by H. Millard (c) 2022


by H. Millard (c) 2022

Our views of race are not new. They go back thousands of years and, among other places, are found in the Indian Laws of Manu (aka Code of Manu) written by the ancient (and then White) Aryans of India.

A major purpose of the Laws of Manu was to help keep Whites separate from other races and this developed into the caste system.

The word Varna means both caste and color, and it was the skin color of the caste members that was primary, followed by various other factors such as place in society, work they were suited for, and more.

The four traditional castes are:

Brahmins--described in the Laws of Manu as White. They are the so-called priestly or thinking caste. They are the highest caste. Although there has been much miscegenation in India, you can still find members of the Brahmin caste who look a little more like southern Italians than most Indians.

Kshattriyas-- described as Redish (more of a tint than real red). They are the warrior or soldier class.

Vaishyas--described as Yellowish (more of a tint than real yellow). They are the commoners and merchant class.

Shudras-- described as Brownish/Blackish. They are the ordinary workers.

The Untouchables are described as very Black--they are former slaves and the like. They are not part of the caste system.

These designations are being attacked in our woke society as the wokeists are trying to redefine the caste terms to remove the clear racial elements that put Whites at the top of the system.

Today the anti-White wokeists and Blenders focus on the caste elements relating to the secondary descriptions of the castes such as the occupations and social class of the castes and try to hide or downplay the skin color elements that are primary and which really define, and which was the original purpose of the castes and the untouchables.

To repeat, the system was to keep Whites White and to erect social barriers to miscegenation. It would have been far better to erect geographical barriers, but perhaps that wasn't possible.

The takeaway from this is that even if you have a strong system to stop White miscegenation (such as the Laws of Manu), it will eventually fail unless you have complete and total separation in separate lands. Trying to keep Whites from turning non-White in a diverse land doesn't work in the long run. It should only be a stop gap measure before full and complete geographic and eternal separation.

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