Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023

Arman knows that not all good Whites will have the same views about religion and some may not be religious at all and may deny the existence of God. That's okay and we are designed to use our brains and decide things and be self-reliant. Nevertheless, If we truly believe in God-As-He-Truly-Is, so much the better, because it helps keep us strong and living His teachings for us.

Arman says it shows that we are evolving higher by having our doubts. God does not have low self-esteem such that He needs constant praise as in some of the false religions with false ideas about His nature. God is concerned more about us living right and being fully White in all ways always. In this sense, we might think of God as being like a teacher whose goal is to teach us right from wrong and the correct ways that He wants us to live to evolve ever closer to Him.

In just a few words what God wants for our kind alone is this: He wants us to be White in all ways, always and to never mix or mate with any non-Whites and to consciously work for our evolution. We have Right Blood by our birth as Whites, now we have to have Right Belief and Right Actions to consciously evolve ever upward.

Arman says he was in that camp that denies the existence of God until he had that experience as a young teen with the light from the sky and the chorus sounds he heard, so it was easy for him to come to believe in the Divine after that experience even though it might seem to some that it might have been a UFO experience rather than a Divine experience.

At any rate, Arman says don't be put off if he speaks of God-As-He-Truly-Is (or more simply God or the Divine) if you have no belief in a Divine entity of any kind. Just focus on the messages which are always about Whiteness before all else and stay White always in all ways and you'll be pretty much on the right track in your life and will also be in tune With God-As-He-Truly-Is even if you don't believe in Him. And, even if you don't believe in Him, He believes in you, because He has selected you because you and our kind are unique in that we are the White people which is an outward sign of having Right Blood.

Ask of everything: Is this good for White people? It also means, to be clear, that you put the White race, the White genome, the White genotype, the White genes, the White skin before all else. Doing this is what is required by God-As-He-Truly-Is or by nature if you are truly White but don't have any or no religious beliefs.

Whether we Whites will become a new species via Darwinian gradualism or by rapid change via saltation or cladogenesis or some other method we cannot be sure, but some of us believe that God-As-He-Truly-Is and/or nature itself has selected us to evolve into a new species of human so long as we live right and follow good practices to mate wisely and bear many children of our kind alone.

In fact, one can argue that Whites are already so different from other races that we are in fact a product of saltation that occurred about 5 to 6 thousand years ago. But whether that is correct or not is not really important. The fact is that we are very different from all non-Whites and we must maintain our differences by never mixing or mating with any non-Whites and by having as many pure White children as our bodies, be they male or female, can produce in long and productive lives.

Darwin believed that we Whites are so different from non-Whites that we are already a different species or even a different genera from all other humans. With this in mind, one wonders if it Is too much for some to suggest that we Whites are post-human and non-Whites are not even human? No matter how some may classify us now, it is still important to know that having as many White children as possible is essential for our further evolution, our further split from the rest of humanity, which is our destiny given to us by God-As-He-Truly-Is. This is so because evolution involves an individual in any type of animal or plant coming into existence who has a favorable mutation. To get that White individual born means we have to have lots of White babies. We don't know when or where such a one is born, but we know it will happen if we do our part to mate White and wisely and produce many White children.

Those who despair that it may not be possible for those now alive to do a comic book like transformation into the new higher being that is our destiny, should understand that the essential part of each one of us is our White genome (that we also sometimes call our White DNA Code or our Essence), that is in all the cells of our beings and it is us and is the blueprint to make us and that we have the power to help this essential part of us transform by the way we live and mate. We gain immortality by mating with those like us and passing on this White genome in our sperm or eggs. The children thus born carry us into the future and if we mated right we have helped improve on our own White genome and/or maybe made some desirable modifications to it by the fact that we have mated wisely with a White of the opposite sex who has those desirable characteristics that we may not have or which they have in greater number or strength than us.

We are born to reproduce ourselves because what is important to God and our evolution is the DNA Code that we carry that made us, us. It is that DNA Code that we must replicate by mating with other Whites and only with other Whites. That is the only way our White DNA Code can carry on and head toward evolution ever higher.

Again, evolution happens when a mutation occurs in the population of an animal or plant that gives that animal or plant a survival advantage over others of its type. But, we must understand that a survival advantage is not really an advantage if the one with that mutation does not reproduce itself. Why? Because, to repeat, what is essential in us is our DNA Code. It must not die when our body dies; it must be spread by having children before we die. So in addition to a favorable mutation, that individual who has it must make more like itself or it is just a dead end.

We are no good if we are dead. Try to stay alive as long as possible. You and all other Whites are needed in our struggle ever upward and for our evolution as planned by God-As-He-Truly-Is. A dead White can do nothing to help with the struggle. Be wise, be clever, be true and avoid danger as much as you can so you can live a long and healthy White life. Do not try to be a hero and risk your life. The future belongs to those who replicate not to those who die childless.

A few tips that may help with your evolution:

Consciously evolve...this means focus on what we are to become.

Learn German...German has sounds in its language that awaken our blood if we are White, even if we have no German ancestry.

Method Live...This is like method acting in which an actor does everything he or she can to be like the character he or she is playing. Play the part of the next step in our evolution and it will help you transform in ways within you.

Learn the truth... about Saint Hitler and his National Socialists and what they were really about, which was about our purification, our survival and our evolution ever higher. They were on the right track and that's why evil enemies of God and Whites waged war against Hitler and his National Socialists.

Bear the symbols...Have a spiral, swastika, fylfot, with you at all times either visible to others or not, as you may choose.

Here are three important quotations about evolution:


“[T]he varieties of mankind are so different that similar differences found in any other animals would warrant their classification in different species, if not in different genera.” — Charles Darwin (quoted in Frank Hankins, The Racial Basis of Civilization, p. 293)


"Living organisms must necessarily compete, for food, for mates and for living space, especially with other members of their own species [i.e. those they can breed with]. They must avoid predators and other dangers. For all these various reasons, some will leave more offspring than others, and it is the genetic characteristics of such preferred replicators which will be passed on preferentially to succeeding generations. This is the essence of natural selection." -- Francis Crick (Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of the shape of DNA) Emphasis added.


“Man is something that shall be overcome.Man is a rope,tied between beast and overman - a rope over an abyss.What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.”-- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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