Next first lady?Next first husband?

by H. Millard © 2008

"I don't think Barack Obama is gonna make it to president, man," said Homeless Jack. "He has too many enemies in high places." 

"The guy presents an unacceptable risk to neo-cons, war profiteers, big corporations, international bankers, assorted government functionaries including intelligence agencies, Zionists, assorted supporters of Israel, and haters of Arabs and Muslims. Call this group and a few others, "the power structure."
"Obama, with his empty sweet nothings about what he wants to do if he becomes president is like an author who gives vague chapter headings in a book whose real meaning is in the thousands of words in each chapter that we are not allowed to read. This makes those in the power structure very nervous.
"Obama wants 'change.' That's one of his chapter headings.
"Change from what to what? is the real question.  I'll tell you the answer, man. He wants to overturn the present power structure and start his own new power structure which will, incidentally, be darker both in appearance and function.
"He's a Tan Everyman. Part of his subliminal message is blending and the end of the U.S. as a new Europe. But, and this may seem odd to surface thinkers, those who don't want blending aren't the real source of his opposition. It isn't whites as whites who are his problem. Unfortunately, because many of those in the power structure do have white skin, white and the power structure are often seen as one, when they're not.  The present power structure is not based on race, but on raw power, money, and support for Israel. Read on.
"Some are now saying that Obama is a messianic figure. In this, he can join a long line of so-called messiahs. If he's any sort of messiah at all, it will be history that will be the judge as to whether he's a petty messiah remembered only in footnotes and obscure books, or a significant one. Significant messiahs always completely change the old order and world views and cause a branching off from the old to the new.
"Jesus destroyed the old order.  Muhammad did the same thing.  Both were significant messianic figures who changed the course of history.  Is Obama in the same mold? Some apparently think so to hear them gush.  If he is, and if he gets the levers of power, the world will see a major change of biblical or Koranic proportions.
"The problem in sorting out significant messiahs from petty ones is that it's always difficult to tell when you're living through an age when a branching of history is a real branching that goes on and on or is just another dead end. You can only tell that from a future perspective that has not yet come.
"So, and to the point, will Obama be the one to bring a final end to America as a new Europe and plunge the world into a frenzy of blending?  Maybe. If so, this may be the beginning of one of the times that Arman has spoken of which will be a  great culling of our people and a new genetic bottleneck that may lead on the other side of the bottleneck to those few who remain white and unblended being the fathers and mothers of a new species as the few march ever further out of Africa and do not look back. 
"This speciesization is coming, man. Exactly how it will happen and exactly which families will survive and move forward and upward is a mystery, but whites are on their way to becoming a new species.  Not all whites. Many millions will perish. Those few who survive will be the forebears of a new people.  They will be the new Adams and Eves.  The few don't want other peoples to assimilate with them as many whites today say they want to happen with illegal aliens. And the way many whites over the centuries have tried to have everyone from Native Americans to Australian Aborigines to Native Hawaiians blend in and become inner white people isn't the goal of whites who understand. The few say let all distinct peoples remain distinct.  Don't blend.
"History is unfolding as it must, and the roles of the players and the events will be as they will be.  Only the particular persons filling the roles and the dates of events on our calendars are up for grabs.  Whatever happens, the few will adapt and continue the struggle as it has been revealed. We are in history, man, but we are also outside of it due to our understanding.
"The general trajectory is set. There is a certain inevitability to history. And, while minor events are not set in stone; when certain things are moved on the chess board of existence, other things move as in a giant clockwork. History unfolds in a fashion that is logical and predictable to those with a special sight, but not to those without such sight. And, history does repeat itself in spinning cycles.
"Obama wants to chase the money changers out of the Temple of government, man. 
"If Obama gets the levers of power, the U.S. will probably enter a period similar to what we have seen in Africa and most recently in the former Rhodesia and now in South Africa.  That is, the minority whites will be overthrown and blacks and other non-whites will be put into the seats of power.  It's a hard truth for many whites to swallow when they learn that whites are not the majority of people on this planet, but a very, very small minority.  And, the reason whites are such a small minority is that they--just a few, maybe a dozen or so--came out of Africa and began adapting, mutating and evolving fairly recently--some say less than 100,000 years ago.
"We have no sympathy for those whites in Africa who whine about the course of events that they let happen and which many even helped happen.  And, we have no sympathy for Hillary Clinton for the same reason.  She is a victim of the very overturning of the old order that she and Bill Clinton helped bring to pass. The Clintons--a couple consisting of a Great White Mother and a Great White Father--thought that they could side with those who want to chase the money changers out of the Temple and that they'd weather the storm and be seen as great heroes.  Instead, they are seen as being part of the money changer class. They're white, you see. They are a tragic couple playing their small parts in the flow of history.
"You know, man, there may be parallels in this Obama business that we saw when Fidel Castro was overturning the old order in Cuba. Up until the time that Castro finally took power, he was hailed in the U.S. as a great democratic leader.  But, once he was in power he announced to the world that he was a communist and he threw the power structure out of Cuba.  He completely ruined the golden goose of assorted American crooks.
"Go back further and you'll see that history is dotted with the rise of such individuals.  Their rise should be no surprise to anyone.
"I already mentioned Jesus and Muhammad, but the examples of such figures who have changed history abound.
"No, man, the power structure doesn't want Obama to win the presidency.
"Hillary Clinton or John McCain are acceptable to the power structure.  Obama is not.
"If Clinton gets the Democrat nomination, the election will proceed pretty much as an even match with the winner to be decided by the American people.
"However, if  Obama gets the Democrat nomination, watch as there is a major shift to John McCain by the power structure and watch as everything is done to keep Obama from winning. If you want to see the truth of this, watch as liberal Jewish voters abandon Obama and vote for McCain.
"Is Obama in danger, as many people seem to think?  Anyone who poses a serious threat to the power structure is in danger. Not only do the "ins" probably fear that they'll lose power, but also that they'll lose billions of dollars and the battle for the Middle East  if Obama becomes president. And, it's reasonable to assume, man, that the danger is directly proportional to the likelihood that Obama will win the presidency.  If the chances of winning are low, the danger is low.  If the chances of winning are high, the danger is high. The primaries in Texas and Ohio on March 4 will be important clues.
"And, if the power structure does try to harm Obama, watch as they try to blame it on others. My guess, man, is that their dupe of choice would be Iran or some Arab or Muslim person or nation (even though these entities would benefit from an Obama presidency) and failing to find a dupe in those, the next choice would be someone who can be shown to have a racial motive.
"Of course, if harm befalls Obama from the hand of another, there's probably a real chance of rioting and even a revolution in the U.S. which would not be good for the power structure. So if the power structure is planning anything, they might just try to make whatever they do, if anything, look like an accident, or the product of some deranged nutcase and probably a black nutcase.
"Of course, this is all just wild speculation, man. Personally, I hope that nothing  untoward happens to any of the candidates, and that the election will proceed and will end with the American people electing a president based on their own interpretation of who will be best for the nation.
"Even with the history of political assassinations on this planet, the main stream press is reluctant to bring this subject up.  It's as though they believe that even mentioning this could somehow cause it to happen.  Actually, I think the reverse is true.  By openly discussing this subject proleptically--this prequel conspiracy theory--Obama will actually be safer.
"As for me, man, excuse me if I take more of a cosmic look at unfolding events. I am bemused by it all as I watch us tiny humans, with our so-called free will, follow the ant trails of our existence thinking that we are freely choosing our paths."

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