By Arman as told to H. Millard (c) 2021

I'm not crazy and I want to be clear that the messages I receive are always peaceful and life loving and never are about violence to anyone or anything and indeed call for love and respect of all living things, in fact for all things in existence, and for all peoples who do not, or will not, or cannot harm us or our faith or our evolution.

We are told to live the Golden Rule and be good neighbors and give respect to all who give us respect, and to cause no harm to anything or anyone unless necessary for our safety, our survival, our evolution, our freedom and our faith, but we are also told to remain separate and to not miscegenate.

I started receiving messages from God when I was a young teen. As I've said before, it started, as far as I know, when I was standing in a field near a wooded area in my small hometown far from any houses, cars, people or roads when some dark clouds came above me and a very light rain (more like a mist) began to fall.

Why me? I don't know. Maybe I was just at the right place at the right time, or maybe I had been selected and bred to be there. It's a mystery.

As I looked up at the clouds, they opened in a perfect circle and a pillar of extremely bright, blinding light came down. At exactly that same moment I heard what sounded like a huge chorus of voices singing something that I could not make out. The sound was so beautiful that it brought tears of joy to my eyes and I stood there in awe.

The voices weren't distinctly male or female. They kept repeating things over and over and more and more voices seemed to be joining in. They were singing words but I could not understand them. I now believe they were singing praise to God as He truly is.

The singing sounded like a language, but I've never heard a similar language. Then, the circle in the clouds closed, the pillar of light disappeared, and the chorus also stopped at that exact same moment.

At that time and for years afterwards I thought this event just lasted a few minutes, but in later years I remembered, I think, that when the clouds opened it was about midday and when they closed it seemed to be dinner time. In truth, I can't be sure of this, though.

I believe that during whatever time passed during that experience, that something was changed in my DNA or my brain or my being so that I would henceforth receive messages from God, or perhaps all the messages were implanted at that time only to be revealed as needed in the years to come. I can't be sure, and I can only speculate about this.

I know this sounds like some sort of UFO encounter, rather than a religious event, but I never saw anything in the clouds other than the hole in the clouds and the pillar of light shining through and I never heard anything other than the chorus. I believe with every iota of my being and without reservation that it was God or agents of God doing what God wanted (Angels? Shining Ones? UFO Aliens?) and who contacted me on that day. Maybe Angels, or whoever or whatever, fly around in flying saucers hidden by clouds.

I was never the same after this event. I became more spiritual and seeking, and messages would come to me usually just before dawn, so I always slept with a pad of paper and pen nearby to write down the messages before I forgot them. When I wrote them it was like automatic writing.

As I look back at all the messages I've received over the years, they all seem to have the same central message or are about aspects of the same central message: Whites are selected by God to evolve into a new species and Whites must not miscegenate and must remain a separate people for all time and must breed to their maximum and live as a good and just people worshiping God as He truly is.

I always felt through the years that I was being watched over and guided to various experiences, to various places, and to certain people and that I was secretly guided to avoid danger or to get out of danger and there were times when I could have made a wrong turn or be at a place at the wrong time and I would have been in danger, but something would always tell me to go this way or avoid this or that. Call it gut feelings, but I say it was God or his agents who guided me and kept me safe. It was as though I was lost and a Higher Power was dropping bread crumbs for me to follow to find the truth of existence and our purpose as White people.

A few years after the pillar of light experience, when I was still a teen, I left home. I felt compelled to do so. I was looking for God, but I didn't know it. So, I traveled and lived in many places and had many experiences and found work in many ways and did get an education. Finally, I went West.


Many years later as an adult I moved about 3000 miles away from that town where I grew up and where I had the pillar of light experience and I started a business. Then, one day I happened to walk into a book store near my business and I casually glanced at a wall of paperback books near the front door that were all displayed with their front covers front and center.

I was immediately drawn to one book in this mass of books because on the cover it showed clouds with a pillar of light shining through that looked almost like what I had experienced 3,000 miles away and many years earlier. The real difference is that in my real life experience the clouds were lower than those in the artwork on the cover.

Then I noticed the name of the author and his last name was the same as that of my closest business associate, who through a series of accidents and events (more bread crumbs) I was led to meet and go into business with. I later determined there was no known relation or contact between them and both had always lived on opposite sides of the U.S.

But, here's what really made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I took the book off the shelf and it naturally fell open to some photos in the middle of the book and the first page I saw in the book was a photo taken in the same small town where I had the pillar of light experience when I was a teen.

I read the words under the photo to be sure and it clearly named the town where I grew up and where I had had the experience with the clouds and chorus.

The book was about strange occurrences in that town that some believed were UFO experiences and which others thought might involve ghosts or supernatural matters. However, there apparently was never any proof and the book just joined the list of other books about similar unproven experiences of the unknown.

Again, whatever I experienced and no matter how it came about, or who or what it came through, I sincerely believe that it somehow caused me to receive messages that are religious in nature and come ultimately from a higher power which can be called God.

And, I also sincerely believe from these messages that Whites have been selected by this higher power (God) to be the ones who God wants to evolve beyond Homo sapiens. In other words, Whites are to be the progenitors and the final step before the next big leap in evolution into a new species that we call Homo novus but which may be called something different in future days.

This new species that Whites are on the threshold of becoming will be White and will look much as the best of Whites now look and will easily pass for Homo sapiens except that we will not be able to bear children with Homo sapiens and will eventually replace them. This is the core message from God for us but we have to make it so by living right and breeding to our maximum but only with other Whites.

Not all Whites alive today will be these progenitors because not all Whites will follow the sacred path of right living. Remember, we believe in Right Blood, Right Belief and Right Action. Right Blood means in the broadest sense that you are born White. You must have been born both of a White mother and a White father who are also born of White parents.

You have to be born thus, but your potential (your Right Blood) is dormant and must be awakened by Right Belief and Right Action so that you cause changes in your own DNA to move you forward and to have you become the variant strain that breeds true so that either slow evolution or saltation can occur. And, from those who do so, will all future Whites be born to replace all other kinds just as Homo sapiens have replaced all other kinds.

In other words, the power of your mind can cause some important changes to your physical self and help with the journey along the path to evolution.

We believe that no Whites are totally pure and that over the centuries there have been discordant genes that have been born into us and that we can with the power of our minds and right living purify our lines and in a sense mutate and evolve internally right in the here and now. We also believe in Divine selection as well as natural selection and in the survival of the fittest and all the true aspects of evolution.

We believe that the evolution of Whites is going on right now and can be seen in various characteristics such as the fact that White skulls are tending to be longer--top to bottom--and this is to accommodate larger brains, and in other characteristics as well that I have told about and will tell about again when I have time.

Belief is the hardest thing we have to do, because we are an intelligent people and we always want proof of things, but I can offer none and I can only tell my story as I do here as honestly as I can tell it.

However, Belief is what we must first do in order to take the right actions in the way we live that will cause changes to our DNA that will help with God's plan for us as His selected ones and the evolution He has planned for ourselves alone.

There's more to tell, and when God decides it is time to tell it, it will be told. Have faith in God as He truly is for He has faith in us. Stay White. Live White. Pray White. Evolve White. God has selected you. Live like He wants you to live. Be happy and of good cheer but remain separate.
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