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Here's some stuff that I've put together from Arman's Teachings, man.

God wants White people to survive and expand and to be the new kind of human. We have been selected to bring God's love, goodness, justice and righteousness to the planet through the presence of our flesh and blood--our DNA Code--our White genome--the biological reality of who and what we are.

The more of us Whites  in existence at any time, the greater will God's love, goodness, justice and righteousness be shined through us to the world. We must always know, however, that this does not make us better than other kinds and is more of a burden upon us as we must strive to be better and to be holier and not do many things that other kinds can do. What is evil for us to do may not always be evil for other kinds to do among their own kinds.

The good, just and righteous ways of living required of us by God are more concerned with how we actually live and act and what we do than the minutiae of  beliefs and rituals. God does not lack self-esteem and does not need to be constantly reassured that He is God by meaningless rituals.  He knows who and what He is. He has supreme confidence.

No man or group of men is above God or God's laws.

Where is God?  He is all around us in the sub-atomic realm. He is there in the scaffolding and underpinning of our level of reality. Where this is something, He is.  Arman says He is far different from what most people think He is and that He can't directly do everything as is often taught in manmade religions.  He is subject to the basic laws of existence. 

There are things we can do that He can't do. For example, we have hands and can build airplanes that can take us thousands of miles away from where we started. God has no hands and can't build an airplane.  But, why would he need to?  He's already at the starting point and at the destination and every place in between at the same time.  But, also, God can influence us and use us, and guide us to do what He wants done on our level of existence so in this sense our hands are His hands.


The Golden Rule: Treat others who mean you no harm with due respect, kindness, dignity and as you as a rational, awakened and sane White person want to be treated.

Be a good, decent and righteous person and treat all life and all of existence with respect and dignity.

Do no harm or evil and do not look for trouble or cause trouble. 

Be polite and gentle in your dealings with others and avoid conflicts and dangerous, harsh, vexatious or negative situations.

Do not invade the peace of mind of others and do not invade their space. 

Avoid obnoxious and negative people and situations.

Live to be happy and at peace with yourself and others so that you are not constantly anxious or on edge. 

Learn to control your emotions and especially your anger. 

Be a peace maker, not a peace breaker.

Be positive in thoughts, words and deeds.

Make others feel good about themselves and life and don't cause them grief in words, deeds or even in subtle ways.

Do not interfere in the business, the fate, the destiny of those unlike you. Leave them alone. Be indifferent to them at all times and in all places. You are not their parents, their teachers, their protectors, their saviors, or their masters. Leave them to their own individual and group fates no matter what they may be.  Do not inject yourself into their ways or their lives and stay separate from them.

Repent the wrongs you do and avoid doing them again.
Love life and enjoy it, and do not deny yourself rational and reasonable pleasures but be sane and rational and practice moderation in all things.

Keep peace in your home and make it a refuge from the world for you and your loved ones.


Put Whiteness above all else and ask of everything: Is this good for White people? No miscegenation.  No mixing. No blending.  Do everything rational to increase the number of White people in existence--which has as its goal to increase the volume of the White DNA Code in existence. We exist because of our White DNA Code and it exists and expands because of us. We are one and the same. Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action. This is as God commands it. Whiteness is defined to mean doing everything that is best for Whites and it includes the expansion and evolution of Whites via their unique White DNA Code into a new species incapable of bearing viable children with other kinds of humans. When we put Whiteness above all else, we are putting God above all else, for this is what God has told us.


Man made laws that are just and righteous and which do not conflict with God's laws should be followed but any laws that in any manner, direct or indirect, contradict God's laws or which can harm our kind, or restrict our religious duties and way of life and beliefs and our freedoms are not just or righteous. We are a free and sovereign people and must not have our rational and peaceful freedoms and sovereignty impinged unreasonably by others.


 1.    Be a good and decent person minding your own business and not harming anyone or anything.

2.    Treat others as you want to be treated.

3.    Treat others with respect and dignity.

4.    Do not force yourself or your ways on others.

5. Do not be arrogant or vexatious or look for trouble.

6.    Let others have the freedom of choices as you wish to have in your own life.

7.    Do not murder.

8.    Do not steal.

9.    Do not harm others

10.  Have respect for all life and all things in existence.

11.  Do not cheat.

12.  Do not force your ways or your will on others. Allow them the rational and peaceful freedom of choice in their lives that you demand in yours.



1.   Do know and believe with all your heart that there is a God, who we sometimes call the First Cause or Existence or Nature or by many other names, but know that He/It is not as imagined in false belief systems and that He is scientific and exists in and is the framework and structure of our level of existence and is just behind everything that exists in the subatomic level of reality.

2.   Do say aloud or silently a short thank you to God, for your life, in the morning upon awakening and at night before falling asleep.

3.   Do try to live the Will of God and do what God wants for you as part of His plan for existence as revealed through Arman.

4.   Do know that God is a light in  your White DNA Code and that your body is a temple and your pure White DNA Code (aka Essence) is the holy of holies that you must multiply by having as many pure White children as possible.

5.   Do know that God's goodness is increased in proportion to the volume of your Essence that is in existence and that the more pure White children you have the greater is the increase in goodness.

6.   Do trust in God and do trust in the White genome for it is infused with the goodness and light of God.

7.   Do turn away from sin and confess one's sins before God.

8.   Do seek self-knowledge, wisdom, justice, moderation and perfection and do study all things and learn from all things all the days of your life.

9.   Do be indifferent to other kinds and leave them alone and do not interfere in their lives, fates, problems or destinies. They are not your responsibility. You are not their guardians or parents. Their struggle for existence and their attempts at self-preservation and group-preservation are not yours. Leave them be to their own resources in all ways. They are to live and die, rise and fall on their own. They are to be invisible to you unless they can harm you, and in this case you must always defend your Essence to the maximum so that it always survives in order to multiply and bring more of God's goodness to the planet through our flesh and blood.

10. Do know that God is everywhere as He is in the Quantum and He is watching each of us all the time.

11. Do know that God is the ender of all arguments. What He says, is the law. Period. And must be obeyed. Period.

12. Do know that God does not conform to what humans may want in any age.

13. Do know that God does not take polls or votes or seek human approval for what He wills.

14. Do not have false ideas about the nature of God; he has no body as we do and is in the underpinnings of our level or reality. Where this is something, He is.

15. Do know that everything in existence, including all life, is sacred to God and must not be wasted or damaged unnecessarily, but that there are different destinies for different types of things. Just as you do not treat your eye the same as a hair on your head, so also does God not treat different things in existence, including different kinds of humans, the same.

16.  Do know that your individual DNA Code is part of a collective White genome and the more of you there are, the stronger are the vibrations of love, goodness, justice and righteousness.


1.   Do study the Teachings and teach to others.

2.   Do not change the Teachings.

3.   Do not deemphasize portions of the Teachings or emphasize others different from what Arman revealed. If in doubt, follow the spirit of the Teachings, which is Whiteness before all else, which means, in part, White purification, White perfection, White expansion, White evolution into a new species incapable of having viable children with non-Whites. This is what God commands of us.

4.   Do not apologize for the teachings or try to make them acceptable to anyone and especially not to those who hate our kind.

5.   Do know that Whites are selected by God for a special purpose and that we have special laws and requirements upon us that no other kinds have.

6.   Do know that to be selected in the first instance one must be born of two pure White parents who are also born of two pure White parents but that one must also choose and select to be what is possible.

7.   Do know that essential and central to our beings is our Essence (aka White DNA Code).

8.   Do follow the 7 P's relating to our Essence: Purify, Protect, Propagate, Persevere, Perfect, Preserve, Prevail.

9.   Do know that being selected does not make us better than other kinds, it just means that we are different and have a different destiny and special laws, duties and requirements upon us that other kinds do not have.

10. Do know that all life is involved in an eternal and necessary struggle to be and to be more and it is the same with different types of humans. This is as God wants it to be.  We call this the eternal gene wars as well as by other names.

11.  Do respect all other White religious beliefs if they truly put Whiteness before all else for this is as God demands. Even if you do not believe in God, God is not displeased so long as you put Whiteness before all else and live right and seek to multiply your White DNA Code by having as many pure White children as possible and by not miscegenating.


1. Do bear the sacred symbols--the fylfots and the spirals-- on the skin always and also on jewelry and where you live and work so that you may always see them.

2. Do wear soft and comfortable but functional cotton next to the skin.

3. Do wear dark, plain clothes suitable for physical work.

4. Do cover the head for holy purposes or whenever and wherever you desire to show respect for God and to signal your beliefs.

5. Do as a male believer  wear the hair militarily short with the sides shaved or very short in the style called high and tight.

6. Do as a female believer wear your hair in a suitable military style for females.

7. Do dress and groom so as to be different from others and as a reminder of who and what you are and so others on the path will know you.


1.  Do seek to look like, act like and think like the ideal of our type in all ways. Method live. Never break character.

2.  Do seek self-knowledge, wisdom, justice, moderation and fortitude.

3.  Do seek happiness.

4.  Do seek to have as many White children as your body will permit.

5.  Do seek a long, free and happy White  life.

6.  Do try to have positive thoughts and words always.

7.  Do know that God does not ask you to do anything meaningless or harmful to yourself or others and any that teach differently are false and are not to be listened to.

8.  Do whatever is necessary for your survival.  This supersedes all other laws. Your survival is paramount because you carry the selected DNA Code (the Essence) within you and you are necessary to help perfect and multiply it so it can evolve ever closer to God .

9.   Do know that you are very important to God's plan and you must survive and breed pure White.

10. Do know that you are more than the person you see in the mirror. You are your DNA code and it is you. Your DNA code will survive you if you breed pure White and have many children.

11. Do obey the righteous laws of the lands you live in that do not conflict with God's laws.


1. Do pray to God and seek guidance from Him always.

2. Do say a short prayer of thank you for your life morning and night.

3. Do think of God constantly.

4. Do know that it is okay to doubt but even in doubt believe in Whiteness, in Nature and  in Existence.

5. Do know that even with doubt, prayer works on your own mind.


1. Do love all who are selected and who believe.

2. Do not speak harshly to others of our kind.

3. Do not insult others of our kind.

4. Do treat others of our kind as you want to be treated.

5. Do not treat other kinds as brothers or sisters.

6. Do not tell lies or tales about others of our kind.

7. Do not cheat or steal from or harm others of our kind and our kind are all Whites born of two White parents and who, whether believing in our specifics or not, work to increase Whiteness and who do not miscegenate.

8. Do help others of our kind and especially the poor of our kind. Be kind and compassionate to all of our kind.


1.  Do know that you are triple selected: Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action. The first you have by birth and can be called natural selection or God's selection.  You must select the second two to activate the first.

2.  Do know that the signs of your selection are seen and unseen and there are no other peoples so selected for the special tasks and duties of God given to you.

3.  Do know that you must have the right parts by birth. This is called Right Blood.

4.  Do know that you must activate those right parts by right beliefs.

5.  Do know that the right beliefs must lead to right actions in life.

6.  Do ask of everything:  Is this good for Whites?


1.   Do stay separate from other kinds and isolate yourself if possible from them and from all contamination and uncleanness.

2.   Do be moderate in all things and avoid alcohol, drugs and any substances that can harm you as a temple of God.

3.   Do work to purify and perfect yourself.

4.   Do method live by imitating, looking like, acting like and thinking like the ideal of our kind.

5.   Do shun evil.

6.   Do good.

7.   Do not interfere in the lives, business, fates or destines of other kinds of humans; let nature and God work it out.

8.   Do be indifferent to other kinds of humans; they have their paths as you have yours.

9.   Do not mix your life, your ways, your destiny or your path with other kinds of humans.

10. Do let God determine the luck and fate of other kinds of humans; do not intercede for them in any way.

11. Do bear the sacred symbols next to your skin at all times.

12. Do protect the Essence.

13. Do expand the  Essence.

14  Do ask of everything: Is this good for White people?

15. Do pray morning and night.

16. Do seek your happiness within the context of the teachings and Whiteness.

17. Do try to remain separate and isolated from the unclean and unholy.

18. Do be fair.

19. Do to others the way you want them to do to you.

20. Do respect all life.

21. Do have an alter for God.

22 .Do support the places set aside for worship and gatherings of the faithful.

23. Do seek justice.

24. Do seek righteousness.

25. Do seek to be kind and polite.

26. Do seek to be compassionate.

27. Do love other Whites.

28. Do  repent and make things right.

29. Do protect your children and teach them the truth.

30. Do honor your elders and your parents and care for them.

31. Do appoint judges and leaders in every community of whites.

32. Do uphold our own laws for our own kind.

33. Do know always that the true source of morality is God.

34. Do know that true prophecy from Arman is better  even than wisdom and learning but study everything all the days of your life.

35. Do  seek truth and understanding.

36. Do have many children with our kind alone.

37. Do seek to live as long as possible.

38. Do study nature.

39. Do trust in god.

40. Do God's will.

41. Do wear cotton next to the skin.

42. Do wear your hair short and military in style.

43. Do wear plain comfortable clothes; function over fashion.

44. Do cover your head for holiness.

45. Do avoid danger and do not be a dead hero. Your continued existence is primary.

46. Do use pleasant and non-abusive language.

47. Do whatever is necessary to survive and expand our kind. This overrules all other laws.

48. Do know that we are born as individuals, not couples and we must breed to our maximum as a male or a female as nature has engineered us differently and for good reason for our long range survival.

49. Do know that the reproductive capabilities of males and females are different and this is for a good reason and try to obey these natural differences.

50. Do know that every pure White child born is worth a billion prayers.

51. Do know that you must not be arrogant towards other kinds, but you must not mix and blend with them. You have a different highest potential destiny, but you must choose wisely, constantly.

52. Do know that the first law of nature is self-preservation or survival of yourself and that the second law is to make more like yourself to increase your DNA code and Whiteness and goodness in the world.

53. Do try to have a peaceful and happy home.

54. Do keep your home as a refuge and your primary religious and spiritual location.

55. Do know that any laws here or elsewhere that if obeyed would cause harm to you or yours must not be followed.  Your continued and long term existence in flesh and blood is important to God.

56. Do whatever is necessary for your safety, your security and your survival. Avoiding dangerous situations and persons is not cowardice, it is wisdom.

57. Do tell lies and do deceive if necessary for your survival. Be clever and do not be a fool.

58. Do know that if you sense danger, you must get away from the danger as quickly as possible and then you may assess the situation.

59. Do not war for false causes or mixed nations; the only cause that is not false is the preservation and advancement of your kind and your DNA code and the only nation that is yours is one that is of your kind only

60.  Do know that you carry your nation, your religion, your culture, your world view within your genome.  Where you are, no matter where you are, they are there.


 The following Don'ts are strictly forbidden to our kind, but are fine for other kinds.

1.   Don't miscegenate.

2.   Don't be childless.

3.   Don't use birth controls.

4.   Don't abort fully White children.

5.   Don't be celibate.

6.   Don't practice family planning.

7.   Don't restrict the number of  children your body can produce.

8.   Don't put off having as many children as possible and let your body's ability to produce children, which is God's way, be your guide.

6.   Don't have false morality. The highest morality is God's morality for us and He has written this in nature in general and in our kind's genetic nature in particular. Seek to understand.

7.   Don't associate or befriend other kinds if possible, but be polite and gentle in the way you avoid association or friendships with other kinds.

8.   Don't do anything to make your life shorter.

9.   Don't have false morality.

The following items are also forbidden to us and to all others

1.   Don't harm  Whites.  

2.   Don't cheat  Whites.

3.   Don't be unkind to Whites.

4.   Don't disrespect  Whites.

5.   Don't embarrass  Whites.

6.   Don't side with non-Whites against Whites.

Don'ts related to God

1. Don't have false ideas about God.

2. Don't disobey God.

More Don'ts

1.   Don't use any substances that can harm you or cause you to be intoxicated or in altered states.

2.   Don't put yourself in danger or let yourself be harmed.

3.   Don't do anything that will shorten your life.

4.   Don't be loud and boisterous.

5.   Don't be rude and impolite.

6.   Don't insult others of make them feel bad.

7.   Don't have false conceptions of God.

8.   Don't  follow those with false conceptions of God.

9.   Don't  follow those who can have children but who don't or won't have them.

10. Don't follow those who miscegenate.

11. Don't respect those who miscegenate.

12. Don't allow those who miscegenate to live among you.

13. Don't be friends with those who miscegenate.

14. Don't hate your fellow Whites who are true to Whiteness and thus true to God even if they lack belief in the Teachings.

15. Don't say anything bad about fellow whites who put Whiteness above all else.

16. Don't have homosexual relations.

17. Don't have sex with non-Whites.

18. Don't allow your DNA to mix with the DNA of non-Whites.

19. Don't marry non-whites and non-believers in Whiteness.

20. Don't let non-whites join with White people.

21. Don't take counsel from non-Whites or listen to their advice.

22. Don't cross breed or condone this.

23. Don't defile yourself with contact with other kinds.

24. Don't trust in anything other than God.

25. Don't use harmful substances.

26. Don't deny or doubt that the true source of morality and just laws is God.

27. Don't be harsh with others.

28. Don't use birth control.

29. Don't be celibate.

30. Don't wait long to have children--your body is programmed by the Divine to start and stop automatically at the right ages.

31. Don't tolerate injustice.

32. Don't hunt animals except for food--the life force is in all that lives; respect it.

33. Don't harm the dignity of others.

34. Don't invade the privacy or space of others.

35. Don't cause others shame.

36. Don't cause others embarrassment.

37. Don't cause others to worry or create anxiety in them.

38. Don't murder.

39. Don't steal.

40. Don't put yourself in danger.

41. Don't avoid truth and understanding.

42. Don't hold negative thoughts.

43. Don't have a negative attitude.

44. Don't use negative words.

(Corrected 30 March 2017 - Editor)


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