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This is about White humans. Please bear with me, and I'll get there pretty quickly.

A genetic study of Humpback Whales shows that subtle color differences and skin markings are visible indications that there is not one uniform species of Humpback whales, but that there are at least three subspecies and that they are on different evolutionary trajectories.

And, just as a reminder, remember that a subspecies is an organism that has diverged from the main trunk of the species and is on its way to full specieshood if certain conditions occur. Among these conditions--some more important than others--are a lack of gene flow caused either by geographic isolation or reproductive isolation, differential selection pressures, and mutations that will naturally arise in the isolated population.

And, the same principles that we see at work in Humpback whales--color differences and other easily seen morphological characteristics--apply to humans even though the ignorant one world blenders among us want to deny it as they try to get Whites to let down our guards and miscegenate ourselves out of existence via bedroom genocide. 

The blenders want unawakened and easily manipulated Whites to think all humans are the same so these Whites will mate with non-Whites and produce non-White children instead of White children. The result of this is more non-White children and fewer White children.  It is White genocide that the blenders are playing at. It takes two White parents to produce a White child. A White and any non-White cannot produce a truly White child. It is simply not possible, because a truly White child requires 46 "white" chromosomes--23 from his or her father and 23 from his or her mother.

The truth of nature is this: The present so-called human "races"--Whites, Blacks, Browns, Yellows, Reds--as generally recognized today, are really subspecies*  of Homo sapiens and these subspecies  are then further divided by nature into more subtle races that often correspond with ancient traditional tribes and nations.

In other words, the currently accepted taxonomy of man is flawed. Whites are more than a race. We are a subspecies. And to ensure our survival, our expansion and our continuation on our evolutionary track, we need to breed only with our own White subspecies and we must not breed with the other human subspecies. 

At the same time, we must not, under current conditions, put too fine a point on our taxonomy such that we do not breed with other Whites who do correspond to our ancient traditional tribes and nations. To do so could lead to us breeding far too few of the White kind.  In other words, we should not try to just breed Irish with Irish, French with French, Germans with Germans, etc. but to see all non-Jewish Whites as part of the White subspecies--the White biomass. Should we ever have a completely White world, we might then reasonably start further defining ourselves.

Nature is the tireless and never sleeping backyard engineer constantly causing the divergence of life as it never stops tinkering with organisms to allow life to not only fill every niche that can supply energy for life processes, but so that the organisms that flow into every niche are comfortable in those niches and have the tools to prosper and  compete with other organisms for dominance.**  In this regard, one can say that all is change and all is in flux.  And, nature doesn't play favorites but tinkers with all organisms all the time, so the struggle to be and to be more is also never ending and the competition is constant. It's just a natural part of cosmic evolution. 

If we understand this, we can get in the game and not aimlessly drift through life, but we can live consciously and with purpose.  And, because of our brains and our consciousness we White ones can  start taking a hand in our own evolution along the path that is best for us alone. In fact, I say we White ones are at the point in our evolutionary development where, for our own benefit as the unique people that we are--White people--that we must consciously do this or we risk blending back in with the non-White masses and disappearing.

This is not a call for eugenics, as the term is normally used. I reject eugenics as being counterproductive to our evolution and I reject the notion of an aristocratic type among us that we should try to breed, as this often leads to fewer of us being born, and it keeps some of the so-called, and self-designated aristocrats from breeding at all.  So, some of these so-called aristocrats write some books about philosophy and then they die and turn to dust. They are then extinct, as is their DNA code.  What was the purpose of their lives?  There was none--at least not as cosmic time is measured. It would have been better if they had written fewer books and jumped in bed more. Then, they would still exist in their DNA codes that they passed on. But, of course, it would have been better still if they had written all their books and also jumped in bed more.  The two things are not mutually exclusive.

I say that we Whites should breed to our maximum--but only with other Whites and never with non-Whites. I have faith in our unique DNA code that makes us White people and I believe it has defaults that will allow nature to sort it out for us as we consciously evolve along the exclusively White path so long as we provide enough fleshly material for nature to work with--this means we need to teem like maggots on garbage. We need every White to breed to his or her maximum according to what his or her body can produce.

And, further, I believe many of us do have the so-called desirable "racist gene," which is more than likely a complex of genes and DNA factors that not only gives us a heightened sens of who is us and who is not us--a beneficial survival mechanism--but that this "racist gene" also gives us the ability to transform ourselves (through the natural and fundamental processes of evolution) into a new species incapable of breeding with other types of humans (this is a good thing, this not being able to breed with them) when we have enough of us.

We must understand that organisms that can't adapt and compete are replaced. We White humans can understand these things that so-called lower organisms can't understand, and in understanding we must act.  Understanding is both a gift and a responsibility. Our primary responsibility is to breed White and to breed often--to let the armies and civilizations that exist as sperm and eggs within our bodies emerge into the world to fix with is broken and to make it a better place.

The ways of existence, including life and evolution, are all around us and right in our back yards.  We just have to live consciously, open our eyes, and use our reason to see and understand the truth and the basic underlying forces that shape everything from viruses, to whales to humans.  Life is life. Get in the game. Multiply, evolve.  Expand always and contract never. It is the way.

#                                     #                                       #

*I accept, here, the term "subspecies" as a convention, but I believe that in reality we Whites are actually a different species of man, and that the definition of species which largely rests on whether or not organisms can interbreed is incorrect and needs to be changed.

**Dominance = the best seats in the house.

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