[We ramble on in our lonely but uncowardly discussion of race in America, just as we have for many years. And we unflinchingly bring religious and scientific concepts to the discussion.]
by H. Millard © 2009

Every year about this time, there is a flurry of stories about this or that well known person having Irish roots.  This year, it's Barack Obama who is said to be Irish.  We kid you not.  Does he look Irish?  Of course not. 

Obama is black, or African-American, or negro, or African, or Kenyan.  He is not white, or European-American, or Caucasian, or Irish.
It doesn't matter that Obama's great-great-great grandfather on his mother's side was from Ireland.  The Irish chain was broken when his mother married a black African and bore Obama.They have lost the evolutionary and mutational adaptations that made them white and Irish. If you don't understand why, read on.
The reality is that Obama's mother's family line--at least as passed down to his mother--has returned to Africa through him.  They have lost the evolutionary and mutational adaptations that made them Caucasian or white. Trust your eyes, they don't often lie.
I recently wrote about how some of us believe in the primacy of eyesight to help us survive and evolve in the best possible direction for us--which means, ultimately, to evolve to ever higher consciousness, to have longer, happier, more health filled lives and to find a closeness to the First Cause (sometimes called God or by a variety of other names). We believe the right direction for us is to become more like us and not less so.
Even if we had no religiously based belief in eyesight as the king of our sense, we could still reason to the same conclusion by understanding that the primary sense in spurring the mating urge in mentally healthy humans is eyesight, and that the primary goal of life is to make more like itself. Simply put, we mainly know who is like us and who to mate with by looking at others. If you doubt this simple proposition, then please explain why human males buy men's magazine full of naked human females.
Let's go a little deeper by asking a very basic question with a very simple answer, and by asking and answering it, we may also stay focused: Why do some others look like us and some not look like us?   The answer is that each human has 46 chromosomes.  During mating, the male contributes 23 of his chromosomes and the female 23 of hers to create a new child. 
Because the indigenous peoples of Europe--white people--both still in Europe and also in the European diaspora, are a later evolution from the mass of humanity, our genes are less fixed and more fragile than genes in darker peoples and other races.
This means that we need 23 chromosomes from a white male and 23 from a white female to produce a white baby (by "white" we mean, of course, and also all throughout this essay, people with all the features, and not just skin color, that make white people a distinct people). This need for 23 white male chromosomes and 23 white female chromosomes is usually stated in terms of recessive vs. dominant genes.  In other words, it takes two white people to make a new white baby.
Things may seem a little clearer in all this when we understand that modern humans (Homo sapiens) are now thought to have begun in Africa about 200,000 years ago with dark humans, and that whites started branching off from the darker forms about 50,000 years ago when some moved north out of Africa, and that our racial characteristics didn't become dominant in Europe until only around 12,000 years ago (thus whites have only been around in large numbers for about 6% of the time that modern humans have been in existence).   We're the newbies.  We're also in danger of becoming extinct by being pulled back into the masses of humanity and losing our racial characteristics. Remember also, that whites are only about 10% of the humans on the planet right now.  We can easily have our gene pool swamped to the point where we no longer exist.
At any rate, if we have used our eyes correctly to pick mates within our genotype, our children will look like us, i.e. they will have the same genotype and phenotype. This means that we have passed on our inner genetic code or that we have handed off to the next generation, and that we will continue on as part of the genotype. We will then continue on so long as the phenotype is also the same. But if one of our ancestors produces children outside the genotype, that line of our family will cease to exist as us.
Don't be confused by these two terms genotype and phenotype.Essentially, your genotype is your inner code.  It is your DNA, with your 25,000 or so genes clumped together on your 46 chromosomes.  That's your blueprint.  Your phenotype is what you look like and is created by your genotype.  When we, who think along these lines, speak of survival, we usually mean the survival of the genotype and phenotype rather than the survival of the individual. It is the internal code--the genotype--that jewel within, that must survive and be passed on.
If we wish to continue as a distinct people--a white people--we, with the genetic changes that not only gave us white skin but thousands of other characteristics, must mate within our general genotype or our children and our family lines will lose these genetic changes that make us, us.
Some, mostly ignorant PC types, like to spout the cliché that "there is only one race, the human race."  This is nonsense.
At a minimum, race is to humans as breed is to dogs. In fact, some believe that not only is there not just one human race, but there may not be just one human species and that the different human groups that we call races should actually be called species.  However, this contention is challenged by the fact that the currently accepted definition of species relies heavily on whether or not two living things can bear viable offspring when they mate.
Unlike Darwin's finches who became different species (can't bear viable offspring with each other, remember) by being isolated on different islands in the Galapagos chain and who didn't need as long a time as humans to branch off into different species, humans have not had the benefit of such isolation for long enough time to be different species--if you define species as I did above.
And we must understand something very basic. Isolation is absolutely necessary to stop the gene flow that draws all tentative branchings back into the general mass of whatever animal we're discussing.  The isolation can be physical or reproductive or both.  How many generations of absolutely no outside gene flow is necessary for humans to speciate, we don't know, because of all the variables involved. But, it is reasonable to believe that whites were on that path before modern communications and transportation removed their isolation in Europe. Some believe that we need to find that path again.
So, to go off topic a bit, but to actually further it a little in a different direction, if somewhat abruptly, we must ask if those who think as I've outlined above believe that we have a different destiny than others, how do they treat others?
The answer is that they try to treat all people with respect and just as they want to be treated.  However, many who follow such teachings have what might be called a benign indifference to others.  That is, they don't try to get involved in their lives and they try to keep their lives separate from other peoples. Each to his own.  Those who follow these teachings just want to be left alone to believe as they wish and to practice their religion as they see fit and as they believe it has been revealed and taught to them. They truly believe in ourselves alone.
They also believe that their families that follow the teachings will survive, prosper, adapt and move higher in the fullness of time as they move to their higher evolutionary selves as the generations change.
This is not to say that they believe they will become perfect, for they know that there is no perfect for all situations.  They believe that they will continue to evolve and that there will be a bottleneck facing humanity at some point in the future. They believe that some of them (whether a few individuals, a few thousand or a few million) will pass through to the other side and become the new Adams and Eves of humans on that side of the bottleneck, i.e. that they will become the progenitors of the new species that branches off from the present Homo sapiens species.
Some believe, via revelation, that they move higher they will have (as incredible as it sounds) life spans of from 1,200 to 1,500 years.  They also believe that they will evolve to have higher intelligence, better health, and more intuition.
How far are the indigenous peoples of Europe from moving to some of these higher things that some believe is their highest destiny?  Well, our present lifespan which rarely exceeds 90 years is an indication that we are far from where we need to be.  Taking 90 years as a rule of thumb and using the 1,500 year figure, we can say that we are therefore only about 6% of the way to where we need to be at least on the age part of the revelation.  In other words, we are very imperfect if we use that as a scale. On the other hand, we are very perfect as being adapted to the here and now.
Many believe that in order for us to proceed in a relatively straight path to our goal, we must take an active role in adapting and changing.  We must will our evolution. To do this, we must discipline our brains and we must method act the part. To think it and act it, is to become it. Many also believe that we must seek to be adaptable in our daily lives, eating just about everything, for example, that will give us calories and necessary nutrients and by having as many children in our image as possible.
Many prefer dark utilitarian clothes with no unnecessary frills.  They are usually made of cotton or other grown fibers that are comfortable under all weather and physical working conditions.  
DNA and genes and all that is involved in why we are as we are--indeed all of the things of existence--are important subjects to those who think along these lines, and they seek to understand as much as possible.  Had someone been writing this essay before the discovery of genes, he or she might refer to what it is that makes us, us, by some other terms, but with the discovery of genes and the double helix spiral of DNA, the language of genetics suits most who believe this way, just fine. They believe that there is no conflict between true religion and true science.

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