Divine messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022


Divine messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022

God-As-He-Truly-Is is rooting for Whites to win the evolutionary gene wars but we have to compete to win. His fair and just laws about this are incorporated in natural laws. He won't reward the weak the unintelligent and less able. We are in an evolutionary war for our survival, our evolution into a new type, and the replacement of earlier types in the fullness of time.

Our primary strength in this gene war is our brain. It is our brain that has put us at the top of the food chain and it is our brain rather than teeth, claws or muscles that will take us even higher.

Whites are already a different kind than other kinds. We have invented the modern world. It is our intelligence and our natural God given ways that have had us create the modern world. We designed and built the cities, the machines and all that is modern. It is the White genome, the White hand, and the White brain that has done this. We have built the modern world due to our genes as surely as bees make honeycombs and ants make ant hills due to their genes.

Today, however, due to our nature and our free will which gives us the ability to choose good or bad, many of us have taken some wrong ways and too many of us have chosen bad while thinking the bad is good and the good bad and too many of us seem to want to commit genetic suicide and go extinct.

Too many of us are negative and act like beaten down dogs or horses that have had their spirits broken. Instead of being truly free and boldly facing existence with shouts of exaltation too many of us shuffle along through life with our eyes downcast and with no joy in being alive and being White.

Too many of us refuse to have as many pure White children as possible. Too many of us miscegenate and pollute the White genome. Too many of us feel no proper pride in who and what we are as a people. Too many of us seem to want to take a back seat to other races and we let them intimidate us and force us to not be White or have our White ways. Too many of us go along with this instead of fighting back and simply being White and the way we are by nature and by nature's God. Too many of us seem to want to hide our Whiteness and to apologize for it. This must stop and it stops by each of us--you and me--all by ourselves if necessary or by being with like minded Whites when possible and being fully and consciously White all the time and by trying to be the best we can be at everything we do and by staying separate as much as possible from all non-Whites. That is the White way. We must breathe White. Breed White. Eat White. Be White in all ways and never not be White awake or asleep.

We must regain our self and group confidence our exuberance, our zest for life. We must reject false political, social and religious systems and beliefs that are harming us and keeping us down.

We must shout from the mountain tops: I AM WHITE AND I AM PROUD! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, TOO BAD. GO SCREW YOURSELF!

We must compete to win in the eternal gene wars and we must win all on our won at everything we do. If we don't win, we prove thereby that we are not the ones who are the most advanced and God-As-He-Truly-Is will abandon us.

The cosmos is the body of God and his consciousness intelligence and mind are there just as our bodies hold our brains and the brains have our minds. Pray to Him and ask for His help in staying White.


Hitler and the German National Socialists were doing God's work and trying to purify Whites so our evolution could move forward in the right direction. But evil doers who wanted to blend all of humanity won the battle of that day and we now see the results in our daily lives where miscegenation, a low white birth rate and White replacement are obvious.

We must go low before we can go high. Will God help us? Yes, a little, but we must do for ourselves what we must do. He shows us the door, but we must push it open and walk through. He won't do this for us. Do ask for His help, but don't wait for it. Do what you must to survive and to stay separate and replicate yourself.

And what is on the other side of that door that God in His infinite wisdom has pointed out to us ? It is a totally White world where we are evolved from being burdened with being able to have children with any non-Whites to only bearing viable children with our own kind. It was what Hitler and his believers wanted and it is all about doing what God wants for us as his selected kind on this ever evolving plane of existence where we live.
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