NOVUM GENUS (New Kind) by H. Millard © 2013

"Hey, man," said Homeless Jack,  "we're a different kind, you and I and those who easily come to our so-called racist way of thinking." 

"Many of us have a White racist gene.  Now, don't go all technical on me.  'White racist gene' is just a shorthand way of saying that we believe we have some part of our DNA code that gives us more awareness of reality and a heightened sense of who and what we are--a deep seated sense of our true identity--along with a higher consciousness.  Yup, it's a good thing.  It's going to help us survive our current Dark Age where many of the White kind are going to go extinct because they have weak minds and miscegenate, or don't breed to their fullest and don't make enough more like themselves to survive, or who are simply killed off in the never ending gene wars. 

"We figure that our White racist gene is a beneficial mutation and that we should spread it through the White population to replace the weak alternate variety.  This wonderful White racist gene may be recessive, so it would be better if we had children with those who also have the White racist gene so our children will get a double dose and definitely also have it, but  we should never hold off having children with our kind just because we're unsure if our partners have it or not.  It is enough that our partners are White, man.  And, it's better also if they are believers like us, but, again, all Whites should just have as many fully White children as possible,  and it'll sort itself out.  Just do it.  Breed, man, breed.  And, then, breed some more.  There are far too few White people on this dark planet.

"Have White kids, man. Don't worry about money.  Don't worry about anything.  Just have White children.  It'll work out.  It really will.  Anyway, that's what we believe and that's the way we live.  This is the twenty-first century.  You won't starve, and your kids won't starve.  Just have as many fully White kids as possible and use all the resources available to help support and raise them.  Rid your mind of the old mores from when we lived in what seemed like a White world and in which we tried to be artificially responsible because we thought that was an essential White way.   It's not, man. This crap that we Whites must be responsible and not be a burden on the state (that is not a White state) even if it keeps down our birth rate is a prescription for our genocide.  We have an external enemy and that external enemy is right in our own lands now.  Most of them, just like most of our kind, don't even know that we're in constant gene wars. It's like germs don't consciously know they're a danger to us, but they are. It's the genes of the germs trying to expand and dominate.  In the gene wars, the ones who increase their genetic mass the most win, while those who don't, lose.  And, it is a truism of evolution that the masses of our own species, are the biggest threat to us as we continue to diverge from them.  Why?  It's because as we diverge and branch off, we can still mate with them and produce viable children.  This stops the divergence and the branching off.  It nips separate evolutionary paths and speciation in the bud.  We must avoid this.  We must diverge. We must branch off.  We must distill ourselves out from the masses. We must speciate, we White ones.

"Hey, here's a really simple idea I have about visualizing this stuff about the expanding gene masses.  Think of various colors of paint--white, black, yellow, red, brown and now think of them spreading across a floor.  Which color do you want to spread the most and cover the whole floor, man?  Well, if you're one of us, you want the white paint to win that struggle.  See, you can kind of think that way about spreading our genes or, as I just said, our gene mass.  We want the White to win the competition, and competition and struggle are a normal part of existence, man.  Get in the struggle, and struggle right, and you may win.  Stay out of the struggle and you're going to lose.

"Those of us with the awakened mutated gene--the White racist gene--need to let other Whites--the dormants among us--who have been conditioned to suppress their White racist gene, know about it, and we must tell them that their innermost beliefs and feelings about wanting to avoid miscegenation and remain separate are natural.  We are born this way, and we shouldn't suppress it, but live it and love it.  This is who and what we are.  This is who and what we were born to be.  And, we have a right to be as we are.  You see, some just think that our so-called racist views are learned; now they may be in some folks, but we believe that they are part of our genetic program just as our hair color and eye color and other things are part of our genetic program.  Telling us we shouldn't feel this way is like telling someone they shouldn't have certain color eyes.  I mean, it's a physical part of us, man, and we shouldn't try to suppress it or we'll be living a fraudulent life and will never be happy because our inner real self will be in conflict with what we think we should be like.  That's a recipe for neurosis.

"Arman says he hopes the Teachings will free up our kind so they stop feeling that something is wrong with themselves. We have the high moral ground.  I'll say it again: We are born this way, man.  We are from the White population, but we are a subset.  And, we may be progenitors of all Whites who are alive in the future, because we are the ones, again, who have a survival advantage because of our so-called White racist gene, which we also figure is one with our white skin (but has other factors and characteristics as well).

"You see, we're a different kind of White.  We're not part of the herd.  We've evolved out of the herd, but we are evolving faster and on a straighter path ever higher.  We don't seek the approval of the herd.  Many in the herd  are going extinct.  Many will be killed by non-Whites simply because they're White and others will practice bedroom genocide--miscegenation--and still others won't breed at all or will not have enough children to ensure that their DNA code survives into the future.  They are weak seeds, man.  They are deadenders.  They may look like us, but inside they lack our parts.

"I just got a message from Arman.  He says he wants to start  standardizing things in his Teachings.  And, you know, he never liked calling his teachings Armanism, after his name, because that raised him up to something that he isn't and could lead to a personality cult.  Anyway, Arman says he now calls his system Novum Genus which is Latin for New Kind.

"Why this name you ask?  Well, it's because Arman says that we are to be a new kind of human. And, after looking at all the inspiration he's received, and after praying for guidance, he realizes without a doubt that the ultimate goal of believers is to evolve into a new species, which is the purpose of our lives. Yes, we must do the work of the First Cause as we go about our daily lives, but we must focus on our speciation.  We are to be a new species.  This has always been part of the Teachings, but Arman says some may not realize how important it is and he wants to make it clear that this is our path.

"Believers should consciously live and work to evolve every day so that eventually we'll become a new species born out of the old.  Arman says it's important for believers to realize that we are joined by right blood, right belief and right action.   Arman says this concept that holds that certain Whites have  a "White racist gene," is a good concept.  Of course, it may be a series of genes or even something else in the DNA code that we carry, but Arman says those who come easily to our beliefs are presumed to have this gene mutation that gives them and us a survival advantage over those who don't and is also part of the branching off that we have already begun to take via our beliefs.

"So, if you believe as we do and someone asks your religious faith, you can answer Novum Genus, or you can tell them to mind their own business. That's up to you.  But, Novum Genus is more than just belief.  Just to be clear, and to repeat this, to be one of us  you must be born of a White mother and a White father.  That's the only way you can get the 46 White chromosomes that make you one of us. There is no other way.

"Arman has also adopted the six armed form of the fylfot as our official symbol for this faith.  It may be accompanied by a representation of a strand of DNA, or not, along with spirals.  But the six armed form is the one he prefers.  He says, however, that the other forms with 2, 4, and 8 arms are still okay. Remember, this symbol, in all its forms, which represents the First Cause in its most dynamic form, has a central hub and the curved arms follow the hub which rotates in a counterclockwise direction

"Look, man, Arman knows there are other pro-White groups, and pro-White religions, and philosophies and he wishes them well.  He has  no criticism of them.  However, this path in the Teachings has some things that some of them don't have.  You see, this path has been revealed by the First Cause which can be called God.  It is not manmade. Yes, we truly believe this.  We truly also believe that Arman was selected to be the receiver of these revelations in order to pass them on to us.  Yeah, we say people can believe as much or as little of our teachings as they want so long as they stay true to the basic idea of helping Whites survive, expand and evolve, hell, they don't even have to believe in the revelations and they don't have to believe in the First Cause.  But, those of us who are the most orthodox, do believe in these things.  No, we don't criticize our kind (Whites) with other views on some of these things, and we don't want to hear any criticism from them about beliefs.  This is our faith.  These are our beliefs.  This is our religion, our philosophy, our world view, our way of life.  Our race and our religion are one and are inseparable.

"How does one become a believer like us?  Simple.  Just believe and try to live the Teachings even if you only know of them from these essays.  There's nothing to join.  You don't send money to anyone.  You don't take orders from anyone.  You, as an individual, are totally responsible for believing or not believing.  It's simply like believing in any philosophy or any values--except this is our philosophy, religion, world view, and values.  In the first instance you have to be born as our kind (aka Right Blood).  There's no way past this.  You must have the 46 chromosomes of our kind (this means you have a White mother and a White father). Then, you have to have right belief and lastly you have to have the right action that flows from the right blood and the right belief.

"Just be a good person.  Treat others the way you want to be treated. Don't be offensive. Don't break any laws. Don't harm others. Don't interfere in the fates and destinies of those unlike us. Live to breed and evolve into a new species.  If you don't make it, maybe your children or your children's children will. We take the long view of existence, and while evolution can be rapid, it may take many generations of separation and isolation under the right conditions for us to become a new species.  We have the time, man.  We're patient. And, with the Teachings, we have the roadmap into a glorious future where we will live longer, healthier, happier lives, be more intelligent, have higher consciousness and be closer to the source of existence itself.


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