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Look out for yourself and your White interests and do not practice misplaced altruism. This is the essence of what is moral for Whites.

Let me proleptically clear up something before I go any further.  Jewish Ayn Rand (born Alisa Rosenbaum) did not invent this concept of good selfishness--looking out for yourself and not sacrificing yourself or your interests for others.

Rand's  philosophy, that she called Objectivism, is simply a rehash of  egoism (not to be confused with egotism).  Egoism, in its simplest form, simply means that you put yourself and your interests first and that you do not practice altruism unless such altruism actually benefits you in some meaningful and rational way.  Or, simply, you should  always  looking out for  and do what is best for Number 1.  More about what I mean by "benefiting you" and "Number 1" a little further on.

Egoism can be easily traced back  to Aristotle ( 384-322 BC), but it goes  further back even before written language.  So, it's not a new concept. In fact, it is born out of our most important instinct: self-preservation or  personal survival. 

Several authors in the modern era have used the term "selfishness" in a positive way in the titles of books and columns as they put egoism in their own words.  Just two examples make the point. In 1961, the already mentioned Ayn Rand published The Virtue of Selfishness which was subtitled A New Concept of Egoism. As I've already stated, her philosophy  wasn't really new. It was simply egoism but  in her own words.   And, even her title wasn't  really that new. In 1937 David Seabury had published The Art of Selfishness which was also egoism and also in his own words.  Other authors have published other works on egoism without using either the terms selfishness or egoism, but the philosophy is the same no matter what you call it.  It is about looking out for yourself and seeking your own happiness.

Still, the reason for using the term selfishness in a positive way in titles is because it has a certain shock/attention getting value in societies--unfortunately, mostly White societies--where it seems that most people just accept without question the false notion that altruism is a great good and that we as individuals somehow owe it to others, or have a duty, to sacrifice ourselves and our interests to help others even when we do not benefit and when it may actually put us in danger or even harm  or kill us. Witness the White pathological altruists who rush to Africa to "help" Blacks and who even adopt Black children.  Of course, this is really a form of noblesse oblige racism that is practiced by these Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers, but I've written about these pitiful sad sacks  in other essays.  And, of course, the term selfishness is easier for many people to understand than using the term egoism, which too many confuse with egotism.  And as you can see, I recognize the value of the term  selfishness as I chose to call this essay In Praise of White Selfishness.

However, it is that inclusion of White in my title that makes this  version of egoism  good for us as Whites and branches it off  from most other versions which take the false view of a universal humanity.  I reject that silly and unscientific notion in favor of particularism.  The truth is that you can no more intelligently discuss humans unless you bring in race, than you can intelligently discuss dogs without bringing in breeds.

To fully understand this particularistic White version of egoism, and why it makes perfect logical sense, one must first understand that we are in eternal gene wars, and I've written extensively about that, but just as a reminder the eternal gene wars are nature's way of finding the best organisms for every niche. It is a competition for survival and dominance.

The term gene wars can, in many instances, be used interchangeably with the term natural selection (but there is more to gene wars that you can read about in my many other essays).

The fiercest battles in the gene wars, no matter the species, are between related organisms that can breed with each other and produce viable offspring.

In the case of humans, this means the most important gene wars are between different races and sub-races and different types of humans for the survival of entire genomes. But, the smaller battles in these interracial gene wars are fought at the individual gene level and include every biological/mental feature and characteristic that makes each of us, us.

So, the battles are between skin colors, eye colors, hair colors and textures, ear shapes, the way our brains work, and so on.  There is not a single feature or  characteristic in us that is not battling for survival and dominance. And, that's the way nature (or God, if you prefer) wants it.  There is no free ride in nature.  Compete and win, or you lose.  For example, blonde hair color genes are competing with all other hair color genes. If there are fewer blondes in existence now than in the past, it is because other hair color genes are winning the battle for survival and dominance.  It is the same with every other feature and characteristic.  That, in a nutshell, is what the eternal gene wars are about: biological/genetic survival, dominance and elimination of similar types that can replace one's genes and genome.

It is important if one lives a proper and good life, with egoism as part of one's religion/philosophy, that one knows that  White identity, White survival, White expansion and White evolution must always and in all ways be in one's mind and that one must always consider what is best for Whites and to practice limited altruism only for our own kind, which is not really altruism as it benefits each of us Whites as individuals if we help our fellow Whites. Why? Because, the "self" that is each of us is more than just the person we see in the mirror. The  self includes our DNA Code.  And, it is our DNA Code that will survive us if we have children with other Whites. The more Whites there are on the planet, the greater is the chance that our descendents will mate with them and not with non-Whites and if they mate with Whites our DNA Code goes forward into future generations.  If, however, they mate with non-Whites that ends our DNA Code. Why?  Because it takes two Whites to make a new White person. Why?  Because when we mate, each of us contributes 23 of our White chromosomes to a new child and the partner of the opposite sex also provides 23 of his or her chromosomes.  If you mate with a non-White, the children you produce will not have the full 46 White chromosomes needed to make a White person. Again, it takes two White people, a White male and a White female to make a new White person.  There is no other way. 

Do not die as a dead-ender, if you are a healthy White capable of having children, it is incumbent on you to find White mates who will partner with you to multiply your personal DNA Code so you will live on into the future

within the White children you bring forth. Existence is better than non-existence and when you make more like yourself by having children who are our kind of children, you continue to exist.

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