calling it Him may mislead some, but our language seems to work best when we sometimes use the fiction of anthropomorphism--just be aware of that--and realize that He is not really a He and has no human characteristics and no body as we define it. 

I'm a life-long skeptic and I long ago rejected the fairy tale religions because they made no sense to me. And, until I started understanding what Arman teaches I didn't get it.  My reason rejected anything that was not as I see things in my everyday life.  Then, my eyes got opened to the reality that everything in existence depends on ever smaller and smaller parts until we get to where matter comes into existence at the subatomic level and where reality is real and makes our everyday reality but has different natural laws and rules that modern science is only now discovering.  And, it is this stuff way down deep and small that makes all of existence. No, our reality is not an illusion as some religions teach; our reality is real, a tree is a tree, a rock is a rock, a human is a human, but it is built on the ever smaller and the dynamic underpinning--the scaffold--of existence where matter comes into being.

What Arman teaches makes sense to me.  He says that with our modern scientific knowledge, especially in the areas of physics and evolution and DNA along with concepts and terms from how computers and the internet work and quantum theory and some other stuff,  we can start understanding how an  entity--which can be called the Divine or God or the First Cause or by other names--can really exist, and this doesn't require a belief in fairy tales, and how this entity can exist without a body and which exists in a quantum reality and can be here and there at the same time and can have intelligence without a brain of flesh and blood  like we're used to and can have a personality and a will and a purpose, and how this entity can be as real as we are and not supernatural but a part of the natural as we are.

I'm going to say it again, man, in case you missed it.  We think this entity, this thing that may be called God is completely natural. He's like  light, or electricity, or forces, or waves, or vibrations, or subatomic particles--we don't know for sure--He's ineffable. But it's okay for us to wonder and make informed guesses. There's no harm in that. We are rational and intelligent beings and we have every right to question and seek real, rational and scientific answers about such things.  And, if we find that our ideas are wrong--because science proves them wrong--we can change them.

So, anyway, we think He is there in the scaffolding that makes up our existence.  We don't know if He is the scaffolding, or is part of it, or within it, but we believe that's where He exists.  We see Him in all of nature and existence--in the smallest things in existence and in the things before matter and also in the largest things in existence. See, I sometimes think of him as being like uncounted trillions of lights blinking on and off and spinning and turning and expanding into the nothingness. Arman says that's probably about as good an explanation as any. So, we envision the Divine as being a something that exists everywhere--in a blade of grass, in a molecule of air, in everything-- which has a will to be and to be more and that He puts a spark within all living things that is stronger and more conscious in some than in others but that it exists  not only in living beings but in all matter.

Let me just say that  I think we live in great times, man, even with or maybe because of the testing that is being done to us. We're in a struggle for our survival, existence, expansion and evolution.  And, now we're being knocked out of our sleep like state by DNA codes unlike ours.  Now, we must adapt and we must evolve. Now, we must get off the couch and become an active people again. Now we must breed more like ourselves.  Now, we must become barbarians again. Now we must become mentally and physically strong. Now, we will move higher while shedding the weak ones among us.  Now, our evolution is being kick started. Now, we will move faster to become closer with the Divine as ubermenschen.  But, we have to make it happen.  There is no free ride in nature.

Let me leave you with this thought again. Today, we have knowledge of various scientific principles and facts that no one knew about just a few years ago and we have the language and concepts from various fields including computer science and engineering to be able to realize that information and will and intelligence don't require the physical blood and flesh brains that we have and that there can be all of this carried in non-living minerals and in subatomic particles and waves etc.  That is the Divine.  That is what is behind and under all.  I believe in this with, man.  I believe Whites have been selected. I believe that our highest destiny is to evolve into a new species incapable of bearing children with other types of humans and that we are here to do good and save mankind from extinction through us and by us as we have been selected and have the adaptations and survival advantages that will allow us--some of us--the purer among us--to become the new mankind that replaces the old mankind just as the old mankind replaced earlier forms going all the way back to the first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so called non-living minerals to the living minerals that we call life.

Arman says that our God is the god that the gods of others would worship if their gods were real, and we have His spark burning bright within our DNA code.
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