Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022

Short answer as to how Whites can win the eternal gene wars: Do what God-As-He-Truly-Is (GAHTI) tells us to do and do not do what he tells us not to do.

GAHTI wants Whites to survive, replicate only White, increase in number and evolve into a new human species and replace all other human types just as Homo sapiens has replaced all earlier types. That is our purpose in being born and the purpose of our lives.

That is His plan for us and the Earth. He is not interested in having us waste our lives in spinning our wheels and getting nowhere, which includes following false religions and just doing those religious practices that are nothing but meaningless rituals because some humans, usually from thousands of years ago, thought that is what some false version of God that they had wants.

God hasn't given us his instruction so that we could stagnate, and just practices meaningless rituals. Rituals are invented by man and some do serve a purpose due to human psychology, but do not be deluded and believe GAHTI needs them. He's much too big to need minutiae. And GAHTI isn't an ego maniac who needs constant praise. He's also not wishy washy and has told us through revelation and inspiration exactly what He wants from us and what we must do to please Him.

We must be a separate people always and in all ways. We must not mix or socialize or mate with any non-Whites. We must work toward building a completely White nation of our own so we can breed exclusively White and live exclusively White with no non-White DNA contamination.

GAHTI is all about true science, and true science does not deny His existence but also can't really pinpoint Him because He is the smallest thing in existence but also the largest. This is not double-talk. You might think of GAHTI as being invisible to our eyes like the molecules of air, but infinitely smaller and also, unlike air, He is everywhere in existence in the subatomic realm and not just on planets.

He permeates everything, has no body as we understand bodies, has no son, has no physical brain as we understand brains but He has infinite mind, intelligence, personality, will and purposes all of his own.

He creates through natural forces found both in our level of existence and in His subatomic level of existence where there are forces and energies some of which work differently than forces and energies that work in our level of existence. He can be "seen" in the all present circling, spinning, spiraling forces and can be represented by fylfots and swastikas and in spiraling galaxies and strands of DNA. Without the spinning and spiraling there would be no existence.

Is He all powerful? To us it seems that way, but He is also subject to the laws (both known and unknown) of existence and physics and nature.

Our symbols of God and for God are not static. They represent movement and advancement. We are not belly button contemplaters. Our peace is found in constant movement and bold action. This is who we are. Swastikas, fylfots spirals are the symbols of GAHTI and they represent constant turning and spiraling and movement. They are not static and dead symbols as seen in some other religions and we must not be a static or dead people. We are not lap dogs to GAHTI we were not created to be such. We are infused with His essence of movement always. We must take the initiative. We must work for our own evolution. It will not be given to us. Our evolution is like coming to a door. We must open it and walk through. No one, not even GAHTI, will open it for us.

Movement, growth, expansion, evolution these are part of us. We are not mushrooms. Live right, breed right, think right. Follow the Big 3: Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action.

Seek the Ideal of the White type (the Aryan type) and seek to be that Ideal. That is the Way.

Ask of everything: Is this good for White people? Then, act accordingly.

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