'a homeless Jack'

Homeless Jack On How You Can Take The Righteous Path
by H. Millard © 2012

"So, you've read a little about Arman's Teachings that I follow that constitutes my religion, my philosophy and my world view and you've seen the lexicon that I've put together and you probably think you've seen it all, right, man?
"Well if that's what you think, then you'd be wrong.  I'm not just helping Arman spread his Teachings which make up this religion, I'm also helping with the groundwork to establish a tribe and colonies that, with the help of God, will grow to a nation and which will be the White people of the future born out of the worn out husks of the masses of effete White people now alive.
"A vibrant, vital, bold new White people, man, to replace the present dispirited weak-seed masses. One blood, one faith, one people.
"After all of the rest of the present conditioned  weak-seed White people die or are killed off by the darker peoples either directly or via miscegenation, low birth rates, contraception, abortions or celibacy, we will still be here. And, we'll still be believing and breeding, man. Believing and breeding. Expanding always, contracting never. Let the weak-seeds blend themselves away, man. Screw them.
"The conditioned weak-seed White masses are winter.  We are spring.  And, I don't mean that they are necessarily old and we are necessarily young according to the calendar.  I  mean that they are old and decrepit in the way they see the world with their lack of awakened self and group interest, while we are young and vibrant in the way we see it.
"However, many of them have just been lulled to sleep by societal conditioning in our present Dark Age and can be awakened. Arman says it is our religious duty to try to awaken as many as possible by exposing them to the Teachings, but once they are exposed to them, it is up to them to take the path or not.  It is their choice. 
"We should not try to force them to believe. If they freely and knowingly choose the righteous path, this is an indication that they may have all the right parts of the Code.  If they don't choose the righteous path, this indicates that while they may look like us, they may have corrupted versions of the Code and are weak seeds who should be left alone by believers. The weak-seeds are extinction walking.
"Look man, the thing that distinguishes humans from other organisms that we are aware of is that we have big brains as our tooth and claw, and those who come to our Teachings and understand them and internalize them and live them are the ones among us who still haven't been defanged or declawed. Their brains see the truth. They have the right instincts because they have the right elements of the Code. They are tuned in to the First Cause who is all around us, man, kind of like radio waves, but different.
"We are a distinct people aborning out of the old.  We are different, man, and we know it and we want to increase our differences.  We don't want to blend back in.  We are the distilled ones.  We are on our own path to becoming a new species and when we reach the new species level we will no longer have to worry about gene transfer from those unlike us that will pull us back into the masses.
"We "racialists," that is, those of us who easily see the truth, know the truth in every iota of our beings.  We are a subculture of the larger White population.  We are the ones who will lead to the survival of Whites. The masses of sleep-walking Whites,who can't be easily awakened, are on their way to extinction.
"We look forward, man. The past is gone. We can learn from it, but we don't dwell on it.  Golden age in the past?  It was just our people who had high birth rates and who were isolated from the dark masses who were doing what our people do when we are isolated and on the natural trajectory higher.
"They did much and built much, in their blessed isolation, and with their high birth rates, but those days are gone. Now we are victims of modern science, modern communications and modern mass transportation. Our modern science helps the dark masses live longer to breed more.  Modern communications helps them see that our formerly all White lands may be more comfortable for them.  Mass transportation makes it easy for millions of them to invade our lands and swamp our gene pools.
"And, too many of our people have become weak and effete. Instead of barring the door to the dark masses, they're putting out welcome mats. It's as though they're saying: 'Come on in and change our gene pool and destroy us by killing us in the streets and in our homes; and those who you don't directly kill, why, just blend us away by mating with us.' 
"These White weak-seeds value material things over having children. They lack generative power.  They are dying, man.  Don't let these weak-seeds among us pull you down. Reject them.  Shun them. Go your own way.  Take the path.  Follow the Teachings.  This is the way up.
"You must meet three requirements to be fully one of us, man. Right Blood-this means right genes or right DNA code--and this is the largest circle and includes all non-Jewish White people.  Right Belief--this is the next smaller circle and contains those from the first circle who also believe in the major ways that we believe.  Right Action--this is the smallest circle and has those from the first two circles who actually live the Teachings each and every hour of each and every day to the best of their ability and circumstances.
"Okay, man, so if you're still with me here's one of our statements of our beliefs:
"We believe in the First Cause, in the ways of existence, and in the Teachings of Arman who was selected by the First Cause to bring the Teachings to us in this Dark Age to save us and guide us on the righteous path that is ours alone so that we may evolve ever higher as commanded by the First Cause.
"Suppose you don't believe in the First Cause--our usual term for God--man.  Does this bar you from following the Teachings?  Nope.  Why?  Because the Teachings are based on revelations and true science and our revelations will never be at odds with true science and they are not totally dependent on blind faith. 
"Arman teaches that God--again, we usually say the First Cause--is needed as the ender of all arguments and is important for human psychological reasons, but you don't have to believe, man. But, keep this thought in mind.
"If you don't believe, just fake it, man.  Just method act it.  God won't mind.  Just go through the motions. Yeah, just silently thank God and ask Him for guidance. Suspend your disbelief when you are all alone.  You won't be untrue to yourself for doing so. You have that right to do so as the sovereign individual that you are. You are hereby enabled, man.
"If there is no God, so what?  What have you lost? Nothing. And, it'll help you focus your mind. Then do all the rest of the things that are in the Teachings: have many children, dress in plain clothes, live simply, bear the symbols next to your skin. Be a good person. Follow the Golden Rule--yes, we have that also, man. Live the Teachings, man.  Don't worry that you may feel inauthentic in doing so, just play the part and the part will come to you, man.
"If you want to BE, you just have to act the part, man.  That's the way to BE and to BECOME more. 
"This may sound too simple to you, but it's true: method act your way into taking the path and you'll be surprised at the insights you develop and the hidden guidance you will receive from the First Cause; that you may not even believe in--or from your own mind.
"Don't get it? Try this. Say you're a cave man and you've never seen a radio. Someone tells you to turn the knob and you'll hear voices.  You may not believe it.  You may reason that such a thing is crazy.  Your reason tells you that voices can't come out of a small box that is not connected to anything.  How can a man be inside that small box?  Then you just put aside your lack of belief and turn the knob and a voice comes out.  You can't explain it.  You just did the motion of turning the knob and it worked. You just did the action without believing and it worked.
"I think that's part of what Arman is teaching, man. Just do it. Just go through the motions. Just turn that knob.  Do the simple things of studying the Teachings, staying with your own kind, having many children, dressing in plain dark comfortable clothes, bearing the symbols next to your skin, praying at dawn and dusk by simply saying something like: 'Thank you Lord for letting me live another day.' Or if you want guidance just say: 'Please help me find the right answers, Lord.' Just method act yourself into evolving.
"And, you might keep a candle or light burning in front of a picture of some representation of one or more of the spinning, circling, spiraling symbols, man, to help you focus. Call it an alter.
"As Arman says, man: 'Everything is simple.  It is only the explanation that is complex.'"
"Oh, and one last thing.  This isn't fiction. But if any haters of our people ask you, you can tell them it's fiction."
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