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What is the purpose of Life?  The purpose of Life is life itself...to make more life and to fill all of existence with life. At this level of existence Life is that which is within DNA and which uses DNA (and sometimes RNA), at least on Earth, to transform so-called non-living minerals into the so-called living minerals that we are. Note, please, that it is easier, here, to think of Life and DNA and genes in this anthropomorphic way, but do understand that I am not suggesting they have intelligence or will as we know these things.

I do not say that life and DNA/RNA/genes are one and the same thing because on other planets we may learn that Life has found something other than DNA and RNA to carry it.  Time will tell. I do say, however, that life is life.

Life doesn't care what type of organism carries it, it just wants to fill every possible niche where organisms of some type can live and thrive and expand and evolve so that Life does too.  And to do this, life constantly tinkers with all organisms changing something here and something there on a trial and error basis, repurposing these finger bones for wings or these leaves for food storage and so on, but always building and modifying something else. This causes a constant branching off of some organisms into new organisms and the extinction of other organisms that don't adapt to changes. This sets  up a never ending, but desirable and necessary, competition between organisms for food, for mates, for living space, for dominance, for survival  itself.  This is natural selection and the other fundamental processes under the general heading of evolution.

This competition, which I call the Gene Wars, starts right within every type of organism as different versions of genes struggle for expression.  Look in the mirror at your face. There you will see which gene versions won the gene wars within you. Your eyes show the winner of the eye color and eye shape gene competition.  Your skin shows the winner of the skin color and texture gene competition.  Your various features--the shapes and size of your nose, chin, lips and everything else about you, seen and unseen, shows the winners. The genes that won within you, are you.

But the gene wars also exist in the larger sphere where we exist as the fully manifested individuals that we are, and in this larger sphere, our everyday reality, the gene wars are most pronounced--but largely unknown to most people, who haven't given this much thought--in relation to other humans that we can breed with and produce viable children with.   It is this ability to breed with other types of humans that can cause the extinction of White people and it is something to be consciously avoided.

The reality, just to repeat this important point, is that our DNA Code, also known as our genome, that makes  us, us--that makes us a distinct race or subspecies  is also struggling for survival and dominance as a totality, even though we may not be conscious of this.  And, the "enemy" of our  genome is other genomes, and especially genomes that are very different from our own White genome.  In this struggle--this war--on this everyday reality level, our White genome wants to survive and dominate and even to replace all other human genomes.  And, all the non-White genomes also want to do the same thing.  The competition, the struggle, the gene wars are eternal and are essential to find the best organisms for all niches and conditions.  There is no good or evil or hatred or love at this level.  There is just one type trying to survive, expand and evolve along certain trajectories so that it replaces similar types.  Each type wants to be the only type of its kind.

Life itself, doesn't care who lives or dies

 Life just wants life itself, to survive, to expand and evolve.  It doesn't care which form of life wins or loses. Life in a bacteria is the same as life in a man.

We as conscious White humans, on the other hand, should care. We need to make sure that it is us--White humans--who survive and expand and carry life throughout the universe.  That is our purpose that is on top of life's basic purpose.  We must look out for ourselves.  We must be genetic egoists and particularists.  And, while we're doing this, we must seek our personal and group happiness in the context of our most essential Whiteness.  We must take care of ourselves first and then those  closest to us who share our DNA Code and this means that we must care about other Whites, because the more Whites there are, the better is the chance that we will have plenty of White mates to help us make more White people and we won't be tempted to miscegenate or stay childless.  There is strength for each of us as individuals in having many more like us.

Too many Whites today lack any purpose in living.  They drift day to day and fail to see the bigger picture. And, that bigger picture is our purpose as White people.  It is to remain White people.  It is to survive as White people.  It is to live as White people.  It is to breed as White people.  It is to win the gene wars and become the next evolutionary step for humans.

How do we win the gene wars?

We must ask of everything: Is this good for White people?  We must not practice altruism relative to non-Whites.  We must mind our own White business and  not interfere in the fates or business of non-Whites and we must remain indifferent to them. We must try to remain separate from them and we must avoid mingling with them if we can help it. We must try to have as many White children as possible.  In other words, we must do everything reasonably possible to increase the sheer volume of White DNA and we must not help non-Whites in any way; because helping them just allows them to get a leg up in the gene wars and increase their DNA.  Remember, their DNA is always the enemy of our DNA.  Now, to be clear, by "enemy" I don't mean a necessarily conscious hatred of us (but there is also plenty of that), but rather the struggle for their genome to replace our genome. 

Non-Whites can be intelligent, beautiful, kind and have all sorts of characteristics and values that we may like, and Whites we may know may be dumb, ugly, unkind and have all sorts of characteristics and values that we don't like, but, and this is the point that we must understand, the  DNA Code of non-Whites, their genome, "wants" to replace ours.  It wants to  have our  DNA Code, our genome, go extinct, either directly or by absorption into theirs, so that their genome is the only human genome.  And, our genome wants the same thing.  However, we Whites are the new kids on the block and our genome is recessive. This means that we have a lesser chance of absorbing other genomes and remaining truly White than other genomes have in absorbing our White genomes and eradicating them. In other words, it takes more effort to remain White. It is easy to become non-White; simply have children with any non-White and you'll turn your family line, through your children, into a non-White family line.  It takes two Whites--a White male and a White female to make a new White person.  Any other combination doesn't do it.

Stay White and make more like yourself.  That is your purpose.  That is your best present and your best future.

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