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You are born to make more like yourself. Nature doesn't care how you do it.  It just rewards those who succeed.

Nature screams out to all living organisms:  Make more like yourself. Expand always and contract never. More wives helps a male individual fulfill nature's command.

To be clear.  For humans, as with many species, this command from nature is to individuals, not to couples, and it requires that males and females of the species partner with those of the opposite sex in order to allow each of the partners to expand his or her particular DNA code. In other words, it is an individual responsibility to multiply your particular DNA code.  It is not a couple responsibility.

A morality that says humans should only have children by being a married couple is a false morality invented by humans and is not what nature, with its true morality, says.

This "couple" idea has now been perverted to be the most important part of the relationship morality in our present Dark Age and this leads to the acceptance of same sex marriages. "Hey, they're a 'couple,' so it must be moral, right?"

And, thus, it is not nature's command to have children that is considered moral in our upside down present reality, but simply to be a couple.

Males and females are different for a reason

The reality of our species is that human males can have children very late in life.  This is so because human males produce new sperm every day until they die.  Why did nature engineer us this way? So we will continue having children and making more like our kind.  But it is also so we will survive and prosper during the constant changes in our ever spinning and dynamic universe.

To be able to survive and prosper, we, as a species, must be able to also change to meet new demands. Yet we mustn't change too quickly when there are temporary changes in the environment.

So, the way it works is that human males are the ones who  provide most of the novelty or mutations for the species. And they do this by producing new sperm each day that can  react to various internal and external changes in the environment.  And it is the human female who gets all of her eggs at an early age who provides stability of the genotype as her eggs are  fixed in their characteristics once they are produced.

And, what of this change in the "internal environment," that I just mentioned above?  This refers to various psychological and biological tensions and experiences that males encounter as they go through life which adjusts their internal chemistry as their genes react and trigger the release of various proportions of hormones and other natural chemicals. And, of course, the same internal process works to adjust for external changes in the environment--cold, heat, wet, dry, more sun, less sun, etc.

For example, in times of war and major conflicts, the sperm in males will react to the tensions and fears in male individuals and this will affect the sperm and the fluid it swims in such that it becomes more probable that certain sperm will gain a reproductive advantage over other sperm and be more successful in fertilizing eggs.  Think race horses.  Some horses do better on muddy tracks and some on dry tracks. The principle is similar. The eternal struggle for survival always involves competition and the competition we see in the ordinary world around us also happens right in our own bodies as sperm compete with each other and even our genes compete with each other.

But why can males produce children late in life and females can't, if nature says individuals of our species must expand always and contract never?

Again, this has to do with not allowing too many changes too quickly in a ping pong fashion.  Many of the external changes we see in the environment are cyclical. We have ice ages and then we have warm periods, for example.  Nature has engineered us so that we may change slightly during such changes, but if the changes are temporary--only several thousand years in duration--and if we were radically changed each time there was such a minor change (in the long view of existence) our survival would be in question when things changed again.

Polygamy and nature's command to make more like yourself

As I said at the outset, in slightly different terms--nature doesn't give a damn about human invented morality and human trends in social thinking. Nature simply says: Expand always, contract never.

Or, in other words: Go forth and multiply your kind.  Or, in even different words: You are born to make more like yourself. This is your individual responsibility,.

It is up to you to find a way to make more like yourself so your individual and unique DNA code will move into the next generation as the DNA code of your parents moved into the present generation in you as the unique individual you are.

If you choose to be in a one man/one woman couple marriage and your mate can't help  you make more like yourself, you still have to find a way to make more like yourself.

And, those who do find a way--such as those males in polygamous relationships--often have the greatest reproductive success since males can help produce a new child, like themselves, every few hours of every day if they have willing female partners, while the females, of course, are limited to producing only one child (or twins, etc) every nine months.  This also means that females must be more selective in who they mate with if they want their DNA code to carry forward in the next generation as it is in themselves.

If you do not reproduce more like yourself, then you are a dead end in evolution and you have no stake in the future of this planet or existence. You are a broken link in the chain of existence that goes back to that first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to the living minerals that we call life.

Those who have the most reproductive success--by having the most children like themselves--are the winners in the struggle for existence.  They are ruled fit by nature.  Those who do not reproduce are ruled unfit by nature. 

And, there is no appeal from nature's verdict. Nature works dispassionately--you either obey nature's laws in this regard and are judged fit or you disobey them and are judged unfit.

No rationalizations or excuses such as saying--"Well, I'm a good person and I've helped others," or "I accomplished much in life. I built cities, I wrote books, I composed great music, I was famous, I was rich, I was well liked"--will change nature's verdict. If you have not made more like yourself, you are a loser in the struggle for existence.  You are a dead end.  Your fate is eternal oblivion.
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