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If They Don'​t Look Like You, The​y Are Not Like You​ by H. Millard © 2013

If you see humans who don't look like you externally, why would you believe they are the same as you internally?  The reason you might believe this is because you've been conditioned to believe it, and it's not true.

Skin color in humans is not the same as paint on an automobile.  And, humans aren't like  identical automobiles coming off an assembly line and then almost as an afterthought some are painted this color and some this other color.

Do not expect non-White humans to act like White humans.  They are different from the blueprint on up. If they don't look White, they are not White--both externally and internally.

Those who want to blend all humans together, constantly try to convince Whites that we should deny what our eyes tell us.  How often have you heard the shibboleths "Race is only skin deep," or "We all bleed red blood"? Those absurdities are just a tiny part of the daily conditioning to try to get us to override our natural instincts, which are hardwired to our sight, so that we will mix with non-Whites and  breed ourselves away via bedroom genocide. 

You've seen the ads, the TV shows and the movies where mixed Black and White couples are having fun and enjoying themselves.  These are in the same category as  cigarette ads of beautiful young people who are at the beach (while you may be slogging through snow) and they're all laughing and  smoking and having fun.  In psychology, this pairing of images of  concepts of beautiful, young, having fun, with cigarettes is called a halo effect where  smoking cigarettes is associated in your subconscious with the positive images. It is a form of conditioning.

This type of conditioning is a way to seep positive  images into your uncritical subconscious where you will, below the level of your conscious mind, want to be like those beautiful people, and have fun. It works much like hypnotism where posthypnotic suggestions are embedded in your subconscious.  As you probably know, your subconscious is non-critical.  It simply accepts whatever is put there and doesn't question it. Just as Pavlov's dogs were conditioned to salivate when hearing a bell ring, Whites are being conditioned to think of positive things when we see non-Whites and with non-Whites and Whites mixing.  That's also why the press tries to hide Black on White violent crime. If Whites see all the Black on White crime that is happening, this can break the trance like positive conditioning that the blenders are trying to accomplish.

To really  understand the importance of sight to humans in determining who is us and who is not us and to help deprogram Whites from societal conditioning that is daily done to us to try to have us override our natural instinct for survival via our sight, we need to understand  just a little about how nature has designed organisms--including humans--and why it has designed us as it has.

Start with this idea:  The primary purpose of every organism is to make more like itself.  And then, follow it with this one: To make more like itself an organism must survive to breed.

To survive to breed, nature  has given all animals various senses to help them avoid danger, to help them find food, and to help them find mates.  There will usually be one sense that is more important than others--the king of the senses in that particular animal.  This is so, because nature is limited in an engineering sense in what it can build into any organism.  If it gives an organism an abundance of one type of thing, it generally has to short it out in other ways to fit it all in the package.  So, if nature gives an organism superior sight, it has less room to give it superior hearing or a superior sense of smell. Think of it this way:  You could design an airplane that will be as strong as a tank.  However, that airplane probably won't be able to fly because of the heavy armor.  It works the same way as nature engineers in flesh.

In dogs, the sense of smell is the king of the senses.  In humans,  it is the sense of sight.  The most important sense--the king of the senses-- is the one that allows the animal to sense danger and avoid the danger so the animal can live to breed and make more like itself--that is nature's primary goal: design life that can survive to breed and make more like itself. 

Danger usually comes from those different from you in some way. (You may wish to read other of my essays on gene wars, in this connection.)  Now, as already indicated, nature is a frugal engineer. So, when nature  gives an animal a king of the senses to help it survive by knowing us from not us, it often hardwires that same sense to the mating instinct.  Remember, nature wants you to survive to breed. If you die without breeding, you are a dead end and your life is wasted as far as nature is concerned. To survive to breed, you must avoid danger.   Thus, in dogs, the mating instinct is hardwired to the sense of smell  that tells the dog us from not us, and it is smell that also triggers the mating instinct.

In humans, sight is primarily what tells us who is us and who is not us, and our mating extinct is also hardwired to sight.  How can we know this?  Look at any men's magazines  and porn.  Our sight is hardwired to our libido. If dogs were to have their version of men's magazines and porn, they would be based on what they can smell, not what they can see. The jokes now come unbidden: "Hey, Spot, did you get a smell of her in the latest issue of Playdog? Va-va-voom!"

To repeat:  In humans, sight is the king of our senses. Don't deny your eyes.  They are not lying to you.

Rid yourself--deprogram yourself--of the false belief that different looking peoples are the same inside as you.  They aren't.  Oh, you'll find some individual non-Whites, here and there, who seem the same as Whites, but put them in groups and you'll find their true nature.  It's not that the individual non-Whites who seem White in their ways are always, at every minute, consciously trying to act like Whites, it just  means these individuals have adapted socially to situations  in order to survive amongst Whites.  Of course other non-Whites may then castigate these non-Whites for acting White. To truly know any distinct peoples, look at them when their numbers rise above a critical level in a community, and you'll see them more clearly.  It is in groups where we see the statistical truths of the nature of different peoples.  Don't fall for the lie that you must look at every non-White as an individual and not as a member of a group of like individuals or you may set yourself up to be an easy victim of a non-White who means you harm.

Our eyes send signals to mentally balanced and healthy Whites about who is a good mate for the survival of us and our family lines (actually, it is the survival of our DNA code that is important, but that's for another essay). And, if you are truly mentally balanced and healthy, you'll automatically be looking for mates who look much like you.  This is because if they look like you, they possess many of the same genes that you possess and your children will carry on for you when you pass away.   Pity those weak seed, neurotic Whites who are so easily suggestible that they are blending themselves and their family lines back to Africa by not choosing White.

Our highest White destiny is to evolve upward to become a different species--a step up from where we are now.   We Whites are already a different subspecies and this puts us on the threshold to full specieshood. This will only be achieved by those who do not blend back in with darker humans.  Those Whites who do blend with non-Whites are on a downward spiral  back to Africa and the fever swamps of this dark planet.  They are the walking dead and on their way to extinction and non-existence.


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