FLDS children

by H. Millard © 2008

Dear Texas Governor Rick Perry:  

I read how you had your Texas Child Protective Services rescue those 462 little kids from their parents in the FLDS. 
Thank God we have such upstanding God fearing Methodists such as you to protect everyone from religions that are different than yours. Say, are the folks at the CPS also Methodists?  How about the judge? Maybe some are Baptists, because I saw those Mormon kids being herded on busses that said "Baptist" on the side.  Boy, for a minute, I thought I was watching something out of WWII in Germany. I guess none of those people who rescued the kids are members of the FLDS, right?
So, do I have it right that a bunch of people from one religion--and honestly, main stream Christians can really be considered one religion--grabbed all the kids--every last one of them--from a different religion and are now forcing them to live in homes with strangers who are mostly also main stream Christians and where they won't really be able to live and practice their religion--I mean, they're just little kids and they need adults in their own religion to teach them about their faith.
And, hey, that was a great move to have armed police in the hospital to grab that Mormon baby as soon as it was born, so it could be taken away from its mother and be put in a good Christian family. 
Now don't be shy about taking the credit.  Those CPS people work for you, don't they? Hey, you're the big guy in the state.  The buck stops at your desk, right?
Now, I need your help. Please send in your armed goons to rescue all the little children who have not yet escaped from the death cult to which I once belonged before I was able to escape.
I know you understand how evil people of other churches and religions are.  After all, a candidate who ran against you in the last election suggested that you think like the Taliban, so I know that you will want to help the little kids who are being brainwashed in the Roman Catholic cult to which I was once forced to belong, just as you helped those Fundamentalist Mormon kids. Also, I think you're connected to John Hagee, aren't you?  And, he's not too keen on the Catholic cult.
Here's a little of my story that I'm afraid is being repeated in other Catholic cult homes throughout Texas and the nation.
I had the great misfortune to be born into a family that belonged to the Roman Catholic cult. From a very early age, and against my will, I was forced  to attend church each and every Sunday. I was also told that I must do what the Pope in Rome said to do. I was forced to eat fish every Friday and do all other strange cultish things.
As a young impressionable child I was forced into brainwashing sessions that they called Catechism classes. But, even before that, I was sexually mutilated in a bizarre religious ceremony called circumcision.  I knew if I tried to get away, my family would punish and shun me.  This horrible child abuse went on and on. My brainwashed parents used to force me to dress up in a suit and tie even in the hottest weather.  It was so hot in Church one Sunday that I passed out from the heat.
Whenever I tried to escape from this brainwashing cult I was told that I would go to Hell if I didn't obey.  And, I was told that I must bless myself every time I passed in front of a Catholic Church.
Every year, one of the cult's old male priests (who I think coveted me) smudged ashes on my forehead and I had to walk around with them there for several days.  I even had to memorize prayers about a virgin and a womb which was an obvious attempt to groom me for sex.
Every couple of weeks, I was forced to go sit in a dark and scary vertical coffin with an adult male priest who made me tell him about my bad thoughts. I don't know what the priest was doing with his hands while I was confessing my thought sins about girls, but you and your CPS employees can probably suggest something. I know you all have good imaginations. I was forced to go kneel in front of another old man priest who would stick something in my mouth that he said was the blood and flesh of Jesus Christ.
I was traumatized by this cannibalism from a very early age.
Finally, when I was an adult, I was able to escape from this cult of death.  But, I now fear that millions of other little kids are being brainwashed and forced to be part of this cult.
So, please, Governor Perry, send in your armed goons along with their tank to rescue all the abused Catholic kids as you did with those little Mormon kids.  Please take them away from their parents and put them in good evangelical Christian, Baptist, Presbyterian and Methodist homes so they can learn the correct religious ways that you approve of.
God Bless you Governor Perry for taking all those kids away from their parents. I know those little Mormon kids you took away look happy and healthy, but that's just brainwashing.  Once you put them in foster homes with good born again Christian parents, they'll start to realize just how bad it was and that'll wipe those smiles off their faces and stop them from wanting to go back to their moms and dads.
Darn, Governor Perry, you just missed the cult leader, Pope Benedict, when he was in the U.S. Man, you could have nabbed him and thrown him in jail with that Warren Jeffs. How dare they have religions that are different than yours.
Hopefully, Governor Perry, your name will become synonymous with the actions of your CPS and you will be remembered for a very long time; maybe even the way the Pharaoh is remembered among Jews.
Hey, and speaking of Jews.  You really need to go grab their kids after your rescue all the Catholic kids. They make their kids wear little beanies, and that sexual mutilation called circumcision--man, they're really big on that. And, psssst, I got a call from a 16 year old girl named Sarah who told me that they're not even Christian!
Oh by the way, if I've gotten this wrong and you really have nothing to do with grabbing those Mormon kids and you really have no power over your state employees, can you please tell me exactly what authority you have as governor? 
H. Millard
Escaped from a cult
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Here's the link to the FLDS Website about the stolen children: http://captivefldschildren.org/
And, here's a link to the ACLU (Yes, that ACLU) that is hopefully going to enter this case to protect the constitutional rights of these persecuted people. http://www.aclu.org/religion/gen/35123res20080502.html

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