(black and white squirels)


This is a collection of some of my essays and snippets on how we Whites must learn from nature if we are to survive.  Our advantage over so-called lower animals, including the Red Squirrel-- which figures prominently in what follows --is that we can study and understand nature and we can consciously work to adapt ourselves to compete better and repel invasive species that threaten our survival.  Think of what follows as chapters in a book. Each chapter is self contained so you can start anywhere and skip around.


 I say the plight of the native British Red Squirrel is an almost perfect living metaphor for what is happening to the native British people and also to Whites in other formerly all White nations.

But before I get into that, let me point out that for hundreds of thousands of years humans looked at nature and didn't understand, and then in 1831 Charles Darwin boarded the HMS BEAGLE and he understood. Darwin was just 22-years-old.  I bring this up because now we have many millions of people who do not understand what is really happening in Great Britain and most other formerly White nations.  And, in not understanding they face their genocide and extinction. Darwin would have understood.

The native British Red Squirrel once did fine and prospered in Great Britain with the way it lived.  It had plenty of food and lots of room to move about. It was the king of its ecological niche and found plenty of living space and energy sources.

Then, its ecological niche was invaded by the Grey squirrel which is not native to Great Britain.  The Grey squirrel produces more offspring and is more aggressive.  It doesn't need as much space between it and other Greys to feel comfortable and thus has no problem in increasing its population.

The British people are much like the Red squirrel.  They mostly don't like to live in crowded conditions, and their land was pretty much that way because that's how they made it.  They also had plenty of energy resources and they lived  contented lives.

Now, however, Great Britain is being invaded by non-native invasive human species (you can call them races if you wish), who have a higher birth rate and who don't mind being crowded together--in fact, they like it. And, they are now competing with White Britons for energy (food) and living space.
*                          *                                                             *


Another sign of White genocide as non-Whites swamp Great Britain and unleash the armies of themselves carried in their bodies is the fact that Muhammad is now the most common baby name in Great Britain.

But of course, this is just part of evolution.  If a type of organism doesn't make more like itself to fill its land to repel other kinds, then the other kinds will gladly take over that land and fill it with their kind and displace the original organisms.

Nature doesn't play favorites.

Breed more like yourself or go extinct. 

And, there can be no excuses, none of "Well, our kind has written great books and composed great music and invented many things."  The retort to this is that it was not "your kind" that did these things but "individuals" of your kind.  "Tell us, dear chap,  what part you, personally had in writing those great books and composing that great music, and what hand did you have in all those inventions?  And, while you're at it, tell us why you should get to keep this land, when others are coming here who are competing better for it than you and while you simply get old, have no children and die off?"

Nature doesn't care.  It just keeps grinding on, and those who hear and obey nature's cry to make more like themselves or perish live on and take over lands while the effete, low reproducing, and poor competitors--the former "owners"--are replaced and go extinct.

And, Great Britain is a good example of nature's way of rewarding the best suited for any niche. 

As I've written before, the native squirrel in Great Britain is the Red Squirrel.  It's a cute little thing with fur tufts on its ears.  Now, it is heading toward extinction as the American Grey Squirrel has found its way to Great Britain and is competing better for space and resources.  The Greys are more aggressive, breed more and quickly take over land once the exclusive province of the Reds.  A living metaphor for White Brits, perhaps.  And, nature doesn't care if humans think the Reds are cuter and less a problem than the Greys. If you can't or won't compete, you lose. Period.
*                                               *                                                                         *



I wonder how many White people who have read the above headline even realize that what they are reading are stories about their own genocide and extinction?

My guess is that most Whites are unconcerned and might say something like "Hey there are plenty of humans and we all bleed red blood, so what does it matter if  there are fewer Whites as a percentage of the population?"  

Of course, that sort of statement shows, at the very least, that the person is alienated from himself or herself at their most essential level; and saying that would be a little like a guy saying that it doesn't matter if he's shot dead while walking down the street because there are plenty of other humans.

Individuals and groups of like individuals are not fungible.  

We, as individuals, and as members of distinct groups, are all different. If we are replaced by people from other groups, we simply no longer exist.

Meanwhile, some other Whites, who do have a little more awareness of such things (but not enough), try to justify their genetic contraction by sniffing, incorrectly, that Whites should breed for quality instead of quantity and that's how, they say, we'll stave off our extinction. 

Nature disagrees with this fewer is better argument.

 It is so obvious that quantity is what is needed for the survival of a group, that one feels silly even having to argue the point. The simple truth is that Whites, no less than any other living things, must breed or die.

How many stories do some people have to read about blonds dying out or blue eyes becoming rare to get it? How many once mostly White cities and countries, now full of non-Whites, do some people need to visit to understand?  

You don't win life's game by being the few.  You win by being the many.

Expansion is life, contraction is death.  At present, Whites are on a death spiral caused by their contraction as a percentage of the human population.

What happens when a people contracts in a land and does not fill that land with its own kind?  Well, nature abhors a vacuum, and  will soon fill that land with other people. That's what happened to the American Indians and now that's what's happening to Whites.

Whites really do need to get out of the sleep-like state they're in as a people and understand about existence and survival, and the purpose and meaning of life, and how nature works. 

As we seek understanding, we first need to know that all of existence is a struggle to be, to be more, and for dominance of a niche or niches. Or, to put this in other terms, all of existence is a fight for the best seat in the house. It is this way from subatomic particles to entire galaxies of millions of stars. And, it is no less so with us. 

Even within our individual bodies there is a struggle between individual genes for expression.  Genes for blue eyes struggle to be against genes for brown, green, grey, hazel eyes, and it goes for every other part of your body. Everything is in conflict for existence and dominance.  There is no right and no wrong in this.  There is just a struggle to exist. All of existence is a vast spinning, whirling battle to bring forth the best adaptations in every species for the niche or niches that the species occupies. 

The struggle for existence isn't something to be avoided, but to be embraced.  It is completely natural.

As far as we know, we humans are the only organisms on Earth that can understand the struggle for existence on an intellectual level, and in understanding we can make conscious adjustments in our behaviors to come out on top. 

We also need to understand that the individual human being isn't important in the big picture.  It is his or her internal code--the genotype (that leads to the phenotype) that is important, i.e. his or her collected genes that make the person what he or she is.  

In all organisms, it is the internal genetic code that must survive if the species is to survive.  All organisms at our level of existence (meaning what you see around you every day) are the finished life forms "spun" by their internal code to be as they are.  It is that internal code--the recipe--the genotype that gives all organisms their external appearance, their phenotype, that is important.

So, why aren't Whites making more like themselves?  They've lost nature's plot.

You'll hear them saying things such as "Oh, taxes are too high so I can't have children," or "My wife and I have decided the Earth is too crowded so we're going to help save the environment by not having children," or "I haven't met the right person yet."  or "With kids, I wouldn't be able to live the kind of life I want to live." Some will then say snide things about welfare mothers who have many children but who can't support them and how they're not going to do that.

Such people need to rethink their biases, because their way is the way of extinction. That welfare mother with many children, will have her children dance on the graves of these effete Whites who don't reproduce to their maximum. 

But, instead of getting blue in the face arguing the finer points of this and saying over and over that Whites must start having large White families again, I'll just switch to a recent news story from England.

You see, I know that even using the word White, makes many Whites squirm.  Pitiful but true. So, I'll now talk about squirrels, which should relive the squirming and still make the point.

In brief, the native Red squirrels in England have almost been wiped out by the Grey squirrels and now the grey squirrels are being wiped out by the Black squirrels. 

It's now been confirmed (genetically) that the Black squirrels in England are all the offspring of a single Black squirrel from America that escaped into the wild in the 1880's and mated with Grey squirrels (also from America).  The offspring of the single Black squirrel and the Grey squirrels weren't Grey squirrels--but more Black squirrels.

If you don't understand why the offspring are Black squirrels and not Grey squirrels or why they're not half Black and half Grey, just look at Barack Obama for a clue. 

Want another clue?  Dominant vs. recessive genes.  

[Note: Dominant and recessive, here, just means that it only takes one parent with the dominant genes to have  those genes expressed, but it takes two parents with the recessive genes to have the recessive genes expressed. Most genes do not produce blended results, so it's either this characteristic or this other characteristic.]

What's happening is that the Black squirrels in England are more aggressive than the Reds and the Greys and they're  also breeding more of their kind. As a result, they're taking over squirrel land.  It's no more complicated than that. Their Black squirrel genes are becoming a larger percentage in the squirrel gene pool than other squirrel genes.

Now, if squirrels could talk, we'd probably hear some weak willed and ignorant Reds and Greys talking about how much they love the diversity and how all squirrels are the same because they all bleed red blood.

Bye, bye deadender Red and Grey squirrels. You have not adapted, you have not been able to compete, you have not bred to your maximum. You are on your way to extinction.   If you produced more of yourselves, you'd take back your land. But, as it is, your genes are being replaced in the squirrel gene pool. Love your diversity while you can because such diversity doesn't remain, it's just the time period before you are replaced.

This is the way of nature.  It is the same with squirrels as it is with all living things including all humans and, of course also, White people.

But there is one difference.  We humans can use our brains to understand what's happening and we can consciously adapt and take proper steps so that we don't become extinct.  

In other words, our fate is not beyond our conscious control as it is with the Red and Grey squirrels.  They don't have a conscious thought about what's going on.  They can't count or think abstract thoughts.  They just know there are newer squirrels who don't look like them and who seem to be more numerous with each passing year, while those who look like them are fewer and fewer. 

Pretending still that the squirrels could talk, might we not hear some weak-willed Reds and Greys telling other Reds and Greys, who see the extinction that is looming, that it's racist for them to notice that they're being slowly killed off and largely because of their lack of producing offspring?

*                                             *                                                       *


In thinking about the pumpkins in my back yard the other day, and how they compete for living space and the energy provided by the sun,my mind turned, of course, to thinking about the competition between Sciurus carolinensis and Sciurus vulgaris who are more commonly known as the Eastern Grey Squirrel and the Red Squirrel. 

Yes, dear friends, the competition in nature is all encompassing and affords constant examples of how nature works.

But, here's where some get it wrong about this competition. They think the competition is always conscious or involves direct combat-like contests between different types that occupy the same niches. 

Thinking this way gives too much weight to the importance of the actual whole organisms; in our present case, Greys vs. Reds, rather than to the organisms' internal genetic codes. 

It is these internal genetic codes that are "trying" to prevail. [No, the genetic codes don't have consciousness or wills; their "trying" is a simple fail/not fail situation like water seeking its own level.]

Behind the genetic codes is dispassionate nature itself, which is the eternal tinkerer constantly tweaking the codes and reshuffling parts of them on a never ending trial and error basis to develop life forms--no matter what they are--that can prosper in all niches and survive various changes. Yes, this is the stuff of natural selection and the survival of the fittest.

A land full of fruit and nuts? Nature tweaks the genetic code to produce organisms that love eating fruit and nuts. A gulf full of floating oil? Nature tweaks the genetic code to produce organisms that love eating oil. And, so it goes.

Anyway, back to the nut eating rodents. The Red Squirrel was doing just fine in Great Britain until someone introduced the Greys. Now, the Reds are facing extinction.

The two types don't attack each other or engage in any sort of furry fisticuffs, but the Reds just can't compete with the Greys in the same niche that they both occupy. 

Why are the Greys winning the competition? 

It's because the Greys have some natural adaptations that give them a slight survival advantage over the Reds. Among other things, the Greys are more aggressive. They also live longer and thus produce more offspring. In addition, they are also able to store more fat in their bodies that gets them through harsh winters. It also helps that the Greys aren't as picky eaters as the Reds and can digest acorns and presumably other food items that the Reds cannot. The Reds also die from a virus that doesn't much affect the Greys, but which the Greys may carry.

Now, some might say that the Greys and Reds should just hold paws in a circle and sing kumbaya and decide to all just get along. Sorry, that's not the way nature works and nature knows best for the long term survival of life.

The story of nature's way with life is one with the story of evolution. And, evolution always leads to the extinction of some forms and the bringing forth of others. The Earth has seen massive extinctions. It is estimated that about 99% of all life that has arisen on Earth is now extinct.

What does nature gain in all this extinction? If nature "wants" to bring forth life, wouldn't it make more sense to not let any forms go extinct?

Nope. Nature is right again.

We don't live in a static universe. The only constant is change. That's because everything is moving. With movement comes change. When things change--even on our small level of existence right here on Earth--such as having colder or hotter or wetter or drier weather--those organisms that can't adapt die off and new forms will emerge that like the new conditions just fine, thank you very much.

So, if you were nature, would you come down on the side of the Greys or the Reds? Should the Reds get the land and food just because they were there first or because they look cuter (to humans)? Or, should the Greys get the land and food because they're better able to compete for the land and food?

Actually, if you were nature, your decision would be automatic. The ones that have the better survival adaptations for that niche, win. The others don't.

You see, if you were nature, you would "know" that inside all of life is the core genetic code that has spawned all the different life forms. So long as that core genetic code continues to exist, it doesn't matter one whit to you (remember, you're nature) which complete life forms live or die.
*                                                             *                                                                                 *


 "As natural selection acts by competition, it adapts the inhabitants of each country only in relation to the degree of perfection of their associates," Darwin wrote in 1859.

Read:  The more and the tougher the competition, the more likely are the organisms involved in that competition to be successful if they invade another niche populated by organisms that didn't have as much or as tough competition to earn a living.

Or, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
*                                                        *                                                                                           *


I wrote recently about a plan afoot to poison  millions of  rats on the Galapagos Islands.

I also wrote that this is natural selection via poison.

Let me explain a little more, because I find it ironic that this attempt to kill off rats is taking place on the Galapagos Islands--the very islands that provided Charles Darwin with his major insights that led to his theory of evolution. 

One of the key elements of Darwin's theory is natural selection.  Natural selection is the process whereby nature selects out the best organisms for any environmental niche by eliminating those who can't compete and replacing them with others who are better adapted to those environmental niches.

Now, because we live in a dynamic universe where everything moves and everything changes, no organisms--and in this case, those such as certain lizards, birds and tortoises, that seem to be the best adapted to the environmental niche found on the Galapagos Islands-- get a free ride forever. 

Just because organisms are the first in, doesn't give them any moral high ground or guarantee that this is their area forever.  And, just to be more precise, they are probably not really the first in at all, and simply replaced earlier forms and the earlier forms replaced even earlier ones going back to when the first life appeared on Earth.

Also, even among the so-called native species on the Galapagos Islands--the lizards, birds and tortoises, there has always been a constant competition for the best suited for all of the micro-environments. That's the way it is with all life.

In time, and  in every niche, environmental conditions will change and other organisms will arrive there; such as rats arriving on the Galapagos Islands. A static environment and complete isolation are almost impossible to maintain. 

And, these other organisms might have adaptations that give them survival advantages over the earlier inhabitants such that the new arrivals may eliminate the older ones.  That is what is going on today on the Galapagos Islands.  The aggressive, hungry and fast breeding rats are taking over and they're eliminating the other organisms that live there.

So now there is a plan to try to kill off the rats with poison.  What will happen? Here's my prediction:  Millions of rats will die, but some of them will develop mutations that make them directly immune to the poison or some will be clever enough to avoid the poison or will in some way survive.  Those survivors will breed a new generation of rats that will continue to thrive and they'll continue to take over the Galapagos Islands to the detriment of the older species found there.

Why will this happen? To really understand on a deeper level, you have to know that every organism has a DNA code within it that makes that organism as it is. 

Now, think of that DNA code as though it is a computer which has been programmed to expand the particular kind of life it has fashioned to fill all of existence.  To do this, it must overcome all obstacles thrown in its way and it must compete better than other organisms. 

Some DNA codes are better at this than others. The DNA code for rats is one of the codes that has proven itself to be better than some others because it is able to adapt quickly to get through, over, around or under most obstacles thrown in its way. 

It does this primarily because of  a very high birth rate which allows the DNA code sufficient material and time to bring forth a new ONE, a branching of the older version that may not only not die from the poison, but which may actually relish it, or it may bring forth a new ONE that is simply smarter than others, or a new ONE that has dietary preferences that makes poison bait unattractive to it--there are many possibilities and many of them will be automatically explored via constant mutations.

It is this way with all life, including humans, as nature constantly tinkers with life to bring forth the best form to compete for and occupy every environmental niche.

Whenever there are winners in the struggle for survival, there must also be losers.

Another example that I often use for this evolutionary process is the rise of White people in Europe.

We Whites mutated and diverged from darker peoples in many ways, the most obvious is our white skin.  Our skin color gives us a survival advantage in the less sunny conditions found in much of Europe as it allows in more sun than darker skins and lets us make more Vitamin D.  Without proper levels of Vitamin D, people can develop the soft bone condition rickets. Rickets shortens the lives of those with the condition. Since they die young, they produce fewer children and their genes are eliminated from the gene pool. In time, those who produce the most children who also survive to continue producing more children with the white mutations take over the environmental niche.  That's what happened in Europe.  That's another example of natural selection.
*                                                                *                                                                                                      *


I've written elsewhere about how it's a mistake to think in terms of "superior" and "inferior" when talking about living organisms. The terms really have no meaning in nature, just as good and evil have no meaning in nature.

I thought everybody knew this basic stuff, but after reading some comments, I'm not so sure that's the case.

There's probably no simpler way of explaining  the basics of evolution than to simply look at this drawing Darwin made in 1837 when he was studying the finches on the Galapagos Islands. 

The drawing can really be applied to any organisms.  The circled number 1 is the organism that starts it all.  Then, its offspring begin branching off and becoming different as the forces of evolution work to engineer an organism that is suited to its environment.

With the finches, the standard model Number 1, had offspring and some of these offspring were scattered, for whatever reason--storms, high winds, floods or whatever--on various other of the Galapagos Islands far from where Number 1 was located, and they became isolated from the main breeding population.

Over the centuries, these offspring, that were isolated on the several different islands in the Galapagos chain, began to change in many ways, but mostly related to their beaks.  Some developed heavy strong beaks and lived on seeds.  Some developed slender long beaks that could get insects out of rotten plants.  And, so it went.

"Darwin evolution tree""Finch beaks"

Now, which of the finch types is superior and which is inferior?  

The question is silly.  

The correct answer is that they're just different. It's the same way with all organisms including humans.

*                               *                                                             *

Race Is To Humans As Breed Is To Dogs

Consider  the above heading as you hear propaganda about there being only one human race (false) or that all humans are the same (false) or that skin color doesn’t matter (false) or that all the thousands of other differences between different races don’t matter (false). The differences you can see are a reflection of the inner code. Remember, always, eyesight is the king of our senses. It is to be used and respected. It is not to be denied if you want to continue to survive. Your sight tells you about the inner code in what you see externally. The outward person is a reflection of the inner code.

Here’s something else that needs to be emphasized. The individual human being–you and I and all the rest of us–is not that important in the big scheme of things. It is the code that the human being carries – the genotype – that is important and which must survive.

 Our Real Purpose And Mission In Life

Our mission in life--built into us by nature--whether we understand it or not, is the same as with all other life. It is to pass on our internal code--our genotype--and multiply like crazy. That’s why we’re alive. We’re not here to have fun or enjoy life or to find ourselves.  These are secondary artifacts of the primary internal program that simply says: "make more like yourself." We are here to breed. It is the same with all life. That is our mission. All the rest of what we do in life is secondary. Certain insects spend much of their lives in various forms of underground hibernation. They then emerge for a very short time – sometimes for just a few hours–in order to mate and produce more like themselves. Then they die. Humans do not hibernate, but our purpose, just as with these insects, is to make more like ourselves. We, as individuals, are expendable. Our internal code is not. It is primary.

The winners in life’s race in every niche are those who breed the most and have their genes dominate that niche. The losers are those who don’t breed the most and whose genes don’t take over the gene pool of that niche.

 See And Know The Differences

Nature has designed us so that we are not supposed to overlook differences, but see them. That’s why differences are often visible to the king of our senses. We are supposed to see and know that there are different peoples. We should not try to deny what we see.

 Remain Separate And Isolated And Avoid Gene Flow If You Want To Evolve Along Your Path

Nature doesn't care about the content of the character of any living organisms.  It just gives all organisms a chance to struggle to survive and prosper. If an organism does not struggle to survive as the distinct type it is, it will not survive.   Nature constantly tinkers to branch off new types from the old. These new types must struggle to remain separate and isolated from the old if they are to remain in existence.  If the branched off ones allow gene flow with the old, they will cease to exist in their branched off version and will blend back in with the old.

 Religious Beliefs Need No Justification

I wrote at the top of this essay that much of what you’re reading here falls under the category of religious beliefs. As such, they don’t need scientific justification. 

It would be easy if the dangers that face us for our continued existence and evolution looked like cartoonish and horrible monsters from movies, but they don’t. This is the real world, and the things that can harm us often don’t look as though they can.

 Good And Bad

We must use our minds to discriminate between good and bad for us--for ourselves alone. And, it does come down to this determination of deciding good and bad based on what is good for us alone. That which causes us to expand as the distinct people we are is good. That which causes us to contract, is bad.

We must avoid the things that can harm us. And, in the modern world, this is becoming increasingly difficult as on every hand there are those who want you to blend yourself away. If you don’t accept being blended, they call you names and may even persecute you. 

Remember, that which can harm you does not have to hate you or bear you ill will. All that is required is that it can harm you. And, if it can harm you, then it should be avoided. Your continued survival and existence depend on you using your brain to discern and make the right decisions for the best of the genotype code that is within.

You may believe in a heaven that some inner soul or spirit will go to when your body dies, and this gives comfort to humans who believe that they are somehow better than other forms of life which they believe  lack that soul or spirit, but no one has ever given proof of such a place or of such an exalted  status for humans.

What we can know for sure and which is proven scientifically is that part of you will continue to exist so long as your inner DNA code continues on. And, the more like you are your offspring, the greater presence will you have in the future.

Trust your eyes and  don’t deny the eternal struggle; become a conscious and active director of it in your own small sphere of existence and you may survive and prosper in the here and now and beyond the grave.

*                                               *                                                               *


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