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Arman says the way he tries to live is by treating all life, including all other humans, with  respect and  kindness and that he tries to keep a non-violent, friendly, happy, positive and  polite attitude each and every day no matter who he deals with. He says he tries to treat others as he would like to be treated.

Arman says that he is always focused on what is right and good for Whites, and that he always puts Whiteness above all else, as this is what God has demanded of us as the selected ones, and we must look out for ourselves. He says that he works on improving, perfecting and purifying himself physically, spiritually and genetically to evolve ever higher and that he tries to be the best he can be morally and ethically and that he always tries to do the right and good things. He asks of everything: "Is this good for Whites?"

Arman says, as the selected ones, each of our kind helps imbue the world with the will of God and His love, His goodness, His compassion, and His  justice that is done through our presence as the carriers of the strongest sacred spark within our DNA Code and as the selected workers of God on our level of existence.

Arman says it is our flesh (meaning our DNA Code aka Essence) that is  the essential element in us that is required for our selection and the more of it that is in any place (which also means the more White people in any place), the greater is the light of God and His love, goodness and justice shining forth from our beings like beacons in the night.

Arman says that we have been selected for a special purpose and a special destiny and that our external and internal signs are manifestations of the potential we have, but that we must use our free will to do the right and good things and to activate the potential that we are born with.

Arman says that our selection does not mean we are superior to other kinds or that we have special advantages; instead, it means that we are different and have special Divine laws put upon us and we must obey these laws that are not put on others. One of the main laws put upon us is that we must not miscegenate.  This is not put upon other kinds. Other laws upon us require us to have large White families, to not be celibate, to not have abortions of pure White children, to separate out, to not put ourselves in danger, and more.  We are, in a few words, and in part, commanded to jump out of the melting pot and remain separate and to not mix and mingle with those unlike us and to do this subtly and cleverly if needed so that we can live happy lives without danger or problems for us in our daily lives and so we can live as long as possible to multiply our DNA Code.

Arman says that just by existing and living good and righteous lives, some of the light of God  naturally shines forth from us but if we are aware of it and intentionally live pure White, and do good deeds, and focus on God in everything we do, it is even stronger. Our beings exude more love, goodness and justice the purer we are for it shines from God through us as though we are a pane of glass and the spark within is strong and bright. The cleaner the pane of glass, the greater is the light shining through. This means the purer we are spiritually, physically and genetically the greater is the exudation of the energies of God.

Arman says that even if we live in the only house in a neighborhood that has Whites in it, that neighborhood is made holier  by our presence even though we stick to ourselves as demanded of our kind by God and follow God's laws and do not mingle with the non-Whites around us if we can help it. We do not need to declare our beliefs to others, we just need to live them silently if this is our wish and if doing otherwise might cause discrimination, persecution or harm to us or if this might insult others, for in this last regard, we try not to insult others, or disrespect them, or make them feel bad.  We have our purpose and our destiny and they have theirs and the different purposes and destinies should remain separate for mixing them is against God's laws for our kind.

Arman says that we must leave Black, Brown, Yellow and Red peoples alone as well as any other peoples who may appear White but who aren't really the same as us internally. We are not their masters or their parents or their superiors. We are not here to take care of them, or to help them survive, or to teach them, or to interfere in their fates. They have a right to exist as they are and to have  their own self-determination and ways, and to follow the path of their destiny as God has planned for them, as we must follow our White path.  They, like us, must be allowed to fall or rise on their own. Again, as the selected ones we have more burdens, laws and responsibilities from God placed on us so that we may stay on the evolutionary path that is best for us alone and which, God willing, will lead to our full transformation into a new species, closer to God, as revealed.

Arman says that when we transcend present humanity and become a new species we will look much as the best of us now look but that we will no longer have to fear gene flow from those unlike us, and when we do reach that stage our evolution ever higher will speed up.

Arman says that we should not hurt or harm others in word or deed and thus should not murder, steal, cheat or lie and that we should not  invade the personal space of others or insult them or their dignity and that we should not be arrogant, boisterous or loud and that we should be polite and that we should avoid conflicts, and we should try to do the good and right and try to be just as we always try to be moral and ethical, and that we should  try to live as long as possible to produce as many of our kind of children as our bodies will permit, and that we should  honor God and follow His will and help His purpose, that we should wear plain clothes, work hard, seek our rational happiness, avoid danger to ourselves, not interfere in the destinies of those unlike us and to be indifferent to them no matter what befalls them, to mind our own business, to love life, to not miscegenate and to not mix or socialize unnecessarily with those unlike us and to simply leave them alone to their own fates as we are alone with our own fate and that we are to respect our parents and our ancestors and all of our kind and especially those of our kind who are awakened and that we are to have faith in God and to know that His purpose is working out and that only He can see the trajectory of existence and that He can and does intervene when necessary to correct that trajectory so it stays true to His purpose.

Arman says that he says a short prayer morning and night that simply thanks God for being allowed to live another day to do His work, and he says that he bears the symbols next to his skin as commanded by God.

Arman says that we should live balanced and moderate lives, avoid anything that can harm us or our health and stay focused on our mission.

Arman says God alone can think not only in terms of what happens in milliseconds but in terms of millions of years so what we may see as defeats or victories in our level of existence may be only the most temporary things. He says we must not only look at the short term, but the long term.  We must realize that history is more than just a few hundred or a few thousand years, but is millions of years and we must ensure that we survive and thrive and multiply our kind to continue to exist far into the future.

Arman says constantly that  it is revealed that we are selected to be the ones to become a new species of human and to bring in even more of God's goodness, justice and compassion through our DNA Code but that we must make it happen and we must first seek spiritual  and physical purity which we can do right now while we live our short lives and we must also seek genetic purity which we do by living right and passing on our DNA Code in the right way to the right children who must be born of two Whites only.  We have the potential in our DNA code but we must activate it by having the right beliefs and right actions.

Arman says that all things are different and different things including different kinds of humans are to be grouped together with those most similar to them as they are born. Each kind has its own destiny and confusing those destinies and mixing them is evil.  We White ones have a destiny to become a new species incapable of mating with other kinds of humans but we must remain pure by avoiding contact with other kinds of humans and separating out as ourselves alone and by not interfering in the lives and destinies of other kinds of humans and being indifferent to them and their individual and group fates.  We are alone as they are alone and this must be the way to avoid gene flow from one to the other for such evil gene flows take us off the path to specieshood and closeness with God.. And, if enough of us fail to heed the commands to stay pure, then we shall be forsaken by God and He shall seek another kind to do his work and to help fulfill His purpose.  Having free will and the ability to shape our own fates and futures is given to us and it is a test to see if we choose the right and the good or whether we are so weak minded and impure that we are easily deceived and taken off the sacred path to higher to specieshood and more oneness with God. God does not give us a free ride; we must choose wisely.

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