cannibal kettle

by H. Millard © 2008

The entire universe is evolving, and we're part of it, whether we know it or not, and whether we like it or not.  

 We have now evolved to the point where we have the consciousness and intelligence to guide and steer our small part of evolution to our advantage. If we do not steer, we will be blindly steered in ways that may not be the best for us. 
It is though nature has said, "I've brought you to the point where you can now decide which paths to take. If you choose wisely, you can not only avoid extinction but you can also move upward thousands of years faster than would otherwise be the case--even if evolution by chance were to allow such a thing at all."
Why is everything evolving?  Because everything is spinning and turning and twisting and spiraling.  It is this way starting with the smallest things in existence and it is this way with the universe as a whole and it is this way with everything in between including humans.  And, without this, there would be no existence. 


Jump out of the melting pot you European descended peoples--you indigenes of the less sunny climes--that foul kettle of genocide beckons with sweet nothings to entrap easily suggestible people with weak minds who are manipulated by those who would blend you into an undifferentiated mass of humanity from which you emerged a bare eye blink of  50,000 years ago, when you left the rest of humanity in Africa and headed north into Europe.
The Melting Pot calls with a siren song written in the words of our day and place: "Come on in, we're all the same.  If you don't come in, you're a racist.  Don't you know we all bleed red blood? Race doesn't matter at all.  Don't let skin color make you not jump in. Why, the melting pot is like a large community spa.  Just drop your inhibitions, take this glass of  mind fogging wine and relax. Come on, genes don't matter. There is only one race, the human race. Race is only skin deep. Everyone is doing it, so how can it be wrong?"
And, that last sentence above is the modern version of what may have been said at Sodom and Gomorrah.  "Everyone is doing it, so how can it be wrong?"
But, what is wrong?  And what is right?  And, how do you know the difference.  Is what everyone is doing, right?  Is that how we determine something is right or wrong? Was the earth proven flat because everyone once thought it so?
If you believe in a God, and if you believe in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, you already know that just about all the people in those two cities thought that what they were doing was right, but God had a different vision of right and wrong.  God won.
And, if you don't believe in a God and/or if you don't believe in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, can't you still reason to an understanding of right and wrong from what you know from what science teaches you?
God, or nature if you prefer, screams out to go forth and multiply in your own image.  That is your first purpose in life: reproduce more like you.  Make more like yourself.  That's why doing things that do not produce more like yourself are wrong.
Homosexuality fulfills the basic mating urge to feel good by the application of friction, but it doesn't lead to having children.  Thus it is wrong.
Mating with those unlike you also fulfills the basic mating urge, but it doesn't produce children in your image.  Children of such unions don't have your 23 chromosomes with your genes and a similar set of 23 chromosomes from the person you have mated with. This means the child is not in your image. To be in your image, the child must have the full complement of 46 chromosomes from your genotype and phenotype. He or she must have all your major mutations.
We whites are mutants.  I've written about it before and it's true.  A few years ago, researchers discovered that a small change--a little mutation--to gene slc24a5 found on the long arm of chromosome 15 may account for a large part of why white people are white. 
Researchers now believe that this white skin mutation became predominant in Europe between 5,300 and 12,000 years ago.
But that's not the only mutation we have. Just look at European descended peoples and then look at other peoples.  There are many differences. "We" have adapted and changed in order to survive, and we'll continue to adapt and change so long as we are put in conditions that are different than they are now. Of course, by "We," I mean that our genes have adapted and changed us so that we carriers of these genes would survive to keep carrying the genes.
 And, we will adapt and change in the best way for us when we are once again geographically and reproductively isolated and when we understand that we must take charge of our evolution and when we take the actions necessary to do this.
For some of us this does not mean a return to eugenics, which we consider to be counter productive.  No, it means that we must reproduce to our maximum but only within our genotype and phenotype.  Every new one of us is needed.  All niches in society must be filled by our own people.  Sheer numbers of us is an absolute requirement to evolve.
We believe that we, the indigenous peoples of Europe, were on the way to being a separate species of human beings when the trajectory of modern technology in the form of mass communication and mass transportation crossed the path of our evolutionary trajectory. 
These two realities of modern life--mass communication and mass transportation--led to the removal of our traditional geographic and reproductive isolation and to the present Dark Age of miscegenation, birth control, family planning and our declining birth rate.
But we do not view the changes as necessarily calamitous, but just part of the eternal struggle to be and to be more. We embrace the struggle of existence and we do not bemoan it.  We realize that in the present Dark Age, the struggle is, before all else, a psychological one.  Our weakness or strength is first found in our minds.  The weak will jump into the melting pot and disappear from our gene pool, while the strong will jump out and jump into the distillation flask.
This then is our challenge in this Dark Age--to fight against an evil that does not even seem like an evil to the larger society. It is an evil that thinks it is good and which tries to have us give up our separateness and blend back into the great majority of human kind that does not have our mutations.
We cannot know the future, but we know from the past that there have been bottlenecks in evolution in which most humans died off and only a few got through the bottleneck to be the new Adams and Eves. 
How many times this has happened, is not clear.  But, it may be a normal part of the process.  We believe that those who understand the things written about here and who lead their lives in accordance with them, will be the ones to emerge on the other  side of the bottleneck as the new species, while those who blend back in with humanity will die off or be left behind.

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