HOMELESS JACK ON THE​ JEWS​ by H. Millard © 2014

Man, I get really tired of some of our people always impotently whining about the Jews.  No, don't look at me that way, I'm not Jewish and I have no ancestors who were Jewish, hell, man, I'm an Aryan, ooops, we're not supposed to use that word, right?  Well, okay, just for the timid who might read this, let me say I'm a Non-Jewish White European Descended Person (NJWEDP), okay, happy? And, I have pale white skin and had blond hair as a child and I have blue eyes and a head shape and bone structure that is Aryan, ooops, I mean NJWEDP and I was born in a Christian family and was a Christian, at least on paper, until I discovered Arman's Teachings and now I follow  his Teachings exclusively because they're right and they make sense.

But, here's what bugs me about some of the whining.  I hear some of our people saying that the Jews have taken over the media or this or that type of business and I say, so what?  Why don't you take it over.  Can't you compete?  Are you stupid?  What's wrong with you?  Get in the friggin' game.  Everyone who starts or buys  a business takes a risk in doing so.  It's no different with Jews or anyone else.

Look I see the Jews as simply competing to win.  They're in the same struggle for survival that we and all life forms are in. Why are you doing less? Do you lack focus or initiative or drive?  Do you expect Jews to compete less so you can win? Do you want them to hobble themselves or give you a head start?  It ain't gonna happen.

I said it before, man, some of our folks sound like a guy who loses a foot race and then whines that he would have won had there been no competition.  "Awwwww, it's not fair, I would have won, but some other people ran faster than me whinnnnnnnneee."

Those who follow Arman's Teachings don't whine about others, we just compete better.  Sure, it's okay to intelligently complain about Jews or Blacks or  anyone else, but what bugs me is those who simply blame others for competing better than them.  If you can't compete, then you don't deserve to survive.  Yeah, nature's not kind to those who can't or who won't compete.  And, it works the same way with flat worms in a petri dish as it works with humans.  All life is a struggle--whether the particular form of life knows it or not--to survive, to improve and to expand its kind--via its DNA code--over other kinds.  That's evolution.

Arman says that we are in the greatest competition, not with so-called lower animals, but with other types of humans--other races--including Jews, and the competition at its heart is one about trying to expand one's particular DNA code so that it is the dominant one in every niche.  Keep this stuff about the DNA code in mind, man.  It is essential to our beliefs. Help your own kind, but not other kinds, because the competition to expand DNA codes never ends.

We who follow Arman's Teachings are in this life to move higher, not stay in the muck.  We live consciously. We want to win.  We compete.  We struggle.  We do what it takes to come out on top.  We're not holding ourselves back with false ideas, incorrect world views, phony, often religiously based--usually Christian--moral or ethics codes that are causing our people to lose.  We make the rules, man.  We are enabled by the Teachings which are genuine religious teachings that are always in accord with the ways of existence and nature.  We're in charge of ourselves and we see the way up very clearly.

Some of our people whine that Jews stick together and are too cliquish.  Well, we say, what the hell's wrong with that, and why aren't we doing the same damn thing? Stick together you Aryans, er, you NJWEDPs.  Be cliquish.  If you find a way that helps you  survive, prosper, expand and win, then do it.  Are you too stupid to do what wins?  Do you like losing?  What the hell's wrong with you?  Do what is right for you and yours in ever expanding circles.  Don't try to be fair to all of humanity at your expense, be fair to yourself.  No, don't set out to hurt others or to take advantage of them unfairly, be a good person, but don't hobble yourself with false ideas.  Do what is best for yourself first.  And, always remember that nature doesn't give anyone a free ride.

See, man, in this faith we believe in being smart. We watch.  We observe.  We look at nature--at the basic principles of all living things including other humans--and we learn. And, we act on what we learn. We want to transform and evolve and move to the top of the pile and then beyond the pile.  We're not content to just whine about others and stay static.  Hell, not only do we not mind the competition, we love it because with our mindset we learn from it and we improve ourselves and it helps us keep our edge. We're like American car makers who only improved their cars because they were forced to do so because of foreign competition.  We adapt, but we don't compromise on our essence.  We always remain us. We'll compete with anyone and we'll win.  Man, no one can compete with us when we have our heads screwed on right.  Our kind didn't conquer the whole planet because we couldn't compete, but too many of our kind have lost their way.  Not us.

If it's money you want, just look at people who have succeeded and who have money, whether they are Jews or not.  What did they do to get the money?  Did they get an education?  Okay, you do the same.  Did they take risks to start a business?  Okay, you do the same.  Just copy success, man.  That's how it's done.  You don't have to reinvent the wheel.  See what others have done and copy them and as you do so, try to improve on what they've done. If you've got a brain, just find a need and fill it, and you'll get to the top.

And, as you move up, start helping your fellow NJWEDPs who show promise. That helps us develop our cliquishness.  But when you help our kind, let those you help know that they aren't getting anything for free and you'll expect favors and help in return if you ever need them.  Don't help those who are not our kind.  Remember, they're competing with you to spread their DNA code over yours and you don't want to be guilty of letting that happen.

Let me repeat something, so you don't get me wrong. It's okay to complain about the Jews or any others, because they're all in the competition against us, man, but what I don't like is the impotent whining with no action to compete better.  You do see the difference, right?  I mean go ahead and knock the Jews or any others all you want, because that may help to awaken more of our kind, but don't just helplessly whine about them and act like you're a beaten dog with no power to change things.  Get in the game. Compete.  Join with others of our kind.  Take positive steps.  Try to be the best you can be.  Yeah, this sounds like a lot of clichés,  but this is how we improve and evolve and transform.

Maybe you are already one of us but don't know it.  Maybe you were lucky enough to be born with the racist gene, which is really a survival gene, and maybe you are also one of the Barbarians from Above as are we and you just need to be given a gentle nudge to know who and what you are.  If so, I hope this provides such a nudge.

Work for a strong mind in a strong body and follow the path, man.  No one can do it for you.  You have to do it yourself.  Be as you were born to be and then work to become more. Toughen up in all ways and don't be a passive victim of Jews or Blacks or anyone else who wants to harm you or out compete you.  Take the initiative and show some individual responsibility.  We're moving up, and you can also.

Remember, we are not trying to blend in with the herd.  We have left the herd and we're consciously living and working to become more.  We don't want to save those who are too stupid or who lack the racist gene to survive and evolve into the new species that is our highest destiny.  We are a different kind of White, and we want to bring in even more differences.  We are a new people; Barbarians from above; a new life, born out of the decrepit husks of weak seeds who live meaningless lives and who then just die.  We are more, and we are going to become even more because we will it to happen.

If you are naturally one of us, you can feel it inside you.  You know we are right and you also want to leave the herd.  Do it. Survive. Expand. Evolve.       

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