Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard © 2024


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2024

All praise to God-As-He-Truly-Is who has selected White Aryans as His people to purify and evolve ever higher towards Him by following His instructions to us and by purifying our genes, our minds and our bodies. Those among us who follow His simple but Holy instructions are beloved of God-As-He-Truly-Is and He shall help them on the upward path so long as they remain true to Him.

All praise to God-As-He-Truly-Is who has selected White people for the sacred task of purifying the world, perfecting themselves, evolving ever higher along a strictly White line to be better to serve Him and carry out His plan.

The Teacher said that miscegenation by Whites, who He has Selected to be holy, is an abomination in the eyes of God and its condemnation may never be changed or softened by believers. It can never be accepted.Those who practice this evil are to be shunned by believers. Part of God's plan is for believers to evolve whiter, smarter, stronger, and to live longer more fruitful lives as they move ever higher.
The Teacher said that a wise person who wants to move higher must remove all discordant elements from his internal and external environments and must surround himself or herself only with harmonious elements that help with his or her evolution. Everything gives off frequencies and there are resonances that can interfere with positive frequencies. The genes give off frequencies that can be especially good or harmful. Surround yourself with those who have your general genome and separate from those who do not. By "your general genome" is meant those who are our kind as shown, in the first instance, by their possessing the external signs that are common for our people and in the second instance, if possible, by genetic testing to ensure that what your eyes see is what is real.
The Teacher said that God writes his laws in nature. The difficulty for humans is to correctly understand these laws and make the right choices, because humans have the ability to choose evil or good, and they are often confused by which is which. That is why God has told Arman, who is the Teacher, what He wants so that Arman can tell others so there is no confusion and so Whites will follow what God wants and not what man wants.
The Teacher said that the path that is easy and is accepted by the masses of humanity is not the true path. The true path is difficult and it is accepted by those who have in one way or another opened their minds to the truth and who understand that not all can take the true path and that none who do not have the right code, the right belief and the right actions can take the true path. Why is the true path more difficult? Because it requires struggle and it is the path of constant improvement and evolution and because it goes against what many humans believe and think they want.
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The Teacher said that a wise person is mindful always of Natural Law. Natural Law has these attributes...

It is not invented by humans;
It is based on the way reality is structured;
It is behind everything at all times;
It is comprised of a series of rules or patterns which can be discovered and understood;
It is the natural moral and ethical law for living organisms;
It is a means by which humans can rationally guide themselves for their survival and their good.

Part of Natural Law is the internal time clock that Nature (or God) has installed in all living things for their survival and for the larger plan of existence. The internal time clock is never wrong. Its most important function is to tell organisms when it is the right time to bear offspring, and this clock needs no changing by humans. When it is time for organisms to bear offspring, they can bear offspring. When it is time for them to stop bearing offspring, they can't bear offspring. It is an automatic clock and it is set in such a way as to aid in the survival of organisms so that the forces of evolution can work to raise up some organisms to ever higher consciousness and survive the cyclical bottlenecks and clean sweeps that take place. To override the internal time clock and substitute man made time frames, so that your population is not increased as much as possible, is a sin and is a path that can lead to extinction in the fullness of time. The White Code must be multiplied and expanded as much as possible before a bottleneck and clean sweep and this is only accomplished by believers having as many children as possible in the image of the people who will also have as many children as possible in the image of the people.
The Teacher said that bottlenecks and clean sweeps are cyclical. There have been many in the time that the Earth has been in existence. God gives life a chance to move higher and pass through the bottleneck, but if life has not evolved in the age in which it lives to make it through, most life is wiped out and God begins anew with whatever parts of the code that do make it through. We believe that many of our kind of human, perhaps alone, of all life that has risen on Earth, have the ability to get through the bottleneck this time. We believe that's one of the reasons why the Teachings are here now at this time in our history and why we even have such thoughts of a bottleneck. We believe in Divine Guidance, but we believe that guidance doesn't play favorites as this term is normally used. We are in a race to the top just as surely as a footrace is a race to see who can win. We must struggle and we must compete and win or we will be on the wrong side of the bottleneck. And, any of our kind who try to help those unlike us through the bottleneck will perish with them. We must help ourselves and our people and no others.
The Teacher said that incorrect thoughts can lead to the complete destruction of the people. Such incorrect thoughts must be replaced with correct thoughts. The people come to the true way by various means. Some come through science. Some come through ritual. Some come through belief. Others come for other reasons. It matters not how they come to the true way, only that they do if they want themselves and their lines to survive.
The Teacher explained how wrong thoughts harm us by using an experiment that was done on fish. A researcher put a piece of clear glass in the middle of an aquarium All the fish were on one side of the glass. The researcher then put their food on the other side of the glass each day. Each day for several days, the fish would swim to the food and hit the glass. After a time, the fish would no longer swim to the glass. At that point, the researcher removed the glass and thereafter the fish would no longer swim to the food. In fact they starved to death even though the food was now easily within their reach. What happened? The fish were hard-wired by conditioning to believe that they couldn't swim past a certain point in the aquarium so they never tried again. This principle is the same with all organisms including human beings.

Many of our people have the equivalent of that non-existent piece of glass in their minds and it keeps them from moving higher. The non-existent glass of false beliefs must be removed.
The Teacher said that the people must know that we are a later evolutionary development on this dark planet. We are a branching from the humans who came before us, as they are a branching from those who came before them. Constant branching is the way of nature. We are adapted differently and we have general adaptations that will help our survival over those who have specific adaptations.

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The Teacher said that believers might be called "naturalists" if the term is correctly defined. We believe in natural law when it is properly understood and we believe in observing nature. But, believing in natural law does not mean that we believe that whatever happens is as it should be. For example, it is a natural law, under normal circumstances here on Earth in warm climates, that water is liquid and runs down hill. In other circumstances it is natural that water is a gas or a solid, and when water is pumped up from a lower to a higher level it is natural that water runs up hill. So too, do we look at everything else in existence, including humans. We often say that humans are like ants. Our ant hills are our homes and our buildings. Just as ant hills are natural, so too are our homes and our buildings. This is a difficult concept for some who believe that "natural"only means what one finds in the woods and fields untouched by humans. The fact is that we humans are part of nature and our natural ways are also part of nature. Furthermore, "nature" to believers is all of existence. There are subtleties in this that must be understood by those who wish to move forward and up.

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