Be White, Think White, Live White, Breed White.


The so-called White racist gene or the claim that Whites are born racist and thus are an evil on this dark planet is something that we hear fairly often from non-White haters of Whites and even from weak seed, self hating Whites.

Too many Whites seem to want to run away from this racist characterization and from the notion that we have a racist gene or inborn characteristic.  I say we should not run away from such a gene or characteristic but embrace it and cultivate it and try to breed more Whites with this gene or this characteristic.

Being a White racist is not something to be overcome. At its most basic, such a gene or characteristic is a survival mechanism to help us fulfill our highest possible destiny and it gives those with it a reproductive advantage for their DNA code because it tends to keep them from miscegenation.  Thus, if they breed only White, their genotype will be just as pure in the next generation.

Now, in this regard, one must understand that the goal of the life force as manifested first in DNA and then in the total organisms engineered by the DNA is to expand always and contract never.  It is this life force which is within DNA which in turn makes us as we are, that "wants" to survive and expand to fill all of existence with itself.  Why?  It requires no more reason than to understand  that existence as a mass of living, sensing, experiencing minerals is better than being so-called non-living, non-sensing, non-experiencing minerals.  Life is its own reward and its own reason for being.  It needs no more explanation than that.

Back to "that" boogey man word that so many timid Whites are afraid of: racism.  What is racism, really?   My definition is that it is the rational and intelligent belief and recognition that humans, due to evolution, have evolved into different subspecies, races and subraces and that the different types of humans are on different evolutionary tracks so long as they don't have gene flow from one type to another.  I also say that this is a good thing for Whites and that our evolutionary track  toward more Whiteness is the best one for us.  Yes, my taxonomy is a little different than what you may have been taught elsewhere, because I believe the major races of humans are actually subspecies and that the subspecies can then be further divided into races and subraces.  So, under this taxonomic scheme we Whites are a subspecies.  I'm not much concerned about the races and subraces of Whites who fall under this subspecies label and they mostly conform to our ancient nation states.  We must define ourselves as we are, which is different from non-White humans, but we must be careful to not define ourselves too much or we end up fragmenting our subspecies--Whites.  We are a White people. That is what is important.

Now, those who hate Whites use various other definitions of racism  to brow beat and cow Whites into submission.  I say screw them.  Personally, I just don't care what non-Whites think about anything and I'm not one who feels it is necessary to be loved by everyone. I believe we Whites must separate as best we can from all non-Whites.  If we are not able to physically separate, because of our jobs or other factors, we can still separate by avoiding non-Whites in our everyday lives as much as possible.  No, we don't have to shout it from the rooftops or wear it on our sleeves.  We can be polite and just stay away from them and their businesses and avoid social situations as much as possible.  No one has a right to know what we're thinking unless we want to tell them.  For some of us our Whiteness and our beliefs are religious in nature or fill the spot that other religious beliefs fill in the lives of others. And, just as most people simply don't discuss their religious beliefs with others, so too is this the case with many of us.  If we wish to discuss them, we do.  If we do not wish to discuss them, we don't.

Now, back on that so-called racist gene.  I accept the hypothesis that there is a genetic component to White  racism and that it is a survival mechanism as it tends to make those with it not want to mate with non-Whites, and by not mating with them, those with the White racist gene keep their White family lines pure by avoiding gene flow that would corrupt the White genotype and cause a devolution from White to non-White.

It has been said that the only proof that is needed to prove that there is a gene for anything, say, the ability to read, is to find a gene that keeps one from having the ability to read.  If there is the latter, then there is the former.

And, is there a non-racist gene that might indicate that there is a racist gene?  Yes. It is actually the deletion of around 25 genes from Chromosome 7.  Those who are missing these genes are born with what is called  Williams Syndrome--which affects about 1 in 7,500 to 20,000 people.  Those with Williams syndrome are often easy victims because they are unable to pick up danger signs in social situations and have no racial bias.  They are, in a sense, easy victims who will walk right into danger.  They are genetic non-racists and they lack the survival genes that those with the so-called "White racist gene" have.

Be White, Think White, Live White, Breed White.  Stay pure.

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